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  • The Corona welfare response we need

    The promised ‘urgent work’ to render our welfare system fit for the coronavirus emergency will need to be fundamental and very large, writes Dr Michael Fletcher

  • Don't mention the P-word

    A new piece of inequality research seems to go out of its way to pretend New Zealand doesn't have a structural poverty problem. So politically convenient if this were true, says Max Rashbrooke -- but it isn't.

  • The foreign donation ban isn't enough

    Banning foreign donations is a splendid idea, writes IGPS researcher Pete McKenzie, but under this bill untraceable money will still be corrupting our political system.

  • Our obsequious public service

    Over the past generation, argues Simon Chapple, we have quietly shifted towards a valet public service. The shift constitutes a largely unnoticed power grab by government ministers, to the detriment of the public good.