Scholarship winners for 2014

Read the list of winners of scholarships for study in 2014.


Abbott, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Abbott, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Abbott, Rachael

  • Rachael Abbott, Kathleen Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Rachael Abbott, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Abdul Kalid, Azini

  • Azini Abdul Kalid, LALS 522 Award

Acheampong, Fredrick

  • Fredrick Acheampong, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Adamson, Richard

  • Richard Adamson, Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia

Ahimbisibwe, Arthur

  • Arthur Ahimbisibwe, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Aird, Conall

  • Conall Aird, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Aitcheson, Finlay

  • Finlay Aitcheson, Summer Research Scholarship

Al-Arnaout, Zakwan

  • Zakwan Al-Arnaout, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Al-Dabbagh, Balsam

  • Balsam Al-Dabbagh, PGSA Travel Grant

Al-Zeer, Mohammad

  • Mohammad Al-Zeer, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Alayon Marichal, Mario

  • Mario Alayon Marichal, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Albot, Anya

  • Anya Albot, Victoria Graduate Award

Albot, Olya

  • Olya Albot, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Olya Albot, Summer Research Scholarship

Albrechtsen, Emma

  • Emma Albrechtsen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Alcorn, Ben

  • Ben Alcorn, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Ben Alcorn, Summer Gold Competition

Allan, Ben

  • Ben Allan, KPMG Prize in Advanced Domestic Taxation TAXN 301

Allan, Kate

  • Kate Allan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Allan, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Allan, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Allardice, Jesse

  • Jesse Allardice, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Jesse Allardice, Pablo Etchegoin Prize in Experimental Physics
  • Jesse Allardice, Victoria Graduate Award

Allen, Georgia

  • Georgia Allen, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship
  • Georgia Allen, Ernst & Young Scholarship in Accounting
  • Georgia Allen, KPMG Prize in Taxation TAXN 201

Allen, Maximilian

  • Maximilian Allen, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Allen, Samantha

  • Samantha Allen, Wellington Women Lawyer's Association Scholarship

Allnatt, Ben

  • Ben Allnatt, Stephenson and Turner Prize in Integrated Architectural Design
  • Ben Allnatt, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award
  • Ben Allnatt, NZHPT and Prendos Award
  • Ben Allnatt, Team Architects Scholarship Distinction Award
  • Ben Allnatt, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Alsop, David

  • David Alsop, Margaret Clark Prize
  • David Alsop, Summer Research Scholarship
  • David Alsop, Victoria Graduate Award

Alvarez, Isidro

  • Isidro Alvarez, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Alzaanin, Eman

  • Eman Alzaanin, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Anand, Archana

  • Archana Anand, Victoria Graduate Award

Anderson, Duncan

  • Duncan Anderson, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Anderson, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Anderson, Dominion Post Global Citizen Exchange Scholarship

Andrejic, Natalija

  • Natalija Andrejic, Summer Research Scholarship

Andrejic, Petar

  • Petar Andrejic, Bruce Dall Prize

Andrews, Jack

  • Jack Andrews, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Andrews, Nicola

  • Nicola Andrews, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Anker, Anne Sofie

  • Anne Sofie Anker, Health and Disability Intelligence Prize in Statistics

Annett-Wood, Jessie

  • Jessie Annett-Wood, Jack Pearce Postgraduate Scholarship in English or New Zealand History

Anning, Molly

  • Molly Anning, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Antunovic, Matty

  • Matty Antunovic, Summer Research Scholarship

Appelros, Madeleine

  • Madeleine Appelros, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award
  • Madeleine Appelros, PFM Burrows Memorial Scholarship

Armstrong, Ruth

  • Ruth Armstrong, Victoria Graduate Award

Armstrong-Kooy, Jesse

  • Jesse Armstrong-Kooy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Arnesen, Lars

  • Lars Arnesen, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Arona, Tui

  • Tui Arona, EEL Scholarship

Arthur, Jake

  • Jake Arthur, John Tinline Prize
  • Jake Arthur, Harold Large Prize
  • Jake Arthur, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Jake Arthur, Victoria Graduate Award

Artur, Camille

  • Camille Artur, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Ashley-Jones, Jacinda

  • Jacinda Ashley-Jones, Summer Research Scholarship

Atan, Edinur

  • Edinur Atan, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Atherton, Matthew

  • Matthew Atherton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Atkins, Andrew

  • Andrew Atkins, Postgraduate Scholarship in Classical Piano Performance
  • Andrew Atkins, Rere Beckway Pianoforte Performance Award

Atkins, Jenny

  • Jenny Atkins, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Atkins, Kate

  • Kate Atkins, Shayle Searle Prize in Statistics

Atkinson, Rosalind

  • Rosalind Atkinson, Prize for Original Composition
  • Rosalind Atkinson, Karis Boyd Scholarship
  • Rosalind Atkinson, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Rosalind Atkinson, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Attenburrow, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Attenburrow, SenateSHJ Prize

Auelua, Keiti

  • Keiti Auelua, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

August, Jordan

  • Jordan August, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Aukusitino, Anuilagi

  • Anuilagi Aukusitino, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Austin, Matthew

  • Matthew Austin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Averill, Sebastian

  • Sebastian Averill, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Avery, Jonathon

  • Jonathon Avery, Victoria Graduate Award

Aw, Kai Sheng

  • Kai Sheng Aw, Lee Foundation Award

Ayat, Mohammad

  • Mohammad Ayat, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Ayling, Thomas

  • Thomas Ayling, Summer Research Scholarship

Azis, Astuti

  • Astuti Azis, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award


Baccetti, Valentina

  • Valentina Baccetti, Irene Pestov Memorial Scholarship
  • Valentina Baccetti, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Bach, Morgan

  • Morgan Bach, Biggs Family Prize in Poetry

Bailey, Carrie

  • Carrie Bailey, Summer Research Scholarship

Bailey, Joseph

  • Joseph Bailey, Callaghan Innovation Scholarship

Bailey, Oliver

  • Oliver Bailey, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Baillie-Shands, Tamara

  • Tamara Baillie-Shands, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Baines, Penny

  • Penny Baines, Summer Research Scholarship

Baker, Ben

  • Ben Baker, Summer Research Scholarship

Baldwin, Alastair

  • Alastair Baldwin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ballance, Oliver

  • Oliver Ballance, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Balogun, Lekan

  • Lekan Balogun, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Banach-Salas, Audrey

  • Audrey Banach-Salas, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Barber, Felix

  • Felix Barber, Victoria Univeristy Medal for Academic Excellence

Barbieri, Rafael

  • Rafael Barbieri, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Barker, Alex

  • Alex Barker, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Barker, Michael

  • Michael Barker, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Barnes, Ashleigh

  • Ashleigh Barnes, Summer Research Scholarship

Barnes, Lucy

  • Lucy Barnes, Shayle Searle Prize in Statistics

Barnes, Matthew

  • Matthew Barnes, Summer Research Scholarship

Barnett, Catherine

  • Catherine Barnett, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Barnett, Sophie

  • Sophie Barnett, Averil Brent Scholarship in Science

Barnsley, Emily

  • Emily Barnsley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Barr, Sophie

  • Sophie Barr, School of Linguistic and Applied Language Studies Honours Scholarship

Barraclough, Timothy

  • Timothy Barraclough, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Barrett, Rachel

  • Rachel Barrett, Summer Research Scholarship

Barron, Oliver

  • Oliver Barron, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Barry, Emma

  • Emma Barry, Summer Research Scholarship

Batchelar, Anna

  • Anna Batchelar, Summer Research Scholarship

Bates, Adam

  • Adam Bates, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Bates, Sean

  • Sean Bates, Summer Research Scholarship

Bates, Tracey

  • Tracey Bates, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Bates-Hermans, Ella

  • Ella Bates-Hermans, Howard Wright Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Industrial Design

Baxter, Peter

  • Peter Baxter, Frank Evison Research Scholarship in Geophysics
  • Peter Baxter, EQC Fees Scholarship

Beales, Ailise

  • Ailise Beales, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Beattie, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Beattie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Becker, Carolin

  • Carolin Becker, Summer Research Scholarship

Beckwith, Jacinta

  • Jacinta Beckwith, Library Association of NZ Aotearoa Mary Fleming Prize

Behringer, Izaak

  • Izaak Behringer, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Belgrave, David

  • David Belgrave, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Beliaeva, Natalia

  • Natalia Beliaeva, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Bell, Dylan

  • Dylan Bell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bell, Thomas

  • Thomas Bell, Wellington Botanical Society Student Grants

Bennett, Hayley

  • Hayley Bennett, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bennett, Holly

  • Holly Bennett, Kathleen Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship

Bennett, Nelson

  • Nelson Bennett, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bennett, Samuel

  • Samuel Bennett, New Zealand Indonesia Association Gamelan Prize

Bennett, Stephen

  • Stephen Bennett, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Stephen Bennett, Victoria Graduate Award

Bennett-Longley, Guy

  • Guy Bennett-Longley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bennison, Henry

  • Henry Bennison, Dr W E Collins Prize in English

Bensemann, Caleb

  • Caleb Bensemann, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Berger, Melanie

  • Melanie Berger, Victoria Graduate Award

Berger, Saskia

  • Saskia Berger, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Berriman, Michael

  • Michael Berriman, Alumni Appeal Scholarship
  • Michael Berriman, Baylis & Smith Prize in International Relations

Berry, Alice

  • Alice Berry, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Berry, Billie

  • Billie Berry, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Berry, Emily

  • Emily Berry, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Betts, Matt

  • Matt Betts, Summer Gold Competition
  • Matt Betts, Summer Research Scholarship

Bewick, Roland

  • Roland Bewick, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Bhikha, Sejal

  • Sejal Bhikha, Dominion Post Global Citizen Exchange Scholarship

Bicknell, Russell

  • Russell Bicknell, Summer Research Scholarship

Bierema, Sebastiaan

  • Sebastiaan Bierema, Diplomatic Corps Prize in International Relations

Bigwood, Sam

  • Sam Bigwood, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Sam Bigwood, Victoria Graduate Award

Billah, Masum

  • Masum Billah, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Binnie, Grace

  • Grace Binnie, Paul Hoffmann Prize in German

Bird, Callan

  • Callan Bird, Summer Research Scholarship

Birks, Joanne

  • Joanne Birks, Christina Beal Memorial Prize in Library & Information Studies

Bisley, Matthew

  • Matthew Bisley, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Blackburn, Peter

  • Peter Blackburn, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Blackwood, Monty

  • Monty Blackwood, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Blake, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Blake, Graduate Women Wellington Secondary Teaching Award

Blaschke, Benno

  • Benno Blaschke, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Blattner-de Vries, Eliska

  • Eliska Blattner-de Vries, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Blenkin, Helen

  • Helen Blenkin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Blewman, Jules

  • Jules Blewman, Anonymous Music Study Grant

Blockley, Michael

  • Michael Blockley, VicLink Award for the Project with the Most Commercial Potential
  • Michael Blockley, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Boggis, Anna

  • Anna Boggis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bolhassan, Rashidah

  • Rashidah Bolhassan, PGSA Travel Grant

Bolsover, Samuel

  • Samuel Bolsover, C3 Scholarship

Bone, Oliver

  • Oliver Bone, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Boniface, Linley

  • Linley Boniface, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Boodee, Michelle

  • Michelle Boodee, Summer Research Scholarship

Booysen, Hanlie

  • Hanlie Booysen, William Wallace Memorial Scholarship

Bos, Annelise

  • Annelise Bos, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bosch, Peter

  • Peter Bosch, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Bose, Samhita

  • Samhita Bose, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Bosley, Shanna

  • Shanna Bosley, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Boswell, Fletcher

  • Fletcher Boswell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Boutorwick, TJ

  • TJ Boutorwick, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Bowden, Nick

  • Nick Bowden, HSRC - School of Government Scholarship

Bowman, Rosemary

  • Rosemary Bowman, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Boyce, Felix

  • Felix Boyce, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Boyd, Oliver

  • Oliver Boyd, Robert Bostock Scholarship

Boyd, Virginia

  • Virginia Boyd, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Boyle, Sarah

  • Sarah Boyle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Boyo, Claudia

  • Claudia Boyo, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Braasch, Elzine

  • Elzine Braasch, Summer Research Scholarship

Braciszewski, Alyssa

  • Alyssa Braciszewski, Victoria Fulbright Masters Scholarship
  • Alyssa Braciszewski, Kathleen Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship

Bradley, Douglas

  • Douglas Bradley, Victoria University Cricket Scholarship

Bradley, Mitchell

  • Mitchell Bradley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bradley, Sarah

  • Sarah Bradley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bradley, Shaun

  • Shaun Bradley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bragg, Keegan

  • Keegan Bragg, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Braid, Nicola

  • Nicola Braid, John F Kennedy Prize in American History

Brandon, Zoe

  • Zoe Brandon, Khanna Prize in International Accounting ACCY309

Brandt, Kasper

  • Kasper Brandt, Victoria Graduate Award

Brasch, Jennifer

  • Jennifer Brasch, International Studies Perspectives Scholarship

Bray, Kate

  • Kate Bray, William Georgetti Scholarship

Brazier, Callum

  • Callum Brazier, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brazier, Lauren

  • Lauren Brazier, Maritime Law Prize
  • Lauren Brazier, Chapman Tripp Prize
  • Lauren Brazier, VicBooks Award for Best Tutor

Brian, Hannah

  • Hannah Brian, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brian, Joshua

  • Joshua Brian, Rankine Brown Prize in Classics

Brice-Ford, Drew

  • Drew Brice-Ford, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brindley-Richards, Wendy

  • Wendy Brindley-Richards, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Wendy Brindley-Richards, Sarah Anne Rhodes Research Scholarship
  • Wendy Brindley-Richards, Victoria Graduate Award

Briones, Publius

  • Publius Briones, Lady Todd Memorial Prize in Nursing & Midwifery

Broadbent, Josie

  • Josie Broadbent, Summer Research Scholarship

Brodie, James

  • James Brodie, Deloitte Excellence Award for e-Commerce and Information Systems

Brosnahan, Kassie

  • Kassie Brosnahan, Dominion Post Global Citizen Exchange Scholarship

Broughton, Annie

  • Annie Broughton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brow, Helena

  • Helena Brow, Adam Foundation Prize in Creative Writing

Brown, Fenella

  • Fenella Brown, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Fenella Brown, Victoria Graduate Award

Brown, Lachlan

  • Lachlan Brown, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brown, Sarah

  • Sarah Brown, Summer Research Scholarship

Browning, Leo

  • Leo Browning, Summer Research Scholarship

Bruce, Harry

  • Harry Bruce, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brus, Michaela

  • Michaela Brus, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Bryang, Kerry

  • Kerry Bryang, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Bryant, Kimberley

  • Kimberley Bryant, Victoria Graduate Award

Bryant, Luke

  • Luke Bryant, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Bryant, Melissa

  • Melissa Bryant, Summer Gold Competition
  • Melissa Bryant, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Melissa Bryant, Dame Rosemary Horton Award

Bryant, Robyn

  • Robyn Bryant, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bryce, Lauren

  • Lauren Bryce, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Bryers-Brown, Tarapuhi

  • Tarapuhi Bryers-Brown, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Tarapuhi Bryers-Brown, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Bryson, Kate

  • Kate Bryson, Diploma in Clinical Psychology Scholarship

Budge, Robbie

  • Robbie Budge, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Robbie Budge, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Bukholt, Tash

