The Institute for Governance and Policy Studies (IGPS) aims to lift environmental, social and economic outcomes for all New Zealanders via good public policy.

Our goal is to contribute to improving New Zealanders’ lives. Our researchers engage with New Zealand’s policy-making process and work with people to make New Zealand a better place environmentally, socially and economically.

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Latest commentaries

  • Treaty breach on freshwater

    Mike Joy summarises his findings in support of Ngāti Raukawa's treaty claim, detailing the New Zealand Crown's failure to act as guardians of the freshwater systems in the lower western North Island.

  • Life in lockdown

    We all remember the lockdown, but not all our memories are the same. Some say they miss the tranquillity. Others don’t miss being stuck at home at all – especially those with young children. Some found new ways of working. Others just lost work. We ran a “life under lockdown” survey in the third week of alert level 4 to examine general well-being, family resilience and employment.