Centres and Institutes

The Wellington Faculty of Education—Te Whānau O Ako Pai has connections to internal, external, national and international groups. Here are some of the connections that we have as a Faculty, School and on an individual level.

Autism Clinic

The Autism Clinic's goals is to develop and evaluate best practice early interventions for young children with autism in New Zealand. They work with children under the age of five who have, or are suspected of having, autism, their families and whānau, caregivers and teachers. They also work with therapists and other health professionals.

Centre of Excellence - Educating for the Future

The Centre of Excellence - Educating for the Future has been established for the development of excellence whose activities include education, research, and community service; scientific studies, activities and publications; and strengthening capacity in human resource development. The centre is a joint co-operation between the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta; the Graduate School at Jakarta State University; the Wellington Faculty of Education at Victoria University of Wellington; and the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education at the University of South Australia.

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Institute for Early Childhood Studies

The Institute promotes excellence in early childhood education through research, policy studies, and information services. The Institute maintains strong links to early childhood teacher education and early childhood professional development through the involvement of its members in these areas.