  • Tash Bukholt, Summer Research Scholarship

Bull, Juliet

  • Juliet Bull, Bernard Randall Prize in Family Law
  • Juliet Bull, K J Scott Memorial Prize

Bunce, Jo

  • Jo Bunce, Zander & Durden Families Prize in History

Bunting, Amelia

  • Amelia Bunting, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Burgess, Melissa

  • Melissa Burgess, Graduate Women Wellington Conjoint Teaching Award

Burgess, Tessa

  • Tessa Burgess, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Burke, Belinda

  • Belinda Burke, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Burley, Taryn

  • Taryn Burley, Claire Palmer-Jones Scholarship

Burmester, Daniel

  • Daniel Burmester, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Daniel Burmester, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Burn, Kate

  • Kate Burn, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Burnard, Delaney

  • Delaney Burnard, Te Papa MSc Scholarship in Molecular Systematics and Evolution

Burnell, Jenanne

  • Jenanne Burnell, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Burnett, Emily

  • Emily Burnett, Summer Research Scholarship

Burns, Kieran

  • Kieran Burns, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Burt, Renee

  • Renee Burt, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Butcher-McGunnigle, Zarah

  • Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle, Biggs Family Prize in Poetry

Butkus, Justin

  • Justin Butkus, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Butler, Callum

  • Callum Butler, Victoria Graduate Award

Butler, Tane

  • Tane Butler, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Butler-Yeoman, Tony

  • Tony Butler-Yeoman, Datacom Systems Scholarship

Buxton, Belinda

  • Belinda Buxton, Victoria Graduate Award

Byers, Matthew

  • Matthew Byers, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


Cadzow, Zoanne

  • Zoanne Cadzow, NZ Architects' Co-operative Society Prize

Caie, Phoebe

  • Phoebe Caie, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Calcott, Kate

  • Kate Calcott, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Calcott, Mark

  • Mark Calcott, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Caldwell, Tim

  • Tim Caldwell, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Tim Caldwell, Geoffrey A Rowan Memorial Bursary
  • Tim Caldwell, Victoria Graduate Award

Callaghan, Gabriel

  • Gabriel Callaghan, Sir Roy McKenzie Deaf Scholarship

Calloch, Pauline

  • Pauline Calloch, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Calvert, Shayla

  • Shayla Calvert, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Cameron, Duncan

  • Duncan Cameron, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Cameron, Jerome

  • Jerome Cameron, New Zealand Aid Programme Awards for Postgraduate Field Research
  • Jerome Cameron, Summer Research Scholarship

Campbell, Daniel

  • Daniel Campbell, Summer Research Scholarship

Campbell, David

  • David Campbell, Victoria Fulbright Masters Scholarship

Campbell, Hannah

  • Hannah Campbell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Campbell, Ruby

  • Ruby Campbell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Campen, Kelly

  • Kelly Campen, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Cao, Tram

  • Tram Cao, VIED / Victoria PhD Scholarship

Capistrano, Robert

  • Robert Capistrano, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Cardenas Alarcon, Cesar Antonio

  • Cesar Antonio Cardenas Alarcon, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Carnett, Amarie

  • Amarie Carnett, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Carpenter, Jane

  • Jane Carpenter, Holmes Prize in Public Policy

Carroll, Valerie

  • Valerie Carroll, SWETS Information Services Prize

Carson, Hannah

  • Hannah Carson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Carson, Rose

  • Rose Carson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Carter, Ethan

  • Ethan Carter, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Casinader, Prashan

  • Prashan Casinader, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Caudwell, Catherine

  • Catherine Caudwell, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Cawdron, Melissa

  • Melissa Cawdron, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Challies, Zach

  • Zach Challies, Summer Research Scholarship

Chalmers, Andrew

  • Andrew Chalmers, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Chalmers, Lauren

  • Lauren Chalmers, Summer Research Scholarship

Chamberlain, Katy

  • Katy Chamberlain, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Chambers, Dylan

  • Dylan Chambers, New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust Scholarship
  • Dylan Chambers, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Dylan Chambers, Victoria Graduate Award

Chan, Hou

  • Hou Chan, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Chan, Ming Xiao

  • Ming Xiao Chan, Wellington Not-For-Profit Special Interest Group Award

Chan, Valentine

  • Valentine Chan, Summer Research Scholarship

Chan, Valerie

  • Valerie Chan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Chan-Hyams, Jasmine

  • Jasmine Chan-Hyams, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Jasmine Chan-Hyams, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Chapman, Harry

  • Harry Chapman, Summer Research Scholarship

Charles, Alice

  • Alice Charles, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Charles, Kerry

  • Kerry Charles, Ross McQueen Memorial Prize

Chee, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Chee, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Cheetham, Ferne

  • Ferne Cheetham, Summer Research Scholarship

Chen, Even

  • Even Chen, GFS Scholarship

Chen, Kai

  • Kai Chen, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Chen, Shuhua

  • Shuhua Chen, C3 Scholarship

Chen, Shy Yng

  • Shy Yng Chen, Tsubota Pearl Prize

Cheng, Janice

  • Janice Cheng, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Cherrington, Lisa

  • Lisa Cherrington, Brad McGann Film Writing Award

Chesney, Robert

  • Robert Chesney, Summer Research Scholarship

Chevalier, Marina

  • Marina Chevalier, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cheyne, Aidan

  • Aidan Cheyne, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Chiang, Esta

  • Esta Chiang, Summer Research Scholarship

Chin, Reuben

  • Reuben Chin, Music Services Wind Player of the Year Award

Chiono, Anton

  • Anton Chiono, Victoria Fulbright Masters Scholarship

Chittenden, Rosie

  • Rosie Chittenden, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Chote, Paul

  • Paul Chote, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship
  • Paul Chote, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Christie, Eden

  • Eden Christie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Christopher, Kameron

  • Kameron Christopher, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Chrystal, Megan

  • Megan Chrystal, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Civilini, Francesco

  • Francesco Civilini, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Clark, Alex

  • Alex Clark, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Alex Clark, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Clark, Charlie

  • Charlie Clark, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship
  • Charlie Clark, Wellington Botanical Society Student Grants

Clark, Emma

  • Emma Clark, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Clark, Ewan

  • Ewan Clark, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Clark, Hamish

  • Hamish Clark, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Clark, Lena

  • Lena Clark, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Clark, Lisabertha

  • Lisabertha Clark, Summer Research Scholarship

Clarke, Anna

  • Anna Clarke, Ormond Wilson Scholarship
  • Anna Clarke, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Clarke, Stephen

  • Stephen Clarke, Summer Research Scholarship

Clayton, Bridget

  • Bridget Clayton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Clifford, Jessica

  • Jessica Clifford, Summer Research Scholarship

Coats, Simon

  • Simon Coats, Summer Research Scholarship

Cockle, Rosemary

  • Rosemary Cockle, Victoria University Cricket Scholarship

Coldicutt, Russell

  • Russell Coldicutt, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Russell Coldicutt, Victoria Graduate Award

Cole, Grace

  • Grace Cole, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Colenso, Hamish

  • Hamish Colenso, Summer Research Scholarship

Coles, Alexandra

  • Alexandra Coles, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Coles, Kate

  • Kate Coles, Summer Research Scholarship

Colgan, Hayley

  • Hayley Colgan, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Collier, Troy

  • Troy Collier, OMV Ltd Postgraduate Scholarship

Collins, Vincent

  • Vincent Collins, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Condon, Sarah

  • Sarah Condon, HRC Programme Scholarship

Confait, Steve

  • Steve Confait, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Connelly, Anika

  • Anika Connelly, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cook, Asher

  • Asher Cook, Victoria Graduate Award

Cook, Michelle

  • Michelle Cook, MBIE Scholarship

Cook, Tayla

  • Tayla Cook, Northland District Health Board Fees Scholarship

Cooney, Luke

  • Luke Cooney, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Cooper, Alexandra

  • Alexandra Cooper, Summer Research Scholarship

Coorey, Namal

  • Namal Coorey, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Coppard, Alice

  • Alice Coppard, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Copps, Aidan

  • Aidan Copps, Information Systems Audit Control Association, Wellington Prize

Corkran, Hilary

  • Hilary Corkran, Kathleen Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Hilary Corkran, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship
  • Hilary Corkran, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Corlett, Jesse

  • Jesse Corlett, European Union Prize

Correa Rechden Filho, Raul

  • Raul Correa Rechden Filho, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Costello Ladanyi, Catherine

  • Catherine Costello Ladanyi, Victoria Graduate Award

Costello-Ladanyi, James

  • James Costello-Ladanyi, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Coughlan, Thomas

  • Thomas Coughlan, F P Wilson Prize

Coughtrey, James

  • James Coughtrey, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Courtenay, Marino

  • Marino Courtenay, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Courtney, Genevieve

  • Genevieve Courtney, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Couture, Pierre

  • Pierre Couture, MacDiarmid Institute Scholarship

Cowley, Kristen

  • Kristen Cowley, Summer Research Scholarship

Cox, Bart

  • Bart Cox, Summer Research Scholarship

Cox, Michael

  • Michael Cox, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Cox, Peter

  • Peter Cox, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Coyle, Ellie

  • Ellie Coyle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Craighead, Hannah

  • Hannah Craighead, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Crane, Simon

  • Simon Crane, Summer Research Scholarship

Creech, John

  • John Creech, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Crengle, Helena

  • Helena Crengle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Crighton, Millie

  • Millie Crighton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Critchlow, Kendal

  • Kendal Critchlow, Summer Research Scholarship

Crocker, Julie

  • Julie Crocker, Dominion Post Global Citizen Exchange Scholarship

Croft, Lucy

  • Lucy Croft, Sir Roy McKenzie Deaf Scholarship

Cross, Mel

  • Mel Cross, Ella C Wilson Music Award
  • Mel Cross, NZSM Director's PG Scholarship

Crowe, Kirstin

  • Kirstin Crowe, May Gordon Prize in English Literature

Crump, Wayne

  • Wayne Crump, MacDiarmid Institute Scholarship

Cui, Bo

  • Bo Cui, Victoria Graduate Award

Cull, Chloe

  • Chloe Cull, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Cumming, Lauren

  • Lauren Cumming, Summer Research Scholarship

Curle, Shayna-Lucy

  • Shayna-Lucy Curle, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Curry, Charlotte

  • Charlotte Curry, Victoria Graduate Award

Curtis, Henry

  • Henry Curtis, Asian Politics Prize

Curtis, Jay

  • Jay Curtis, Summer Research Scholarship


Daher, Mohammed

  • Mohammed Daher, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Dai, Jia Rong

  • Jia Rong Dai, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dallas, Erin

  • Erin Dallas, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dang, Thi Ngoc Yen

  • Thi Ngoc Yen Dang, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Dang, Thi Thuy Nga

  • Thi Thuy Nga Dang, Korean Ambassador's Prize

Dang, Vu

  • Vu Dang, VIED / Victoria PhD Scholarship

Dasyam, Nathaniel

  • Nathaniel Dasyam, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Davenhill, Mikaela

  • Mikaela Davenhill, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Davenport, Ashton

  • Ashton Davenport, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Davidson, Megan

  • Megan Davidson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Davie, Sarah

  • Sarah Davie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Davie-Martin, Mitchell

  • Mitchell Davie-Martin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Davies, Andrew

  • Andrew Davies, Summer Research Scholarship

Davies, Jed

  • Jed Davies, VUW Essay Prize in Classics

Davies, Simon

  • Simon Davies, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Davis, Rachel

  • Rachel Davis, Victoria Graduate Award

Davison, Greta

  • Greta Davison, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dawe, Julia

  • Julia Dawe, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dawson, James

  • James Dawson, Summer Research Scholarship

Dawson, Steve

  • Steve Dawson, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

De Jong, Hayden

  • Hayden De Jong, Hunter Memorial Prize

De Jong, Jamie

  • Jamie De Jong, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dean, Chris

  • Chris Dean, Victoria Graduate Award

Deeble, Benjamin

  • Benjamin Deeble, Summer Research Scholarship

Dehghan Akhtehkhaneh, Siamak

  • Siamak Dehghan Akhtehkhaneh, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Deighton, Cullum

  • Cullum Deighton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dekker, Alexandra

  • Alexandra Dekker, James E Worsfold Scholarship

Del Rosario, Justin

  • Justin Del Rosario, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dement, Lucy

  • Lucy Dement, Jenny Whitmarsh Award for Mathematics

Deng, Alexander

  • Alexander Deng, Summer Research Scholarship

Deng, Calvina

  • Calvina Deng, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Deng, Sandy

  • Sandy Deng, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Denison, Hayley

  • Hayley Denison, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Dennis, Dorcas

  • Dorcas Dennis, William Wallace Memorial Scholarship

Denton, Nicholas

  • Nicholas Denton, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award
  • Nicholas Denton, Victoria Graduate Award

Dibley, Joanna

  • Joanna Dibley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dickson, Michael

  • Michael Dickson, Former Economics and Finance Staff : Student Award

Dickson, Sophie

  • Sophie Dickson, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Dillon, Sarah

  • Sarah Dillon, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Sarah Dillon, Prize for Film Studies
  • Sarah Dillon, Victoria Graduate Award

Dissanayake, Harini

  • Harini Dissanayake, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dixie, Laura

  • Laura Dixie, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Dixon, Joe

  • Joe Dixon, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Djorovic, Aleksa

  • Aleksa Djorovic, TJA Ballinger Scholarship

Do, Hung Van

  • Hung Van Do, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Doan, Chi

  • Chi Doan, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Dobie, Sarah

  • Sarah Dobie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dobinson, Amy

  • Amy Dobinson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dodd, Angela

  • Angela Dodd, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dodge, Nadine

  • Nadine Dodge, MBIE Scholarship

Doell, Raymond

  • Raymond Doell, NZSM Director's Scholarship

Doggett, Joss

  • Joss Doggett, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Dohner, Melanie

  • Melanie Dohner, Summer Research Scholarship

Dolman, Conor

  • Conor Dolman, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Donnelly, Eilis

  • Eilis Donnelly, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Douch, Colin

  • Colin Douch, Summer Research Scholarship

Douglas, Lauren

  • Lauren Douglas, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dovey, Kristin

  • Kristin Dovey, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Dowall, Heidi

  • Heidi Dowall, John Robson Prize in Ciminology

Dowdall, Briege

  • Briege Dowdall, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Drake, Julie

  • Julie Drake, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Drake, Nicholas

  • Nicholas Drake, Tu Horomata Scholarship
  • Nicholas Drake, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Drew, Allan

  • Allan Drew, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Driver-Burgess, Frith

  • Frith Driver-Burgess, History of Reading in Colonial New Zealand and Australia Masters Scholarship

Dromgool, Edward

  • Edward Dromgool, Summer Research Scholarship

Drummond, Annabel

  • Annabel Drummond, Anonymous Music Study Grant

Drury-Ruddlesden, Jenny

  • Jenny Drury-Ruddlesden, Callaghan Innovation Research Scholarship

Duckor-Jones, Avi

  • Avi Duckor-Jones, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Duckworth, Luca

  • Luca Duckworth, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Duke, Oisin

  • Oisin Duke, Victoria Graduate Award

Dundas, Calum

  • Calum Dundas, NZSM Director's Scholarship

Dunkley, Tamara

  • Tamara Dunkley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Duthie, Marco

