About us

The IGPS is a public policy think tank, working to lift environmental, social and economic outcomes for New Zealand via research and engagement.

The aim of the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies is to deliver independent, high quality, high-impact scholarship and discussion that makes a real difference to people’s lives. We want to:

  • improve the way policy development and implementation work in this country
  • make our thinking easily accessible to the public
  • achieve greater well-being and a more environmentally sustainable and socially equitable society for all New Zealanders.

Our charter

The IGPS Charter informs all of the Institute's activities, laying out our goals and explaining our methods.

Our history

Read about the history of the IGPS, created to build a bridge between the university, the political community, the public sector, civil society and business.

Our Annual Reports

The Annual Report shows all IGPS engagement, events, research and other activities for a year.

Contact us

How to contact the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, including a map of our physical location.