  • Marco Duthie, Summer Research Scholarship

Dykstra, Cameron

  • Cameron Dykstra, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

de Monchy, Theo

  • Theo de Monchy, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship


Eagle, Abby

  • Abby Eagle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Earl, Brittany

  • Brittany Earl, InternetNZ Prize

Earwaker, Sarah

  • Sarah Earwaker, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Easter, Chelsea

  • Chelsea Easter, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Easting, Heather

  • Heather Easting, Victoria Graduate Award

Ebyarimpa, Irene

  • Irene Ebyarimpa, Summer Research Scholarship

Eden, Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth Eden, Kathleen Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Eden, Victoria Graduate Award

Edmonds, David

  • David Edmonds, Victoria Graduate Award

Edwards, Aimee

  • Aimee Edwards, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Edwards, Eden

  • Eden Edwards, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Edwards, Jazmyn

  • Jazmyn Edwards, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Edwards, John

  • John Edwards, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Edwards, Michael

  • Michael Edwards, Summer Research Scholarship

Edwards, Paul

  • Paul Edwards, Summer Research Scholarship

Edwards, Peter

  • Peter Edwards, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Eglinton, Kitty

  • Kitty Eglinton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ehalaiye, Dimu

  • Dimu Ehalaiye, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Einarsen, Gwynneth

  • Gwynneth Einarsen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Eisenhofer, Raphael

  • Raphael Eisenhofer, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Raphael Eisenhofer, Victoria Graduate Award

Elisara, Evelyn

  • Evelyn Elisara, NZICA Prize in Law of Organisations

Ellison, Simon

  • Simon Ellison, Methven Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Industrial Design

Emanuel, Asher

  • Asher Emanuel, Robert Orr McGechan Memorial Prize

Eng, Georgia

  • Georgia Eng, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

English, Megan

  • Megan English, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Ennis, Anna

  • Anna Ennis, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Eparaima, Ani

  • Ani Eparaima, Summer Research Scholarship

Eriksen, Luke

  • Luke Eriksen, Victoria University Cricket Scholarship

Esler, Ivan

  • Ivan Esler, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Etheridge, Georgia

  • Georgia Etheridge, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Eustace, Alexandra

  • Alexandra Eustace, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Evans, Rebekka

  • Rebekka Evans, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Evett, Jayden

  • Jayden Evett, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Evill, Oliver

  • Oliver Evill, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Ewart, Jesse

  • Jesse Ewart, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award


Fabish, Rachael

  • Rachael Fabish, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Faesenkloet, Hannah

  • Hannah Faesenkloet, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Fagan, Sarah

  • Sarah Fagan, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Fahey, Aaron

  • Aaron Fahey, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Faiaoga, Lemaluotiafau

  • Lemaluotiafau Faiaoga, Quentin Baxter Memorial Scholarship

Faint, Gilda

  • Gilda Faint, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Fairey, Taylor

  • Taylor Fairey, Summer Research Scholarship

Fairless, Benjamin

  • Benjamin Fairless, Summer Research Scholarship

Faraimo, Victoria

  • Victoria Faraimo, GFS Scholarship

Faramus, Angelique

  • Angelique Faramus, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Fargher, Nicholas

  • Nicholas Fargher, Asian Politics Prize

Farquhar, Harriet

  • Harriet Farquhar, A H Johnstone Scholarship in Law
  • Harriet Farquhar, NZ Law Review Prize

Farquhar, Tayla

  • Tayla Farquhar, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fatu, Emily

  • Emily Fatu, Summer Research Scholarship

Faumui, Makerita

  • Makerita Faumui, Vice Chancellor's Achiever Scholarship

Faumuina, Notise

  • Notise Faumuina, VUW - Scientific National University of Samoa Scholarship

Fea, Nyree

  • Nyree Fea, Pukaha Mount Bruce/Elwin Welch Memorial Scholarship

Feaunati, Carinya

  • Carinya Feaunati, Summer Research Scholarship

Fell, Emma

  • Emma Fell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Feltham, Flora

  • Flora Feltham, Nora Bateson Scholarship

Ferguson, Ian

  • Ian Ferguson, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Fern, Adam

  • Adam Fern, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Field, Hannah

  • Hannah Field, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Findlay, Charlotte

  • Charlotte Findlay, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Findlay, Connor

  • Connor Findlay, Summer Research Scholarship

Findlay, Katherine

  • Katherine Findlay, Summer Research Scholarship

Fingleton, James

  • James Fingleton, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Finny, Guy

  • Guy Finny, Cullen Employment Law Prize

Finny, Julia

  • Julia Finny, Embassy of Israel Prize in Political Science and International Relations

Finucci, Brit

  • Brit Finucci, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Firth, Kate

  • Kate Firth, Kura Mai Tawhiti Scholarship

Fisher, Salina

  • Salina Fisher, J C Richards Music Scholarship for Postgraduate Study

Fleming, David

  • David Fleming, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Fleming, Kathy

  • Kathy Fleming, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship
  • Kathy Fleming, Asia Pacific Research Award

Fletcher, Jonny

  • Jonny Fletcher, Summer Research Scholarship

Fletcher, Reuben

  • Reuben Fletcher, Eichelbaum Prize

Foley, Eric

  • Eric Foley, Laywood and Joyce Chan Award

Foley, Maree

  • Maree Foley, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Fong, Lauren

  • Lauren Fong, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fookes, Zane

  • Zane Fookes, Emily Lilias Johnston Scholarship

Foon, Fraser

  • Fraser Foon, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Forde, Xavier

  • Xavier Forde, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Fordyce, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Fordyce, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fordyce, Robert

  • Robert Fordyce, Summer Research Scholarship

Forsyth, Frances

  • Frances Forsyth, Biodiversity Masters Scholarship

Fortin Cornejo, Moira

  • Moira Fortin Cornejo, Victoria Research Support Grant

Foster, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Foster, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Franklin, Abby

  • Abby Franklin, CPA Australia Prize in Accounting

Frankum, Catherine

  • Catherine Frankum, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Fraser, Handayani

  • Handayani Fraser, Todd Foundation Award for Excellence

Fraser, Jennifer

  • Jennifer Fraser, Graduate Women Wellington Masters by thesis Scholarship

Fraser, Putri

  • Putri Fraser, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Fraser, Stacey

  • Stacey Fraser, National Environment Research Council UK Scholarship

Freeman, Katie Tayler

  • Katie Tayler Freeman, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Freiberg, Zach

  • Zach Freiberg, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Freshwater, Mata

  • Mata Freshwater, Pasifika Award

Fristiasa, Gendiza

  • Gendiza Fristiasa, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Frost, Anjela

  • Anjela Frost, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Frost, Michaela

  • Michaela Frost, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Fu, Wenlong

  • Wenlong Fu, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Fussey, William

  • William Fussey, Cullen Employment Law Prize


Gaby, Matilda

  • Matilda Gaby, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gaby, Mya

  • Mya Gaby, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Mya Gaby, Victoria Graduate Award

Gadd, Nicholas

  • Nicholas Gadd, Summer Research Scholarship

Gaedtke, Christin

  • Christin Gaedtke, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Gagau, Daniel

  • Daniel Gagau, Robert Bostock Scholarship

Gammie, Lucas

  • Lucas Gammie, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Lucas Gammie, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Gammon, Malindi

  • Malindi Gammon, Kathleen Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Malindi Gammon, Victoria Graduate Award

Gandionco, Alexandra

  • Alexandra Gandionco, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Garcia Quiroga, Antonio

  • Antonio Garcia Quiroga, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Garg, Meghna

  • Meghna Garg, Xero Excellence Award for International Business

Garland-Duignan, Shannon

  • Shannon Garland-Duignan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gault, Alexandra

  • Alexandra Gault, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gaynor, Thomas

  • Thomas Gaynor, Kiwi Music Scholarship

Geach, Matthew

  • Matthew Geach, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gerrard, Lee

  • Lee Gerrard, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ghahraee, Mehrdad

  • Mehrdad Ghahraee, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Ghavampour, Ensiyeh

  • Ensiyeh Ghavampour, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Ghizzi-Hall, Gracielli

  • Gracielli Ghizzi-Hall, Sir John Marshall Scholarship

Gibb-Faumuina, Harrison

  • Harrison Gibb-Faumuina, Tsubota Pearl Prize
  • Harrison Gibb-Faumuina, Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia
  • Harrison Gibb-Faumuina, Tufi Taufao Scholarship

Gibbin, Emma

  • Emma Gibbin, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Gibbins, Jasmine

  • Jasmine Gibbins, Summer Research Scholarship

Gibbon, Danielle

  • Danielle Gibbon, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Gibbons, Darcy

  • Darcy Gibbons, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gijsbers, Lucy

  • Lucy Gijsbers, Barbara Finlayson Scholarship

Gilchrist, Rose

  • Rose Gilchrist, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gildea, Na

  • Na Gildea, Dominion Post Masters (by thesis) Scholarship

Gilling, Russyl

  • Russyl Gilling, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gilmer, Talor

  • Talor Gilmer, Sir Roy McKenzie Deaf Scholarship

Gilmour, James

  • James Gilmour, Summer Research Scholarship

Giorgioni, Alessandra

  • Alessandra Giorgioni, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Glasson, Katie

  • Katie Glasson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gloag, Lucy

  • Lucy Gloag, Dan F Jones Scholarship in Science
  • Lucy Gloag, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Lucy Gloag, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Lucy Gloag, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Glynn, Harry

  • Harry Glynn, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Godfrey, Hazel

  • Hazel Godfrey, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Godfrey, Holly

  • Holly Godfrey, Frank Evison Research Scholarship in Geophysics
  • Holly Godfrey, EQC Fees Scholarship

Goggin, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Goggin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Goh, Sandra

  • Sandra Goh, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Goldsbury, John

  • John Goldsbury, Summer Research Scholarship

Goodsir, Gabriella

  • Gabriella Goodsir, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Goodwin, George

  • George Goodwin, Summer Research Scholarship

Gordon, Joel

  • Joel Gordon, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Goss, Rose

  • Rose Goss, Lord Cooke of Thorndon Prize
  • Rose Goss, A H Johnstone Scholarship in Law
  • Rose Goss, NZ Law Review Prize
  • Rose Goss, Summer Research Scholarship

Goulding, Julian

  • Julian Goulding, Methven Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Industrial Design
  • Julian Goulding, Summer Research Scholarship

Gower, Thomas

  • Thomas Gower, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Graham, Ella

  • Ella Graham, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Grant, Callum

  • Callum Grant, Telecom Excellence Award for e-Commerce and Information Systems

Gray, Calum

  • Calum Gray, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gray, Cameron

  • Cameron Gray, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Gray, Finnian

  • Finnian Gray, Pablo Etchegoin Prize in Experimental Physics
  • Finnian Gray, W H (Bill) Vaughan Prize for Mathematics
  • Finnian Gray, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Finnian Gray, Summer Research Scholarship

Greenbank, Emily

  • Emily Greenbank, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Emily Greenbank, Summer Research Scholarship

Greenbank, Emma

  • Emma Greenbank, Summer Research Scholarship

Greenslade, Belinda

  • Belinda Greenslade, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Greenwood-Thessman, James

  • James Greenwood-Thessman, C3 Scholarship

Gregory, Lucy

  • Lucy Gregory, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Greig, Gabrielle

  • Gabrielle Greig, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Gabrielle Greig, Summer Research Scholarship

Greve, Annika

  • Annika Greve, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Gribbin, Emilia

  • Emilia Gribbin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Grice, Matthew

  • Matthew Grice, Summer Research Scholarship

Griemiel, Elsemiek

  • Elsemiek Griemiel, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Griffiths, Marjorie

  • Marjorie Griffiths, Centre of Research Excellence Scholarship - Riddet Institute
  • Marjorie Griffiths, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Grigg, Isabella

  • Isabella Grigg, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Grouden, Melissa

  • Melissa Grouden, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Grundy, Arteshar

  • Arteshar Grundy, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Guerin, Francis

  • Francis Guerin, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Gulasekharam, Jacinta

  • Jacinta Gulasekharam, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gutenbrunner, Charlotte

  • Charlotte Gutenbrunner, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Guthrie, Olly

  • Olly Guthrie, Victoria Graduate Award

Gwynne-Robson, Sophia

  • Sophia Gwynne-Robson, Lissie Rathbone Award


Hackland, Jenna

  • Jenna Hackland, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Haddow, Joe

  • Joe Haddow, Margaret Nielson Scholarship

Haimona, Kahu

  • Kahu Haimona, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Hakiwai, Arihana

  • Arihana Hakiwai, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Hall, Catherine

  • Catherine Hall, Summer Research Scholarship

Hall, Jasmine

  • Jasmine Hall, Summer Gold Competition
  • Jasmine Hall, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship
  • Jasmine Hall, Summer Research Scholarship

Halliday, Hayley

  • Hayley Halliday, Summer Research Scholarship

Halliday, Sophie

  • Sophie Halliday, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hally, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Hally, Victoria Graduate Award

Hamer, Lydia

  • Lydia Hamer, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Hamer-Adams, Anna

  • Anna Hamer-Adams, Summer Research Scholarship

Hamilton, Katherine

  • Katherine Hamilton, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Hamilton, Olivia

  • Olivia Hamilton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hammond, Joseph

  • Joseph Hammond, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hammond, Natalie

  • Natalie Hammond, Victoria Graduate Award

Hancock, Tayla

  • Tayla Hancock, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Hannan, Danielle

  • Danielle Hannan, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Hansen, Ruby

  • Ruby Hansen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hansen, Sara

  • Sara Hansen, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Harbord, Jamie

  • Jamie Harbord, Summer Research Scholarship

Hardcastle, Laura

  • Laura Hardcastle, Chris Highfield Memorial Prize
  • Laura Hardcastle, Coleman-Brown Memorial Award

Harding, Jessica

  • Jessica Harding, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Harding, Raima

  • Raima Harding, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Harness, Louise

  • Louise Harness, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Harrigan, Lauren

  • Lauren Harrigan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Harrington, Luke

  • Luke Harrington, Dan F Jones Scholarship in Science
  • Luke Harrington, Edward and Isabel Kidson Scholarship
  • Luke Harrington, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship
  • Luke Harrington, Gwenda Josephine Hurst Memorial Prize in Geography
  • Luke Harrington, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Luke Harrington, Summer Gold Competition

Harrington, Nathalie

  • Nathalie Harrington, Civil Service Institute Prize in Public Policy & Public Administration

Harris, Alexis

  • Alexis Harris, New Zeland Business and Parliament Trust Prize

Harris, Dan

  • Dan Harris, Watters Prize in Development Studies

Harris, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Harris, Summer Research Scholarship

Harris, Magdalen

  • Magdalen Harris, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship
  • Magdalen Harris, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Harrison, David

  • David Harrison, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Harrison, Julian

  • Julian Harrison, Summer Research Scholarship

Harrison, Rachel

  • Rachel Harrison, Summer Research Scholarship

Harrison, Sophie

  • Sophie Harrison, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hart, Abigail

  • Abigail Hart, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Harwood, Leah

  • Leah Harwood, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hasan, Abdul Raheem

  • Abdul Raheem Hasan, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship
  • Abdul Raheem Hasan, PGSA Travel Grant

Hassan, Syahida

  • Syahida Hassan, PGSA Travel Grant

Hatami, Hani

  • Hani Hatami, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Hatch, Jamie

  • Jamie Hatch, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Jamie Hatch, Victoria Graduate Award

Hauraki, Joshua

  • Joshua Hauraki, Civil Service Institute Prize in Public Policy & Public Administration

Hawkes, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Hawkes, Story Inc Prize for Poetry

Hawkins, Christopher

  • Christopher Hawkins, Summer Research Scholarship

Hawkless, Megan

  • Megan Hawkless, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hawthorne, Zoe

  • Zoe Hawthorne, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hayward, Danielle

  • Danielle Hayward, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hayward, Katie

  • Katie Hayward, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Haywood, Sally

  • Sally Haywood, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hazenberg, Evan

  • Evan Hazenberg, New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship

He, Jon

  • Jon He, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Heath, Helen

  • Helen Heath, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Heath, Mark

  • Mark Heath, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Heathcott, Rosemary

  • Rosemary Heathcott, Alzheimer Association US Scholarship

Hedley, Holly

  • Holly Hedley, Quentin Baxter Prize in Public and International Law

Heke, Caela

  • Caela Heke, Graduate Women Wellington Victoria University First in Family Scholarship

Hempel, Sonja

  • Sonja Hempel, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Sonja Hempel, Alison Morton Scholarship in Ecology/Marine Biology
  • Sonja Hempel, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Henderson, Molly

  • Molly Henderson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hendra, Stafanie

  • Stafanie Hendra, Isle B Steinberger Prize in Primary Teaching

Hendricks, Annemieke

  • Annemieke Hendricks, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hennesy, Paige

  • Paige Hennesy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Henrys, Francis

  • Francis Henrys, Summer Research Scholarship

Hertel, Stefan

  • Stefan Hertel, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship
  • Stefan Hertel, PGSA Research Excellence Award

Hessterman, Mikayla

  • Mikayla Hessterman, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hetutu, Taumarunui

  • Taumarunui Hetutu, Summer Research Scholarship

Hewison-Burch, Madeleine

  • Madeleine Hewison-Burch, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Hewson, Lani

  • Lani Hewson, Northland District Health Board Fees Scholarship

Higgins, Christie

  • Christie Higgins, Gordon Harris Prize for Innovation and Excellence in First Year Design

Higham, Kyle

  • Kyle Higham, Victoria Graduate Award

Higham, Rochelle

  • Rochelle Higham, Pasifika Award

Hill, Jaime

  • Jaime Hill, Summer Research Scholarship

Hillind, Henry

  • Henry Hillind, Colin Patterson Memorial Prize

Hillyer, Katie

  • Katie Hillyer, Kathleen Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship

Hines, Ben

  • Ben Hines, John Gamble Award

Hirschberg, Hamish

  • Hamish Hirschberg, 2nd Year Geology Student Prize
  • Hamish Hirschberg, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Hamish Hirschberg, Noel Ryder Prize

Hislop, Emma

  • Emma Hislop, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Ho, Phuong

  • Phuong Ho, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Hoang, Ha

  • Ha Hoang, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship
  • Ha Hoang, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Hoang, Hien

  • Hien Hoang, R W Steele Scholarship in Accounting

Hoare, Nicholas

  • Nicholas Hoare, F P Wilson Scholarship

Hockin, Rachel

  • Rachel Hockin, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Hodgson, Nolan

  • Nolan Hodgson, Marion Rayward Memorial Scholarship in Music

Hodgson, Victoria

  • Victoria Hodgson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hoffman, Tessa

  • Tessa Hoffman, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Holden, Gavin

  • Gavin Holden, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Holland, Timothy

  • Timothy Holland, Freyberg Scholarship

Holley, Ana

  • Ana Holley, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Holloway, Faith

  • Faith Holloway, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Holmes-Galloway, Andrew

  • Andrew Holmes-Galloway, Summer Research Scholarship

Hone, Nicole

  • Nicole Hone, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Hong, Jen

  • Jen Hong, Summer Research Scholarship

Hook, Courtney

  • Courtney Hook, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Hook, Maria

  • Maria Hook, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Hormann, Louisa

  • Louisa Hormann, Clare Galambos Winter Prize in Holocaust Studies
  • Louisa Hormann, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Louisa Hormann, Summer Research Scholarship

Hosking, Emma

  • Emma Hosking, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Hounsell, Kate

  • Kate Hounsell, Graduate Women Wellington - Hutt Valley Branch Scholarship

Hounsome-Vail, Dale

  • Dale Hounsome-Vail, Music Services Brass Player of the Year Award
  • Dale Hounsome-Vail, Music Services Brass Player of the Year Award

Howard, Sophie

  • Sophie Howard, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hpa, Richard

  • Richard Hpa, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Hu, Juanying

  • Juanying Hu, Victoria Excellence Scholarship
  • Juanying Hu, W.H. (Bill) Vaughan Trust Scholarship in Mathematics

Huang, George

  • George Huang, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Huang, Hai

  • Hai Huang, Summer Research Scholarship

Huang, Hai Xin

  • Hai Xin Huang, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Huang, Joley

  • Joley Huang, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hubbard, Tessa

  • Tessa Hubbard, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hudson, Marcelo

  • Marcelo Hudson, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Hughes, Annalisa

  • Annalisa Hughes, Ormond Wilson Scholarship
  • Annalisa Hughes, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hughes, Eleanor

  • Eleanor Hughes, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hughson, Taylor

  • Taylor Hughson, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Hugman, James

  • James Hugman, Erasmus Scholarship
  • James Hugman, Summer Research Scholarship

Humphrey, Lauren

  • Lauren Humphrey, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Hunia, Maraea

  • Maraea Hunia, Ahumairangi PhD Scholarship

Hunt, Adam

  • Adam Hunt, Foodstuffs Excellence Award for Marketing

Hunt, Andrea

  • Andrea Hunt, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Hunt, Jess

  • Jess Hunt, Summer Research Scholarship

Hunter, Holly

  • Holly Hunter, Chris Pottinger Memorial Prize
  • Holly Hunter, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Holly Hunter, Dr W E Collins Prize in English

Huntley, Emma-Jayne

  • Emma-Jayne Huntley, VUW Essay Prize in Classics

Hurst, Ian

  • Ian Hurst, Summer Research Scholarship

Hurst-Kiely, Danielle

  • Danielle Hurst-Kiely, Graduate Women Wellington Secondary Teaching Award

Huston, Jack

  • Jack Huston, Summer Research Scholarship

Hutching, Holly

  • Holly Hutching, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Huxford, Benjamin

  • Benjamin Huxford, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hyland, Sarah

  • Sarah Hyland, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


Ilyushkina, Irina

  • Irina Ilyushkina, Kathleen Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship

Ingardya, Ardya

  • Ardya Ingardya, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Ingle, Laurence

  • Laurence Ingle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Inglis, Madeleine

  • Madeleine Inglis, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Ingram, Simon

  • Simon Ingram, Summer Research Scholarship

Innes, James

  • James Innes, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Inocentes, Erika

  • Erika Inocentes, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Inverarity, Lani

  • Lani Inverarity, Freyberg Scholarship

Iqbal, Muhammad

  • Muhammad Iqbal, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Ireland, Catherine

  • Catherine Ireland, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Catherine Ireland, Dr W E Collins Prize in English

Irvine, Brittany

  • Brittany Irvine, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Irvine, James

  • James Irvine, Summer Research Scholarship

Isaia-Hapimana, Te Raupiki

  • Te Raupiki Isaia-Hapimana, Jane Ferguson Scholarship

Iswoyo, Hari

  • Hari Iswoyo, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Ivory, Andrew

  • Andrew Ivory, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship


Jabeen, Shahida

  • Shahida Jabeen, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Jack, Kelsey

  • Kelsey Jack, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize
  • Kelsey Jack, TJA Ballinger Scholarship

Jackson, Laura

  • Laura Jackson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jackson, Louisa

  • Louisa Jackson, VicBooks Award for Best Tutor

Jackson, Merinda

  • Merinda Jackson, Robert Bostock Scholarship

Jackson, Michael

  • Michael Jackson, Callaghan Innovation Education Fellowship

Jackson, Nicholas

  • Nicholas Jackson, School of Management Honours & Masters Fees Scholarship
  • Nicholas Jackson, Te Puni Kokiri Excellence Award for Management

Jackson, Tim

  • Tim Jackson, Summer Research Scholarship

Jacobs, Susan

  • Susan Jacobs, Civil Service Institute Prize in Public Policy & Public Administration

Jadamba, Uyanga

  • Uyanga Jadamba, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

James, Alexandra

  • Alexandra James, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jardine, Claudia

  • Claudia Jardine, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jefferies, Bronte

  • Bronte Jefferies, Victoria Graduate Award

Jeffrey, Jenny

  • Jenny Jeffrey, Fast Start Marsden Grant Scholarship

Jelleyman, Reuben

  • Reuben Jelleyman, Anonymous Music Study Grant

Jenkin, Ellen

  • Ellen Jenkin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jenkin, Tamara

  • Tamara Jenkin, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Jenkins, Steve

  • Steve Jenkins, Summer Research Scholarship

Jensen, Reuben

  • Reuben Jensen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jeon, Haein

  • Haein Jeon, NZICA Prize in Accounting

Jeram Patel, Gauranga

  • Gauranga Jeram Patel, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Jervis, Luke

  • Luke Jervis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jesson, Mark

  • Mark Jesson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jin, Xin (James)

  • Xin (James) Jin, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Johnsen, Meriana

  • Meriana Johnsen, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Johnson, Bridget

  • Bridget Johnson, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Johnson, Cruz

  • Cruz Johnson, Von Zedlitz Prize

Johnson-Lee, Olivia

  • Olivia Johnson-Lee, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Johnston, Aaron

  • Aaron Johnston, Rachael Westergaard Memorial Masters Scholarship in Geophysics

Johnston, Blake

  • Blake Johnston, John Young Award for Live Electroacoustic Composition
  • Blake Johnston, Summer Research Scholarship

Johnston, Lisa

  • Lisa Johnston, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Jolliffe, Liam

  • Liam Jolliffe, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Jones, Beth

  • Beth Jones, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Jones, Courtney

  • Courtney Jones, Summer Research Scholarship

Jones, Gareth

  • Gareth Jones, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jones, Jasia

  • Jasia Jones, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jones, Jeff

  • Jeff Jones, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jones, Mahkaila

  • Mahkaila Jones, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jordan, Oliver

  • Oliver Jordan, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Joshanloo, Mohsen

  • Mohsen Joshanloo, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Jouini, Kemel

  • Kemel Jouini, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Jowett, Susan

  • Susan Jowett, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Susan Jowett, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Joyce, Christopher

  • Christopher Joyce, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Judge, Maddie

  • Maddie Judge, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Julian-Lillas, Angus

  • Angus Julian-Lillas, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Junc, Alina

  • Alina Junc, Clare Galambos-Winter Scholarship in Violin Performance

Junc, Andreea

  • Andreea Junc, Anonymous Music Study Grant

Jury, Sarah

  • Sarah Jury, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Sarah Jury, Victoria Geophysics Prize


Kabir, Caleb

  • Caleb Kabir, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Kachwalla, Farhaad

  • Farhaad Kachwalla, NZIER Excellence Award for Economics

Kaimarama, Helen

  • Helen Kaimarama, Jim Robb Memorial Prize in Sociology

Karim, Azreen

  • Azreen Karim, Chair in Economics of Disasters Fees Scholarship

Karl, Julia

  • Julia Karl, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kaushik, Shubhangi

  • Shubhangi Kaushik, Summer Research Scholarship

Kavanagh, Oliver

  • Oliver Kavanagh, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kaye, Ali (Alexandra)

  • Ali (Alexandra) Kaye, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kaye, Paige

  • Paige Kaye, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kearns, Gemma

  • Gemma Kearns, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Keate, Jimmy

  • Jimmy Keate, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kebbell, Georgina

  • Georgina Kebbell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Keith, Hayley

  • Hayley Keith, Alumni Appeal Scholarship
  • Hayley Keith, Graduate Women Wellington - Second Year Scholarship

Kellett, Abilee

  • Abilee Kellett, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Abilee Kellett, Victoria Graduate Award

Kelly, Laura

  • Laura Kelly, Victoria Graduate Award

Kelly, Liam

  • Liam Kelly, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kelly, Matthew

  • Matthew Kelly, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kelly, Robert

  • Robert Kelly, Summer Research Scholarship

Kelly, Ronan

  • Ronan Kelly, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kelly, Thomas

  • Thomas Kelly, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kemp Wong Pown, Harmony

  • Harmony Kemp Wong Pown, Victoria Tutahi Scholarship

Kempster, Amber

  • Amber Kempster, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kendrick, Nicole

  • Nicole Kendrick, Cultural Anthropology Essay Award

Kenneally, Luke

  • Luke Kenneally, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kennedy, Sarah

  • Sarah Kennedy, Graduate Women Wellington Secondary Teaching Award
  • Sarah Kennedy, David Payne Memorial Prize
  • Sarah Kennedy, Pablo Etchegoin Prize in Experimental Physics

Kenner, Lucy

  • Lucy Kenner, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kennerley, Julia

  • Julia Kennerley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kennett-Ny, Samatha

  • Samatha Kennett-Ny, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kenrick, James

  • James Kenrick, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kerr, Rachel

  • Rachel Kerr, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Kershaw, Chelsea

  • Chelsea Kershaw, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kersten, Jayne

  • Jayne Kersten, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Kessel, Gustav

  • Gustav Kessel, Dr F G Maskell Prize
  • Gustav Kessel, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Gustav Kessel, Victoria Graduate Award

Khajehzadeh, Iman

  • Iman Khajehzadeh, Victoria Doctoral Fees Waiver Scholarship

Khan, Shaika

  • Shaika Khan, GFS Scholarship

Khor, Andrea

  • Andrea Khor, Summer Research Scholarship

Kihleng, Emelihter

  • Emelihter Kihleng, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Kim, Dong Jun

  • Dong Jun Kim, A L Hollings Trust Award

Kim, Jun Sik

  • Jun Sik Kim, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

King, Kelvin

  • Kelvin King, Revera Excellence Award for Information Systems

Kingaby, Rhys

  • Rhys Kingaby, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kinger, Rimpy

  • Rimpy Kinger, Royal Society Marsden Fund Scholarship

Kingi, Briana

  • Briana Kingi, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Kingsford, Joshua

  • Joshua Kingsford, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kirk, Matthew

  • Matthew Kirk, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kirschberg, David

  • David Kirschberg, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Klapaukh, Roma

  • Roma Klapaukh, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Klinkert, Jazz

  • Jazz Klinkert, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Knight, Callum

  • Callum Knight, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Ko, Ji Hee

  • Ji Hee Ko, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Koay, Abigail

  • Abigail Koay, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Kolb, Andrea

  • Andrea Kolb, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Koo, Zhi Ern

  • Zhi Ern Koo, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Korpela, Miia

  • Miia Korpela, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kranz, Laura

  • Laura Kranz, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship
  • Laura Kranz, Sir Thomas Hunter Prize

Kraus, Christoph

  • Christoph Kraus, Cotton Prize
  • Christoph Kraus, Victoria Graduate Award

Krichtal, Alexey

  • Alexey Krichtal, Bowen Prize

Krishnan, Lakshmi

  • Lakshmi Krishnan, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Kristensen, Kamilla

  • Kamilla Kristensen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Krueger, Thomas

  • Thomas Krueger, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Kumar, Santosh

  • Santosh Kumar, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Kumar, Shalen

  • Shalen Kumar, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Kurtz, Jenneke

  • Jenneke Kurtz, Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia

Kusmierczyk, Ewa

  • Ewa Kusmierczyk, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Kyne, Jessica

  • Jessica Kyne, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


La Cruz, Erwin

  • Erwin La Cruz, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Labra Sprohnle, Fabian

  • Fabian Labra Sprohnle, Brenda Sampson Memorial Research Scholarship

Lach, Davina

  • Davina Lach, Graduate Women Wellington - Second Year Scholarship

Laidler, Michael

  • Michael Laidler, Erasmus Scholarship
  • Michael Laidler, H A Murray Prize in Classics

Lal, Shailesh

  • Shailesh Lal, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Lamb, Sarah

  • Sarah Lamb, LEADR Prize in Dispute Resolution

Lambert, Kelly

  • Kelly Lambert, NZHPT and Prendos Award

Lane, Jonathan

  • Jonathan Lane, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lardelli, Hinemihiata

  • Hinemihiata Lardelli, Summer Research Scholarship

Larsen, Jack

  • Jack Larsen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lathiff, Tuzla

  • Tuzla Lathiff, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Laulu, Ruth

  • Ruth Laulu, Summer Research Scholarship

Laurenson, Jack

  • Jack Laurenson, Summer Research Scholarship

Law, Richard

  • Richard Law, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Lawrence, Helena

  • Helena Lawrence, Victoria Graduate Award

Lawrence, Olivia

  • Olivia Lawrence, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lawrie, Selena

  • Selena Lawrie, Bob Buckle Prize for Whangarei Girls High School

Laws, Athene

  • Athene Laws, Victoria Graduate Award

Lawson, Moya

  • Moya Lawson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Le Gros, Giovanna

  • Giovanna Le Gros, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship
  • Giovanna Le Gros, Summer Research Scholarship

Le, Anh Khanh Minh

  • Anh Khanh Minh Le, Summer Research Scholarship

Le, Khanh

  • Khanh Le, Fisher Funds Management Excellence Award for Finance

Le, Yen

  • Yen Le, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Yen Le, Victoria Graduate Award

Leach, Mikaia

  • Mikaia Leach, Summer Research Scholarship

Lecky, Peter

  • Peter Lecky, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Leddy, George

  • George Leddy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lee, Victoria

  • Victoria Lee, Victoria Graduate Award

Leeb, Nina

  • Nina Leeb, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Lees, Susanna

  • Susanna Lees, Vice Chancellor's Achiever Scholarship

Legaspi, Maria Angelica

  • Maria Angelica Legaspi, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Leighton, Ngahuia

  • Ngahuia Leighton, Auditor-General's Prize for Government Accounting & Finance

Leith, William

  • William Leith, Summer Research Scholarship

Leong, Wei Ji

  • Wei Ji Leong, Lee Foundation Award

Leow, Ian

  • Ian Leow, Summer Research Scholarship

Lever, Ruth

  • Ruth Lever, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lewer, Brittany

  • Brittany Lewer, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lewis, Frank

  • Frank Lewis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lewis, Matthew

  • Matthew Lewis, Victoria University Cricket Scholarship

Ley, Jeremy

  • Jeremy Ley, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Li, Lily

  • Lily Li, Civil Service Institute Prize in Public Policy & Public Administration

Li, Ruichen

  • Ruichen Li, Callaghan Innovation Scholarship

Li, Xiyun

  • Xiyun Li, Foundation Studies Prize - Trimester 1

Libunao, Maria

  • Maria Libunao, C3 Scholarship

Lim, Joelle

  • Joelle Lim, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lin, Jenny

  • Jenny Lin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lin, Kai Xi

  • Kai Xi Lin, Summer Research Scholarship

Lindsay, Erin

  • Erin Lindsay, Summer Research Scholarship

Lipscombe, Ailsa

  • Ailsa Lipscombe, Ella C Wilson Music Award
  • Ailsa Lipscombe, Victoria Graduate Award

Liston-Lloyd, Mya

  • Mya Liston-Lloyd, Victoria Graduate Award

Little, Daniel

  • Daniel Little, Ballinger - Rongotai Scholarship

Little, Richard

  • Richard Little, Summer Research Scholarship

Little, Rory

  • Rory Little, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Little, Rosemary

  • Rosemary Little, GWW Conjoint Teaching Award

Liyanage, Nadeeja

  • Nadeeja Liyanage, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Lloyd, Christian

  • Christian Lloyd, Victoria Rugby Scholarship

Lloyd, Oscar

  • Oscar Lloyd, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lloyd, Reuben

  • Reuben Lloyd, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Lloyd, Therese

  • Therese Lloyd, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Lo, Melissa

  • Melissa Lo, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lockie, Georgia

  • Georgia Lockie, NZ Law Review Prize
  • Georgia Lockie, Thomson Reuters Prize in Jurisprudence

Logie, Andrew

  • Andrew Logie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lok, Samantha

  • Samantha Lok, Shafi Family Scholarship

Love, Elly

  • Elly Love, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lovell, Sigourney

  • Sigourney Lovell, Artichoke Magazine Prize for Design Communication

Lowe, Nataly

  • Nataly Lowe, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Lu, Flora

  • Flora Lu, GFS Scholarship

Lu, Michelle

  • Michelle Lu, KPMG Prize in Advanced Financial Accounting ACCY 308
  • Michelle Lu, KPMG Prize in Financial Accounting ACCY 231

Lualua, Tupe

  • Tupe Lualua, Summer Research Scholarship

Lucas, Hannah

  • Hannah Lucas, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lucas-Perry, Louis

  • Louis Lucas-Perry, NZSM Director's Scholarship

Luxford, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Luxford, Japanese Ambassador's Prize
  • Stephanie Luxford, Summer Research Scholarship

Lyall, Alice

  • Alice Lyall, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lynch, Amy

  • Amy Lynch, NZ Institute of Chemistry Prize
  • Amy Lynch, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Lynch, Tegan

  • Tegan Lynch, Sarah Anne Rhodes Research Scholarship


MacKenzie, Barbara

  • Barbara MacKenzie, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship
  • Barbara MacKenzie, VicLink Award for the Project with the Most Commercial Potential

Macdonald, Matthew

  • Matthew Macdonald, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Macduff, Samantha

  • Samantha Macduff, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Macindo Baker, Rachel

  • Rachel Macindo Baker, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Maddah, Mohsen

  • Mohsen Maddah, Summer Research Scholarship

Maddren, Erin

  • Erin Maddren, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mah Hwee, Ashley

  • Ashley Mah Hwee, Lee Foundation Award

Mahoney, Chris

  • Chris Mahoney, Ian Gordon Prize in Linguistics

Mahoney, Daniel

  • Daniel Mahoney, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mailer, Connie

  • Connie Mailer, Batterbee Prize

Mains, Abraham

  • Abraham Mains, Rutherford Cambridge Scholarship

Makan, Nisha

  • Nisha Makan, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Malcolm, Petra

  • Petra Malcolm, Graduate Women Wellington Secondary Teaching Award

Mallett, Byron

  • Byron Mallett, Summer Research Scholarship

Mandon, Celine

  • Celine Mandon, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Mangan, Ella

  • Ella Mangan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Maniapoto, Tracy

  • Tracy Maniapoto, Institutes of Technology & Polytechnics of NZ Libraries Research Prize

Manickaratnam, Rathy

  • Rathy Manickaratnam, Lee Foundation Award

Manson, Henry

  • Henry Manson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Marlow, Joe

  • Joe Marlow, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Marques Conde da Silva, Joao

  • Joao Marques Conde da Silva, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Marriott, Hester

  • Hester Marriott, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Marshall, Felice

  • Felice Marshall, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Marshall, Natalie

  • Natalie Marshall, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Marzukhi, Syahaneim

  • Syahaneim Marzukhi, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Massold, Edwin

  • Edwin Massold, Summer Research Scholarship

Matautia, Saint Andrew

  • Saint Andrew Matautia, Gibson Group Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Culture in Context

Mathews, Paul

  • Paul Mathews, Summer Research Scholarship

Matthews, Jennifer

  • Jennifer Matthews, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Matthews, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Matthews, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Maua - Faamau, Foilagi

  • Foilagi Maua - Faamau, Victoria University / Government of the Independant State of Samoa Scholarship

Maurice, Lucy

  • Lucy Maurice, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Maxwell, Kimberley

  • Kimberley Maxwell, NIWA PhD Scholarship

McAuley, Zoe

  • Zoe McAuley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McCabe, Reagan

  • Reagan McCabe, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McChesney, Ian

  • Ian McChesney, Prime Minister's Prize for Strategic Studies

McClean, Mattea

  • Mattea McClean, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

McConnell, Caleb

  • Caleb McConnell, VicBooks Award for Best Tutor

McCracken, Cameron

  • Cameron McCracken, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McCutcheon, Kirsten

  • Kirsten McCutcheon, KPMG Prize in Auditing ACCY 330

McDonald, Kate

  • Kate McDonald, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McDowall, Thomas

  • Thomas McDowall, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

McFetridge, Harriet

  • Harriet McFetridge, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McGillicuddy, Aiden

  • Aiden McGillicuddy, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Aiden McGillicuddy, Victoria Graduate Award

McGlone, Irene

  • Irene McGlone, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McGovern, Danica

  • Danica McGovern, Victoria Research Support Grant

McGrath, Emily

  • Emily McGrath, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

McGregor, Jake

  • Jake McGregor, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McGuigan, Timothy

  • Timothy McGuigan, A J Park Prize in Intellectual Property

McHardy, Caroline

  • Caroline McHardy, Sarah Carter BDO Memorial Scholarship

McHugh, Rebecca

  • Rebecca McHugh, Humanist Society of New Zealand Eileen Bone Scholarship

McIlroy, Oliver

  • Oliver McIlroy, Victoria University Cricket Scholarship

McIlwaine, Rhys

  • Rhys McIlwaine, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

McIndoe, Katherine

  • Katherine McIndoe, Kapiti Chorale Award in Vocal Performance

McIntosh-Oakle, Olive

  • Olive McIntosh-Oakle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McIntyre, Chris

  • Chris McIntyre, Victoria Graduate Award

McIvor, Alice

  • Alice McIvor, Rotary Club of Wellington Music Prize (Classical)

McKenzie, Sarah

  • Sarah McKenzie, Summer Research Scholarship

McKenzie, Thomas

  • Thomas McKenzie, Thomson Reuters Prize in Jurisprudence
  • Thomas McKenzie, VicBooks Award for Best Tutor

McKenzie-Bridle, Peter

  • Peter McKenzie-Bridle, Cullen Employment Law Prize

McKeown, Rebecca

  • Rebecca McKeown, European Union Prize
  • Rebecca McKeown, Alan Robinson Memorial Prize
  • Rebecca McKeown, Sir Walter Nash Prize
  • Rebecca McKeown, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

McKeown, Troy

  • Troy McKeown, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McKie, Hannah

  • Hannah McKie, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

McLachlan, Alison

  • Alison McLachlan, David Carson-Parker Embassy Prize in Scriptwriting

McLaren, Adam

  • Adam McLaren, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

McLaren, Lisa

  • Lisa McLaren, Summer Research Scholarship

McLaughlan, Rebecca

  • Rebecca McLaughlan, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

McLean, Sam

  • Sam McLean, Victoria Graduate Award

McLean, Thomas

  • Thomas McLean, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Thomas McLean, Dr W E Collins Prize in English
  • Thomas McLean, Victoria Graduate Award

McLellan, John

  • John McLellan, Summer Research Scholarship

McLellan, Rose

  • Rose McLellan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McLennaghan, Leilani

  • Leilani McLennaghan, Andrea Brander Accommodation Scholarship
  • Leilani McLennaghan, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

McNaughtan, Daniel

  • Daniel McNaughtan, Research Trust of of Victoria PhD Scholarship

McNaughton, Duncan

  • Duncan McNaughton, Valerie and John Roy-Wojciechowski Award

McNight, Fiona

  • Fiona McNight, Beryl Hughes Prize in Women's Studies

McNulty, James

  • James McNulty, MacDiarmid Institute Scholarship

McNulty, Kerry

  • Kerry McNulty, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McQuoid, Delaney

  • Delaney McQuoid, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

McRae, Caitlin

  • Caitlin McRae, Vice Chancellor's Achiever Scholarship

McSweeney-Novak, Maija

  • Maija McSweeney-Novak, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McVay, James

  • James McVay, Victoria Univeristy Medal for Academic Excellence

McVey, Ben

  • Ben McVey, Massey and FRST Scholarship

Mccarthy, Gillian

  • Gillian Mccarthy, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Mclaughlin, Rene

  • Rene Mclaughlin, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Md Fuad, Nurul Izzati

  • Nurul Izzati Md Fuad, LALS 522 Award

Meads, Alice

  • Alice Meads, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Alice Meads, Victoria Graduate Award

Meekings, Scott

  • Scott Meekings, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Mellars, Kristine

  • Kristine Mellars, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Meloche, Faye

  • Faye Meloche, Summer Research Scholarship

Mensink, Paul

  • Paul Mensink, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Mercer, Dayna

  • Dayna Mercer, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Meredith, Samuel

  • Samuel Meredith, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Merrington, Sarah

  • Sarah Merrington, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Merz, Rose-Anne

  • Rose-Anne Merz, Summer Gold Competition
  • Rose-Anne Merz, Summer Research Scholarship

Metin, Danielle

  • Danielle Metin, Summer Research Scholarship

Metuarau, Tuakana

  • Tuakana Metuarau, Victoria Rugby Scholarship

Meyer-Knight, Harriet

  • Harriet Meyer-Knight, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Michael, Grace

  • Grace Michael, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mickelson, Lindsay

  • Lindsay Mickelson, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Middleton, Jahmayne

  • Jahmayne Middleton, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Miles, Sarah

  • Sarah Miles, Summer Research Scholarship

Milicich, Sarah

  • Sarah Milicich, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Miller, Chelsea

  • Chelsea Miller, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Miller, Jackson

  • Jackson Miller, Summer Research Scholarship

Miller, Olivia

  • Olivia Miller, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Miller, Paddy

  • Paddy Miller, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mills, Theresa

  • Theresa Mills, Infospecs Database Prize

Milne, Awhina

  • Awhina Milne, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Milsom, Joseph

  • Joseph Milsom, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Milton, Jack

  • Jack Milton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Minett, Constance

  • Constance Minett, Chinese Language and Literature Prize

Mingard, Jonathan

  • Jonathan Mingard, Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia

Minot, Thomas

  • Thomas Minot, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mirvahedi, Seyed

  • Seyed Mirvahedi, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Mirzad, Shagufa

  • Shagufa Mirzad, GFS Scholarship

Mitchell, Nicola

  • Nicola Mitchell, Gibson Group Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Culture in Context

Moeka'a, Kura

  • Kura Moeka'a, Summer Research Scholarship

Mogan Naidu, Reneeta

  • Reneeta Mogan Naidu, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Moginie, Ben

  • Ben Moginie, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship
  • Ben Moginie, Victoria Graduate Award

Mohamed Yusoff, Zuryati

  • Zuryati Mohamed Yusoff, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Mohammed, Thomas

  • Thomas Mohammed, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mohd Jelani, Nurul Aini

  • Nurul Aini Mohd Jelani, LALS 522 Award

Mok, Elena

  • Elena Mok, Summer Research Scholarship

Mokhtari, Mona

  • Mona Mokhtari, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Molloy, Jonathan

  • Jonathan Molloy, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Moon, Lilla

  • Lilla Moon, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mooney, Catherine

  • Catherine Mooney, NZ Architects' Co-operative Society Prize

Moore, Sarah

  • Sarah Moore, Graduate Women Wellington - Hutt Valley Branch Scholarship
  • Sarah Moore, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Sarah Moore, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Sarah Moore, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Moores, Nicola

  • Nicola Moores, NN Danilow Scholarship in Modern European Languages

Moran, Jasmin

  • Jasmin Moran, Quentin Baxter Prize in International Law

Morgan, Elena

  • Elena Morgan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Morgan, Francis

  • Francis Morgan, Summer Research Scholarship

Morine, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Morine, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Morris, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Morris, Roy Jack Prize for String Players

Morris, Kieran

  • Kieran Morris, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mortimer, Haley

  • Haley Mortimer, Speaker's Prize

Morton, Naomi

  • Naomi Morton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mou, Rangsey

  • Rangsey Mou, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Moularde, Julie

  • Julie Moularde, Summer Gold Competition
  • Julie Moularde, Summer Research Scholarship

Mountcastle, Kate

  • Kate Mountcastle, Austraian High Commissioner's Prize

Mudge, Jayden

  • Jayden Mudge, Summer Research Scholarship

Mueller, Lars

  • Lars Mueller, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Muller, Sophie

  • Sophie Muller, Summer Research Scholarship

Mulligan, Patrick

  • Patrick Mulligan, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Mullin, Greer

  • Greer Mullin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Munoz Larroa, Argelia

  • Argelia Munoz Larroa, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Munro, Rhiann

  • Rhiann Munro, SWETS Information Services Prize

Murdoch, Jaimee

  • Jaimee Murdoch, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Murphy, David

  • David Murphy, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Murphy, Justin

  • Justin Murphy, Victoria Graduate Award

Murray, Alistair

  • Alistair Murray, Lissie Rathbone Award

Murray, Benjamin

  • Benjamin Murray, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Murray, Kalum

  • Kalum Murray, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Murton, Adriana

  • Adriana Murton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Musson, Daniel

  • Daniel Musson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


Naftel, Ryan

  • Ryan Naftel, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Nash, Madeleine

  • Madeleine Nash, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Nathu, Ekta

  • Ekta Nathu, Robert Bostock Scholarship

Naylor, Luke

  • Luke Naylor, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Naziris, Stephan

  • Stephan Naziris, Summer Research Scholarship

Neilson, Conor

  • Conor Neilson, Ministry of Fisheries UG Scholarship in Quantitative Marine Biology

Neilson, Katheryn

  • Katheryn Neilson, Victoria Graduate Award

Nelson, Melanie

  • Melanie Nelson, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Newaz, Farhana

  • Farhana Newaz, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Newmarch, Emily

  • Emily Newmarch, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Newson, Grace

  • Grace Newson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Newth, Jennifer

  • Jennifer Newth, Ariadne Danilow Music Prize

Newton-Clark, Zoe

  • Zoe Newton-Clark, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Ngiao, Tzu-En

  • Tzu-En Ngiao, Victoria Doctoral Fees Waiver Scholarship

Nguyen, Bach

  • Bach Nguyen, Dan F Jones Scholarship in Science
  • Bach Nguyen, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Bach Nguyen, Victoria Graduate Award

Nguyen, Ha

  • Ha Nguyen, VIED / Victoria PhD Scholarship

Nguyen, Linh

  • Linh Nguyen, Deloitte Prize

Nguyen, Loc

  • Loc Nguyen, Summer Research Scholarship

Nguyen, Nhut

  • Nhut Nguyen, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Nguyen, Su

  • Su Nguyen, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Nguyen, Thi Bao Trang

  • Thi Bao Trang Nguyen, English Speaking Union Award
  • Thi Bao Trang Nguyen, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Nguyen, Vy

  • Vy Nguyen, VIED / Victoria PhD Scholarship

Nguyen-Ly, Jacqueline

  • Jacqueline Nguyen-Ly, GFS Scholarship
  • Jacqueline Nguyen-Ly, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Nichol, Max

  • Max Nichol, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Nicholls, Deane

  • Deane Nicholls, Summer Research Scholarship

Nicol, Teneya

  • Teneya Nicol, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Nielsen, Oscar

  • Oscar Nielsen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Nimmo, Christopher

  • Christopher Nimmo, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Christopher Nimmo, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Noble-Campbell, Aleksander

  • Aleksander Noble-Campbell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Noguer Blue, Nataly

  • Nataly Noguer Blue, Beryl Hughes Prize in Women's Studies
  • Nataly Noguer Blue, Jeya Wilson Prize

Nosheen, Summera

  • Summera Nosheen, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Novak, Milla

  • Milla Novak, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Novis, Anna

  • Anna Novis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


O'Carroll, Antonn

  • Antonn O'Carroll, Summer Research Scholarship

O'Connell-Goodwin, Lucy

  • Lucy O'Connell-Goodwin, Te Aro Excellence Scholarship

O'Connor, Helen

  • Helen O'Connor, Robert Bostock Scholarship

O'Connor, Kelsey

  • Kelsey O'Connor, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

O'Connor, Matt

  • Matt O'Connor, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Matt O'Connor, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

O'Donoghue, Jessica

  • Jessica O'Donoghue, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

O'Donovan, Hannah

  • Hannah O'Donovan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

O'Hagan, Sarah

  • Sarah O'Hagan, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

O'Leary, Matthew

  • Matthew O'Leary, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Matthew O'Leary, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

O'Malley, Ciaran

  • Ciaran O'Malley, Victoria University Cricket Scholarship

O'Neill, Liam

  • Liam O'Neill, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

O'Neill, Michael

  • Michael O'Neill, VUW - Nankai Student Exchange Programme
  • Michael O'Neill, Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia

O'Neill, Samuel

  • Samuel O'Neill, Summer Gold Competition
  • Samuel O'Neill, Summer Research Scholarship

O'Rourke, Helen

  • Helen O'Rourke, New Zealand Indonesia Association Gamelan Prize

O'Sullivan, Catherine

  • Catherine O'Sullivan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

O'Sullivan, Daniel

  • Daniel O'Sullivan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

O'Sullivan, Saoirse

  • Saoirse O'Sullivan, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Oakly, Alana

  • Alana Oakly, Claude McCarthy Fellowship

Officer, Tara

  • Tara Officer, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Offner, Tiana

  • Tiana Offner, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Olatunji, Shaanti

  • Shaanti Olatunji, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Oldham, Olivia

  • Olivia Oldham, John F Kennedy Prize in American Government & Politics

Olds, Jonathan

  • Jonathan Olds, EQC Biennial Scholarship

Olivecrona, Samuel

  • Samuel Olivecrona, Summer Research Scholarship

Olsen, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Olsen, NZICA Prize for Introduction to Accounting Information Systems

Olsen-Reeder, Vincent

  • Vincent Olsen-Reeder, Te Reo Maori Scholarship

Olsen-Smith, Laurence

  • Laurence Olsen-Smith, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ooi, Darryn

  • Darryn Ooi, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Oorschot, Tristan

  • Tristan Oorschot, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Osborne, Chelsea

  • Chelsea Osborne, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Osborne, Courtney

  • Courtney Osborne, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Otzen, Peter

  • Peter Otzen, Maurice Goldsmith Prize


Pabon Cadavid, Jhonny

  • Jhonny Pabon Cadavid, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Pairman, Ann

  • Ann Pairman, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Palmer, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Palmer, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Palmer, Octavia

  • Octavia Palmer, Pasifika Award

Pang, Aaron

  • Aaron Pang, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Papageorge, Armano

  • Armano Papageorge, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Paringatai, Te-Rina

  • Te-Rina Paringatai, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Park, Choong

  • Choong Park, Expressions Piano Trust Prize

Parker, Miles

  • Miles Parker, Chair in Economics of Disasters Fees Scholarship

Patel, Ankit

  • Ankit Patel, Summer Research Scholarship

Patel, Divya

  • Divya Patel, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Patel, Jaini

  • Jaini Patel, Summer Research Scholarship

Patel, Karishma

  • Karishma Patel, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Patel, Pooja

  • Pooja Patel, Deloitte Excellence Award for Public Policy

Patel, Roshan

  • Roshan Patel, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Paterson, Bethany

  • Bethany Paterson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Paton, Kelly

  • Kelly Paton, Summer Research Scholarship

Patrikeev, Evgeny

  • Evgeny Patrikeev, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Patterson, Molly

  • Molly Patterson, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Patterson, Vanessa

  • Vanessa Patterson, Dominion Post Global Citizen Exchange Scholarship

Pausisi Finau, Silia

  • Silia Pausisi Finau, Victoria Unviersity / National University of Samoa PhD Scholarship

Pay, Sean

  • Sean Pay, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Payn, Helen

  • Helen Payn, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Payne, Dione

  • Dione Payne, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Peacey, Anna

  • Anna Peacey, VicBooks Award for Best Tutor

Peacock, Stefan

  • Stefan Peacock, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pearson, Caitriona

  • Caitriona Pearson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pearson, Clive

  • Clive Pearson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Pearson, Michael

  • Michael Pearson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pedrioli, Sebastian

  • Sebastian Pedrioli, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Peffers, Amber

  • Amber Peffers, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Peffers, Danielle

  • Danielle Peffers, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pelman, Taison

  • Taison Pelman, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Penny, Madison

  • Madison Penny, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Percy, Louisa

  • Louisa Percy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Perham, Elisabeth

  • Elisabeth Perham, Victoria Univeristy Medal for Academic Excellence

Peters, Melissa

  • Melissa Peters, KPMG Prize in Fraud Auditing ACCY303

Peters, Stuart

  • Stuart Peters, Asian Politics Prize

Pettit, Sophie

  • Sophie Pettit, Summer Research Scholarship

Pham, Huong

  • Huong Pham, VIED / Victoria PhD Scholarship

Phease, Edwin

  • Edwin Phease, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Phillips, Shea-Lee

  • Shea-Lee Phillips, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pigneri, Aubrey

  • Aubrey Pigneri, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pilcher, Janine

  • Janine Pilcher, John Miller Award for Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research

Pinchen, Mahala

  • Mahala Pinchen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pipson, Oscar

  • Oscar Pipson, Summer Research Scholarship

Pirnia, Pedram

  • Pedram Pirnia, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Pitt, Danyon

  • Danyon Pitt, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Polamalu, Kayla

  • Kayla Polamalu, Vice Chancellor's Achiever Scholarship

Polosak, Cassandra

  • Cassandra Polosak, Graduate Women Wellington - Second Year Scholarship

Pomeroy, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Pomeroy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pontasch, Stefanie

  • Stefanie Pontasch, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Porter, Michelle

  • Michelle Porter, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Michelle Porter, J T Campbell Prize for Statistics

Post, Jason

  • Jason Post, Jenny McLeod Orchestral Composition Award

Potiki, Meremoana

  • Meremoana Potiki, Summer Research Scholarship

Powell, Esther

  • Esther Powell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Power, Jessica

  • Jessica Power, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Powles, Nina

  • Nina Powles, Graduate Women Wellington Graduate Scholarship
  • Nina Powles, Laywood and Joyce Chan Award

Prastiti, Briar

  • Briar Prastiti, Ariadne Danilow Music Prize

Prestidge, Anna

  • Anna Prestidge, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Preston, Jackson

  • Jackson Preston, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pretty, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Pretty, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Preuss, Maren

  • Maren Preuss, Wellington Botanical Society Student Grants

Prisk, Ellery

  • Ellery Prisk, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Pritchard, Rachel

  • Rachel Pritchard, Laywood and Joyce Chan Award

Pryor Rodgers, Rata

  • Rata Pryor Rodgers, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Pui, Kristina

  • Kristina Pui, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Puka, Antonio

  • Antonio Puka, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Puketapu, Reuben

  • Reuben Puketapu, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Pullen, Emma

  • Emma Pullen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Putt, Fraser

  • Fraser Putt, Claude McCarthy Fellowship
  • Fraser Putt, J L Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Fraser Putt, PGSA Travel Grant
  • Fraser Putt, Victoria Doctoral Fees Waiver Scholarship

Pyper, Bonnie

  • Bonnie Pyper, E M Kingston Prize in Spanish
  • Bonnie Pyper, Victoria Graduate Award


Qu, Gloria

  • Gloria Qu, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Quach, Juny

  • Juny Quach, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Quero Bastidas, Betsy

  • Betsy Quero Bastidas, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Quigley-McBride, Adele

  • Adele Quigley-McBride, Summer Research Scholarship

Quill, Natasha

  • Natasha Quill, Summer Research Scholarship

Quinn, Hannah

  • Hannah Quinn, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Quinn, Oliver

  • Oliver Quinn, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Qumseya, Tamara

  • Tamara Qumseya, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship


Rada Vilela, Juan

  • Juan Rada Vilela, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship
  • Juan Rada Vilela, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Radmehr, Farzad

  • Farzad Radmehr, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Rae, Lavinnia

  • Lavinnia Rae, Therle Drake Scholarship

Rafealov, Eden

  • Eden Rafealov, Summer Research Scholarship

Rahman, Ibrahim

  • Ibrahim Rahman, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Rajabibonab, Leila

  • Leila Rajabibonab, Callaghan Innovation Research Scholarship

Rajagopal, Kavitha

  • Kavitha Rajagopal, Foundation Studies Prize - Trimester 3

Ranger, Peter

  • Peter Ranger, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Rapana, Jessica

  • Jessica Rapana, Kura Mai Tawhiti Scholarship

Raphiphatthana, Buaphrao

  • Buaphrao Raphiphatthana, Victoria Graduate Award

Rayner, Emma

  • Emma Rayner, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rayner, Haylem

  • Haylem Rayner, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rea, Victoria

  • Victoria Rea, Lady Stout Bursary

Read, Henry

  • Henry Read, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Reale-Key, Erin

  • Erin Reale-Key, Tsubota Pearl Prize

Reddy, Nicole

  • Nicole Reddy, Pasifika Award

Redmayne, Matthew

  • Matthew Redmayne, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rees, Olivia

  • Olivia Rees, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rego, Xaviar

  • Xaviar Rego, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Reichenberger, Ina

  • Ina Reichenberger, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Reid, Brett

  • Brett Reid, Summer Research Scholarship

Reid, Lilian

  • Lilian Reid, Victoria Graduate Award

Reid, Pattern

  • Pattern Reid, Mosley Prize in Environmental Studies
  • Pattern Reid, Summer Research Scholarship

Reid-Tait, Mitchell

  • Mitchell Reid-Tait, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Reidy, Kate

  • Kate Reidy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Renouf, Sarah

  • Sarah Renouf, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Retter, Amelia

  • Amelia Retter, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Reuhman, Alexandra

  • Alexandra Reuhman, European Union Prize

Reweti, Ariana

  • Ariana Reweti, Victoria Wharekura Scholarship

Reyes, Maria

  • Maria Reyes, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Richardson, James

  • James Richardson, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Rickard-Simms, Tyler

  • Tyler Rickard-Simms, Summer Research Scholarship

Ridler, Maryse

  • Maryse Ridler, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Rigg, Anna

  • Anna Rigg, French Government Prize

Riki, Claytyn

  • Claytyn Riki, Pasifika Award

Riordan, Dane

  • Dane Riordan, Victoria Graduate Award

Ritchie, Tyler

  • Tyler Ritchie, Weir House Alumni Scholarship
  • Tyler Ritchie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Roach, Elyjana

  • Elyjana Roach, Summer Research Scholarship

Roberts, Richard

  • Richard Roberts, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Robertson, Aleisha

  • Aleisha Robertson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Robertson, Ben

  • Ben Robertson, Greater Wellington Regional Council's Science and Research Fund

Robertson, Isabel

  • Isabel Robertson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Robertson, Kathleen

  • Kathleen Robertson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Robertson, Matt

  • Matt Robertson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Robertson, Oliver

  • Oliver Robertson, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Oliver Robertson, Victoria Graduate Award

Robinson, Angela

  • Angela Robinson, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Robinson, Breahna

  • Breahna Robinson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Robinson, Callum

  • Callum Robinson, Summer Research Scholarship

Robinson, Cheri

  • Cheri Robinson, VUW - Scientific National University of Samoa Scholarship

Robinson, Emma

  • Emma Robinson, Victoria Graduate Award

Robinson, Jack

  • Jack Robinson, Summer Research Scholarship

Robinson, Kealagh

  • Kealagh Robinson, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Kealagh Robinson, Victoria Graduate Award

Robinson-Shaw, Ursula

  • Ursula Robinson-Shaw, Eileen Duggan Prize in New Zealand Literature
  • Ursula Robinson-Shaw, John Tinline Prize

Robson, Sarah

  • Sarah Robson, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Sarah Robson, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Roche, Laura

  • Laura Roche, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Rogers, Jessie

  • Jessie Rogers, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Rolfe, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Rolfe, Summer Research Scholarship

Rooyakkers, Shane

  • Shane Rooyakkers, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship
  • Shane Rooyakkers, W R Lauder Memorial Scholarship in Geology

Ross, Nathan

  • Nathan Ross, Summer Research Scholarship

Rosvall, Hayley

  • Hayley Rosvall, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Roughton, Thomas

  • Thomas Roughton, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Rowan, Eleanor

  • Eleanor Rowan, Summer Research Scholarship

Royal, Keriata

  • Keriata Royal, Max Julian Prize in Ethnomusicology

Royfee, Alexander

  • Alexander Royfee, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Rudolph, Joel

  • Joel Rudolph, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Russell, Euan

  • Euan Russell, Victoria Graduate Award

Russell, Hollie

  • Hollie Russell, Tu Horomata Scholarship
  • Hollie Russell, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Russell, Zoe

  • Zoe Russell, Summer Research Scholarship

Ryan, Laura

  • Laura Ryan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rycroft, Pita

  • Pita Rycroft, Alumni Appeal Scholarship


Saleem, Saqib

  • Saqib Saleem, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Salton, Hannah

  • Hannah Salton, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Samuels, Annelise

  • Annelise Samuels, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Samy, Fairooz

  • Fairooz Samy, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Sanders, Philip

  • Philip Sanders, Victoria Graduate Award

Sanderson, Kay

  • Kay Sanderson, PGSA Travel Grant

Sandom, Mitsue

  • Mitsue Sandom, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Sani, Siti Shamsiah

  • Siti Shamsiah Sani, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Sanson, Georgia

  • Georgia Sanson, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Santoso, Kris

  • Kris Santoso, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Saris, Neave

  • Neave Saris, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sattarzadeh Nowbari, Reza

  • Reza Sattarzadeh Nowbari, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Savill, Kimberley

  • Kimberley Savill, Jenny Whitmarsh Award for Mathematics
  • Kimberley Savill, NZ Institute of Chemistry Prize

Savill, Patrick

  • Patrick Savill, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Savos Leary, Lennox

  • Lennox Savos Leary, Alexander Crawford Scholarship
  • Lennox Savos Leary, Macmorran Prize in Mathematics
  • Lennox Savos Leary, Summer Research Scholarship

Sawczuk da Silva, Alex

  • Alex Sawczuk da Silva, Summer Research Scholarship

Sbroma, Angelina

  • Angelina Sbroma, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Scahill, Alice

  • Alice Scahill, Summer Gold Competition
  • Alice Scahill, Summer Research Scholarship

Schipper, Madeline

  • Madeline Schipper, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Schoefisch-Rebs, Daniella

  • Daniella Schoefisch-Rebs, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Schoenberger, Jamie

  • Jamie Schoenberger, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Schofield, Max

  • Max Schofield, Hunter Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Max Schofield, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship
  • Max Schofield, J L Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship

Schuster, Alana

  • Alana Schuster, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Schwass, Margot

  • Margot Schwass, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Scott, Aimee

  • Aimee Scott, Summer Research Scholarship

Scott, Brandy

  • Brandy Scott, Dominion Post Masters (by thesis) Scholarship

Scott, Chelsea

  • Chelsea Scott, Charles Ede Essay Prize

Scott, Nicole

  • Nicole Scott, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Scullin, Nicolas

  • Nicolas Scullin, A K Elliot Memorial Scholarship
  • Nicolas Scullin, Clifford Wallace Collins Memorial Trust Award

Searfoss, Amy

  • Amy Searfoss, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Sedaghat Payam, Mehdy

  • Mehdy Sedaghat Payam, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Seddiqi, Awesta

  • Awesta Seddiqi, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Sefton, Juliet

  • Juliet Sefton, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Seiuli, Helayna

  • Helayna Seiuli, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Sewell, Oliver

  • Oliver Sewell, Rotary Club of Wellington Postgraduate Music Prize

Seyb, Louise

  • Louise Seyb, NZHPT and Prendos Award
  • Louise Seyb, Summer Research Scholarship

Shadwell, Josef

  • Josef Shadwell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sharrow, Rachel

  • Rachel Sharrow, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Shaw, Mark

  • Mark Shaw, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Sheerin, Matt

  • Matt Sheerin, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Matt Sheerin, Summer Gold Competition

Shelley, Adrian

  • Adrian Shelley, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Shen, Yuanyuan

  • Yuanyuan Shen, Huawei Techonologies Dusseldorf Scholarship

Shepherd, Amy

  • Amy Shepherd, Averil Brent Scholarship in Science
  • Amy Shepherd, Dan F Jones Scholarship in Science

Sherson, Thomas

  • Thomas Sherson, IET Prize

Sherwood, Chara

  • Chara Sherwood, Colin Patterson Memorial Prize

Shewen, Indiana

  • Indiana Shewen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Shores, India

  • India Shores, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Short, Jay

  • Jay Short, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Shrubsall, Isaac

  • Isaac Shrubsall, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Shuhaiber, Ahmed

  • Ahmed Shuhaiber, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Silva, Catarina

  • Catarina Silva, Kathleen Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship

Silvester, Connor

  • Connor Silvester, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Silvester, Sophie

  • Sophie Silvester, Victoria Graduate Award

Sim, David

  • David Sim, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Simeona, Khodi

  • Khodi Simeona, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Simmonds, Charlotte

  • Charlotte Simmonds, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Simons, Jonathan

  • Jonathan Simons, Vere-Jones Prize for Statistics

Sinden, Amie

  • Amie Sinden, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Singa Laxana, Mariam

  • Mariam Singa Laxana, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Singh, Saurabh

  • Saurabh Singh, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Singh, Shaan

  • Shaan Singh, Niland Prize in Jazz Composition

Sirisena, Kosala

  • Kosala Sirisena, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Sissons, Morgan

  • Morgan Sissons, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Siwiak, Diana

  • Diana Siwiak, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Skilton, Frances

  • Frances Skilton, NZX Excellence Award for International Business

Skinner, Katherine

  • Katherine Skinner, CPA Australia Excellence Award for Accounting
  • Katherine Skinner, Deloitte Prize

Slack, Louisa

  • Louisa Slack, KiwiRail Group Undergraduate Scholarship

Slager, Flora Ana

  • Flora Ana Slager, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Smart, Zlatka

  • Zlatka Smart, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Smith, Adam

  • Adam Smith, Information Systems Audit Control Association, Wellington Prize

Smith, Alexandra

  • Alexandra Smith, Korean Ambassador's Prize

Smith, Connor

  • Connor Smith, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Smith, Emma

  • Emma Smith, Val Gormly Memorial Prize
  • Emma Smith, Archibald Francis McCallum Scholarship in Law

Smith, Jacob

  • Jacob Smith, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Smith, Rebekah

  • Rebekah Smith, Summer Research Scholarship

Smith, Royden

  • Royden Smith, Margaret Nielson Scholarship

Smith, Sophie

  • Sophie Smith, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Smith, Timothy

  • Timothy Smith, Summer Gold Competition
  • Timothy Smith, NN Danilow Scholarship in Modern European Languages
  • Timothy Smith, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Timothy Smith, Victoria Graduate Award

Smith, Zara

  • Zara Smith, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sneyd, Alexander

  • Alexander Sneyd, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Solomon, Raphael

  • Raphael Solomon, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Soltani, Behnam

  • Behnam Soltani, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Somarathne, Kalpani

  • Kalpani Somarathne, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Somerfield, Rachel

  • Rachel Somerfield, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Somerville, Rosie

  • Rosie Somerville, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship
  • Rosie Somerville, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Somerville, Walter

  • Walter Somerville, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Soundy, Jennifer

  • Jennifer Soundy, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Jennifer Soundy, Victoria Graduate Award

Speakman, Sophie

  • Sophie Speakman, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Speer, Paula

  • Paula Speer, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Spencer, Tara

  • Tara Spencer, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Spooner, Natalia

  • Natalia Spooner, Claire Palmer-Jones Scholarship
  • Natalia Spooner, Summer Research Scholarship

Sproles, Ashley

  • Ashley Sproles, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Sreedhar, Sherman

  • Sherman Sreedhar, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sridhar Gupta, Prasanth Gupta

  • Prasanth Gupta Sridhar Gupta, MacDiarmid Institute Scholarship

Srisomnuk, Charunsap

  • Charunsap Srisomnuk, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Stallmann, Finn

  • Finn Stallmann, Chris Highfield Memorial Prize

Stander, Bernadette

  • Bernadette Stander, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Stapels, Timothy

  • Timothy Stapels, Datacom Systems Scholarship

Staples, Devo

  • Devo Staples, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award
  • Devo Staples, Victoria Graduate Award

Staveley, Howard Staveley

  • Howard Staveley Staveley, Geoffrey Davies Memorial Prize

Steel, Emily

  • Emily Steel, Summer Research Scholarship

Steele, Ella

  • Ella Steele, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Steiger, Stefanie

  • Stefanie Steiger, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Stephens, Charlotte

  • Charlotte Stephens, Summer Research Scholarship

Stevenson, Luke

  • Luke Stevenson, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Luke Stevenson, Summer Research Scholarship

Stewart, Chloe

  • Chloe Stewart, Roderic Alley Prize in Human Rights

Stewart, Yasmin

  • Yasmin Stewart, Howard Wright Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Industrial Design

Stojkov, Katarina

  • Katarina Stojkov, Summer Research Scholarship

Stone, Magali

  • Magali Stone, NZ Institute of Chemistry Prize
  • Magali Stone, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Magali Stone, Victoria Graduate Award

Stone, Sarrabeth

  • Sarrabeth Stone, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Stopforth, Alexander

  • Alexander Stopforth, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Stowers, Henry

  • Henry Stowers, Victoria Rugby Scholarship

Stricot-Tarbotor, Glen

  • Glen Stricot-Tarbotor, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Stringer, Brooke

  • Brooke Stringer, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Stringer, Jamahl Levi

  • Jamahl Levi Stringer, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Strong, Brian

  • Brian Strong, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Stuart, Thomas

  • Thomas Stuart, Civil Service Institute Prize in Public Policy & Public Administration

Styles, Georgia

  • Georgia Styles, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sudden, Alicia

  • Alicia Sudden, Victoria Graduate Award

Sue, Dillon

  • Dillon Sue, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Suhaimi, Noor

  • Noor Suhaimi, English Speaking Union Award

Sukkerd, Ravin

  • Ravin Sukkerd, International Undergraduate Fees Scholarship

Sullivan, James

  • James Sullivan, BRANZ Master of Building Science Prize
  • James Sullivan, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Sullivan, Timothy

  • Timothy Sullivan, Victoria Graduate Award

Summerfield, Scott

  • Scott Summerfield, D F McKenzie Award
  • Scott Summerfield, Macarthy Trust Scholarship in Maori Studies

Sunarga, Felia

  • Felia Sunarga, International Undergraduate Fees Scholarship

Sundberg Carson, Stefan

  • Stefan Sundberg Carson, Summer Research Scholarship

Sutherland, Ben

  • Ben Sutherland, John Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship

Sutherland, Isabell

  • Isabell Sutherland, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Sutter, Eva

  • Eva Sutter, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Sutton, Emily

  • Emily Sutton, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Sutton, Hugh

  • Hugh Sutton, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Sutton, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Sutton, MacDiarmid Commercialisation Project Scholarship

Sutton, Tom

  • Tom Sutton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Swallow, Elliot

  • Elliot Swallow, Commonwealth Scholarship

Sweeney, Liam

  • Liam Sweeney, Summer Research Scholarship

Swift, Zack

  • Zack Swift, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Syme, Oliver

  • Oliver Syme, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Szekely, Christopher

  • Christopher Szekely, Maurice Gee Prize in Children's Writing


Tabor, Aidan

  • Aidan Tabor, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Taiapa, Trevaan

  • Trevaan Taiapa, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Taiawatea Moko-Mead, Te

  • Te Taiawatea Moko-Mead, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Tait, Kirsty

  • Kirsty Tait, Summer Research Scholarship

Talamaivao, Faitasi

  • Faitasi Talamaivao, Summer Research Scholarship

Tam, Diana

  • Diana Tam, Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia

Tam, Fiona

  • Fiona Tam, Victoria Graduate Award

Tam, Suet Yet

  • Suet Yet Tam, LALS 522 Award

Tan, Yih Ling

  • Yih Ling Tan, Wellington Not-For-Profit Special Interest Group Award

Tanner, Jonathan

  • Jonathan Tanner, Kiwi Music Scholarship

Tapsell, Ellen

  • Ellen Tapsell, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Taraeka, Chris

  • Chris Taraeka, Pasifika Award

Tarry, Alasdair

  • Alasdair Tarry, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Taschini, Debora

  • Debora Taschini, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Tataria, Harsh

  • Harsh Tataria, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Harsh Tataria, Awhina Scholarship

Taulapapa, Masina

  • Masina Taulapapa, Pasifika Award

Tawalbeh, Ayman

  • Ayman Tawalbeh, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Tawharu, Georgia

  • Georgia Tawharu, Vice Chancellor's Achiever Scholarship

Taylor, Adele

  • Adele Taylor, Victoria Univeristy Medal for Academic Excellence

Taylor, Amanda

  • Amanda Taylor, Wellington Botanical Society Student Grants

Taylor, Heath

  • Heath Taylor, Victoria Wharekura Scholarship

Taylor, Helen

  • Helen Taylor, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship
  • Helen Taylor, Kathleen Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship

Taylor, Jessica

  • Jessica Taylor, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Taylor, Keaton

  • Keaton Taylor, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Taylor, Lachlan

  • Lachlan Taylor, Osborne Prize in Art History

Taylor, Lorance

  • Lorance Taylor, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Taylor, Luke

  • Luke Taylor, Prime Minister's Prize for Strategic Studies

Taylor, Morgan

  • Morgan Taylor, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Taylor, Richard

  • Richard Taylor, Cullen Employment Law Prize

Taylor-Offord, Sam

  • Sam Taylor-Offord, Summer Research Scholarship

Tema, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Tema, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Templeton, Evelyn

  • Evelyn Templeton, Kirk Prize in Biology
  • Evelyn Templeton, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Ten Cate, Isabella

  • Isabella Ten Cate, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Thai, Richard

  • Richard Thai, Kiwi Music Scholarship
  • Richard Thai, Rotary Club of Wellington Postgraduate Music Prize

Theppitak, Ping

  • Ping Theppitak, Foundation Studies Prize - Trimester 2

Thomas, Amanda

  • Amanda Thomas, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Thomas, Conor

  • Conor Thomas, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Thomas, Dion

  • Dion Thomas, Summer Research Scholarship

Thomas, Nell

  • Nell Thomas, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Thompson, Henry

  • Henry Thompson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Thompson, Isabella

  • Isabella Thompson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Thompson, Julia

  • Julia Thompson, Summer Research Scholarship

Thomson, Alexa

  • Alexa Thomson, Clare Galambos-Winter Scholarship in Violin Performance

Thomson, Anna

  • Anna Thomson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Thomson, Richard

  • Richard Thomson, F P Wilson Prize

Thomson, Sylvie

  • Sylvie Thomson, Victoria Graduate Award

Thorne, Danielle

  • Danielle Thorne, Summer Research Scholarship

Threadgill, Anna

  • Anna Threadgill, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Thurlow, Keith

  • Keith Thurlow, Summer Research Scholarship

Thyne, Lucy

  • Lucy Thyne, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tibble, Tayi

  • Tayi Tibble, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tiddy, Hadleigh

  • Hadleigh Tiddy, Victoria Graduate Award

Till-Carty, Daisy

  • Daisy Till-Carty, Summer Research Scholarship

Tilley, Alison

  • Alison Tilley, Victoria Graduate Award

Timms, Duran Moy

  • Duran Moy Timms, VicBooks Award for Best Tutor

Tocker, Grace

  • Grace Tocker, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Todd, Katie

  • Katie Todd, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Todhunter, Alice

  • Alice Todhunter, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Togher, Sally

  • Sally Togher, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tollenaar, Lance

  • Lance Tollenaar, Summer Research Scholarship

Tompsett, Morgan

  • Morgan Tompsett, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Toner, Victoria

  • Victoria Toner, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Victoria Toner, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Toomer, Mark

  • Mark Toomer, Applied Linguistics Prize
  • Mark Toomer, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Totman, Emily

  • Emily Totman, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tran, Hoa Khanh

  • Hoa Khanh Tran, International Undergraduate Fees Scholarship
  • Hoa Khanh Tran, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Tran, Thuc Han

  • Thuc Han Tran, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Tristram, Oliver

  • Oliver Tristram, Information Systems Audit Control Association, Wellington Prize

Trounson, Vaughan

  • Vaughan Trounson, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Vaughan Trounson, NZ Institute of Chemistry Prize in Biochemistry

Trye, Suzanne

  • Suzanne Trye, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tsai, Po-en

  • Po-en Tsai, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Tse, Cassandra

  • Cassandra Tse, Victoria Graduate Award

Tse, Nathan

  • Nathan Tse, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tuheke, Milly

  • Milly Tuheke, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Tuimavave, Faalagilagi

  • Faalagilagi Tuimavave, Quentin Baxter Memorial Scholarship

Tunui, Brian

  • Brian Tunui, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Tweed, Ashley

  • Ashley Tweed, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tweneboah, Seth

  • Seth Tweneboah, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship


Udy, Ben

  • Ben Udy, Summer Research Scholarship


Vaai, Jay

  • Jay Vaai, Awhina Scholarship

Vale, Micky

  • Micky Vale, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Van Woerkom, Madeleine

  • Madeleine Van Woerkom, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Van Workum, Marcel

  • Marcel Van Workum, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Van der Have, Jelle

  • Jelle Van der Have, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Van't Slot, Baya

  • Baya Van't Slot, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Vannisselroy, Cameron

  • Cameron Vannisselroy, Bernard Galvin Prize

Vasilevskyte, Eiva

  • Eiva Vasilevskyte, Summer Research Scholarship

Venkatesh, Varun

  • Varun Venkatesh, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Verschaffelt, Lydia

  • Lydia Verschaffelt, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Viatos, Dimitri

  • Dimitri Viatos, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Vincent, Samuel

  • Samuel Vincent, French Government Prize

Vos, Marta

  • Marta Vos, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Voss, Timothy

  • Timothy Voss, Summer Research Scholarship

Vujicic, Aleksa

  • Aleksa Vujicic, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize
  • Aleksa Vujicic, John P Good Memorial Prize
  • Aleksa Vujicic, Vickerman Engineering Award
  • Aleksa Vujicic, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

van Kuyk, Steven

  • Steven van Kuyk, Summer Research Scholarship

van Luijk, Julia

  • Julia van Luijk, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

van Vliet, Hannah

  • Hannah van Vliet, Tsubota Pearl Prize

van den Kerkhof, Lia

  • Lia van den Kerkhof, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry


Waddington, Claire

  • Claire Waddington, Victoria Graduate Award

Waddington, Hannah

  • Hannah Waddington, Swafford Family Prize

Wakefield, Aramama

  • Aramama Wakefield, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Walford-Bourke, Evelyn

  • Evelyn Walford-Bourke, Alan Ward Scholarship
  • Evelyn Walford-Bourke, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Walker, Tamsen

  • Tamsen Walker, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Walker-Hale, Nathanael

  • Nathanael Walker-Hale, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Walsh, David

  • David Walsh, Warren Trust Prize

Walter, Thomas

  • Thomas Walter, Victoria Graduate Award

Walters, George

  • George Walters, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wanakore, Anthony

  • Anthony Wanakore, Victoria Tutahi Scholarship

Wanasinghe, Sachinie

  • Sachinie Wanasinghe, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Warburton, Sarah

  • Sarah Warburton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wardle, Tegan

  • Tegan Wardle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wareing, Sara

  • Sara Wareing, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Sara Wareing, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Warren, Micheal

  • Micheal Warren, Sir Desmond Todd Memorial Prize (MA)

Warring, Harry

  • Harry Warring, MacDiarmid Institute Scholarship

Wass, George

  • George Wass, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wass, Ophelia-Rose

  • Ophelia-Rose Wass, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Waterman, Michael

  • Michael Waterman, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Watson, Christopher

  • Christopher Watson, A E Donne Prize in English
  • Christopher Watson, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Christopher Watson, N N Danilow Prize in Latin

Watson, Clinton

  • Clinton Watson, Mike Moore Prize

Watson, Emily

  • Emily Watson, French Government Prize

Watson, Emma

  • Emma Watson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Watson, Samantha

  • Samantha Watson, Sir Thomas Hunter Prize
  • Samantha Watson, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Watson, Zoe

  • Zoe Watson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Watt, Nicole

  • Nicole Watt, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wattie, Benjamin

  • Benjamin Wattie, Summer Research Scholarship

Weatherall, Alexa

  • Alexa Weatherall, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Webb, Dylan

  • Dylan Webb, Summer Research Scholarship

Webb, Erika

  • Erika Webb, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Erika Webb, Diplomatic Corps Prize in International Relations
  • Erika Webb, Victoria Graduate Award

Webber, Sam

  • Sam Webber, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Sam Webber, Victoria Physical Geography Prize

Webster, Kyle

  • Kyle Webster, Summer Research Scholarship

Wee, Hannah

  • Hannah Wee, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wegerhoff, Daniel

  • Daniel Wegerhoff, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Wells, Julia

  • Julia Wells, Arnold Atkinson Memorial Prize
  • Julia Wells, Embassy of Israel Prize in Religion and the State of Israel
  • Julia Wells, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Julia Wells, Summer Research Scholarship

Welsh, Melissa

  • Melissa Welsh, GS1 New Zealand EPCGlobal PhD Scholarship

Welsh, Michael

  • Michael Welsh, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award

Welter, Jeff

  • Jeff Welter, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Wernham-Doo, Tim

  • Tim Wernham-Doo, Summer Research Scholarship

Whaanga, James

  • James Whaanga, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Whaipooti, Julia

  • Julia Whaipooti, John Miller Award in Social Justice & Community Development

Whatton, Kaitlyn

  • Kaitlyn Whatton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Whelan, Georgia

  • Georgia Whelan, Faculty of Law Prize in Legal System
  • Georgia Whelan, Mario Patrono Prize in Legal System

White, Alexander

  • Alexander White, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Alexander White, Elaine Geering Scholarship in English Literature

White, Madeleine

  • Madeleine White, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

White, Maggie

  • Maggie White, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Maggie White, Dronke Prize for Drama

White, Natalie

  • Natalie White, New Zeland Business and Parliament Trust Prize

Whiteford, Arran

  • Arran Whiteford, Edward and Isabel Kidson Scholarship

Whitfield, Chelsea

  • Chelsea Whitfield, Ian Pollard organ Scholarship

Wichman, Ben

  • Ben Wichman, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Wickham, Craig

  • Craig Wickham, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Wiesmann, Loredana

  • Loredana Wiesmann, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wikaira, Jade

  • Jade Wikaira, Manurere Postgraduate Travel Grant

Wilcox, Nicky

  • Nicky Wilcox, Institute of Public Administration NZ Prize

Wilcox, Rachel

  • Rachel Wilcox, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship

Wild, Cavaan

  • Cavaan Wild, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wilding, Olivia

  • Olivia Wilding, Bal-na-Shee Cello Award
  • Olivia Wilding, NZSM Director's Scholarship

Wilkinson, Kristina

  • Kristina Wilkinson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wilkinson, Mark

  • Mark Wilkinson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wilkinson, Shaun

  • Shaun Wilkinson, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Williams, David

  • David Williams, Victoria Graduate Award

Williams, Ellen

  • Ellen Williams, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Williams, Jackie

  • Jackie Williams, Warren Trust Prize

Williams, Marika

  • Marika Williams, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Williamson, Jacob

  • Jacob Williamson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Willis, Harriet

  • Harriet Willis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wills, Brock

  • Brock Wills, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wills, Katelyn

  • Katelyn Wills, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wilmshurst, Ryan

  • Ryan Wilmshurst, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wilson, Alexander

  • Alexander Wilson, Alex Scobie Research Prize

Wilson, Amy

  • Amy Wilson, John Robson Prize in Criminology

Wilson, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Wilson, Summer Research Scholarship

Wilson, Clara

  • Clara Wilson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wilson, Danielle

  • Danielle Wilson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Wilson, Eleanor

  • Eleanor Wilson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wilson, Mark

  • Mark Wilson, Gordon Harris Prize for Innovation and Excellence in First Year Design

Wilson, Sarah

  • Sarah Wilson, John F Kennedy Prize in American Government & Politics

Wilson-Burke, Hunter

  • Hunter Wilson-Burke, Dominion Post Global Citizen Exchange Scholarship

Wisheart, Morgan

  • Morgan Wisheart, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Witte, Ashton

  • Ashton Witte, Ross Harris Award for Live Electronic Music

Wojcik, Kathleen

  • Kathleen Wojcik, Summer Research Scholarship

Wolfman, Missy

  • Missy Wolfman, Claude McCarthy Fellowship

Wood, Nicola

  • Nicola Wood, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Nicola Wood, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Wood, Ross

  • Ross Wood, Summer Research Scholarship

Woods, Emily

  • Emily Woods, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Woods, Isabella

  • Isabella Woods, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Woods, Molly

  • Molly Woods, VicBooks Award for Best Tutor

Woodwark, Stephen

  • Stephen Woodwark, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Woolley, Matt

  • Matt Woolley, Summer Gold Competition
  • Matt Woolley, Summer Research Scholarship

Woolly, Ethan

  • Ethan Woolly, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Wootton, Sarah

  • Sarah Wootton, Summer Research Scholarship

Worboys, Sonya

  • Sonya Worboys, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Worthington, Maggie

  • Maggie Worthington, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wratt, Fiona

  • Fiona Wratt, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wrigglesworth, Emma

  • Emma Wrigglesworth, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Emma Wrigglesworth, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Emma Wrigglesworth, Victoria Graduate Award

Wrigglesworth, Jessie

  • Jessie Wrigglesworth, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wright, Douglas

  • Douglas Wright, Victoria Excellence Scholarship
  • Douglas Wright, Bob Buckle Prize for Whangarei Boys High School

Wright, Te Wehi

  • Te Wehi Wright, Summer Research Scholarship

Wright, Victoria

  • Victoria Wright, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Wurster, Reed

  • Reed Wurster, Warren Trust Prize


Xia, Chenchen

  • Chenchen Xia, Victoria Graduate Award

Xiao, Huanyu

  • Huanyu Xiao, Summer Research Scholarship

Xie, Jiaen

  • Jiaen Xie, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship

Xiong, Ellen

  • Ellen Xiong, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Xue, Bing

  • Bing Xue, Victoria Doctoral Completion Award


Yan, Longfei

  • Longfei Yan, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize
  • Longfei Yan, Shayle Searle Prize in Statistics

Yang, Lei

  • Lei Yang, Noel Ryder Prize
  • Lei Yang, Alexander Crawford Scholarship
  • Lei Yang, Summer Research Scholarship

Yang, Manshan

  • Manshan Yang, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Yates, Eleanor

  • Eleanor Yates, Wai-te-ata Press Shakespeare Prize

Yates, Rachel

  • Rachel Yates, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Ye, Kelly

  • Kelly Ye, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Ye, Ruiping

  • Ruiping Ye, Royal Society Marsden Scholarship

Yee, Jacqueline

  • Jacqueline Yee, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Yee, Nicole

  • Nicole Yee, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Yin, Zihan

  • Zihan Yin, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Yong, Joshua

  • Joshua Yong, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Yong, Nicola

  • Nicola Yong, New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust Scholarship

Yonson, Rio

  • Rio Yonson, Chair in Economics of Disasters PhD Scholarship

Young, Aaron

  • Aaron Young, Victoria Univeristy Medal for Academic Excellence
  • Aaron Young, Xero Excellence Award for Information Systems

Young, Claire

  • Claire Young, French Government Prize
  • Claire Young, Jeanne Lucie Caroline Marguerite Miles Scholarship

Young, David

  • David Young, Victoria Graduate Award

Young, Jeremy

  • Jeremy Young, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Yu, Chenlong

  • Chenlong Yu, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Yu, Yang

  • Yang Yu, Victoria Masters by thesis fees Scholarship


Zakaria, Umar

  • Umar Zakaria, Rotary Club of Wellington Music Prize (Jazz)

Zareie, Pirooz

  • Pirooz Zareie, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Pirooz Zareie, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Zhang, Honghong

  • Honghong Zhang, PGSA Travel Grant

Zhang, Penghui

  • Penghui Zhang, Summer Research Scholarship

Zhao, Si Hua Denis

  • Si Hua Denis Zhao, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Zhou, Shanshan

  • Shanshan Zhou, School of Engineering and School of Design (Networking and Design) Scholarship
  • Shanshan Zhou, VicLink Award for the Project with the Most Commercial Potential

Zohrab, Alexander

  • Alexander Zohrab, Summer Research Scholarship

Zohrab, Isabella

  • Isabella Zohrab, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Zwaan, Rick

  • Rick Zwaan, Summer Research Scholarship

Zydervelt, Erik

  • Erik Zydervelt, Summer Research Scholarship