Research in the Wellington Faculty of Education impacts education through enhancing theoretical and evidence-based educational policy and practice.

Through our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi | Treaty of Waitangi, our key responsibility is to address education for social, cultural and ecological justice through researching critical, transformative, culturally sustaining pedagogies, and bilingual education. Our research also reflects our South Pacific location with a strong focus on Pacific/Indigenous education.

Our research spans early childhood, schooling, and tertiary sectors and also adult, community and informal education. As a meta-field, we seek to understand how educational theories and practices are involved in the shaping of society, whether to reinforce existing values or to drive transformation. A focus on international education incorporates research on educational linguistics. Educational psychology research includes a focus on learning and behavioural support.

We promote collaborative research across disciplines and with professional and community organisations, nationally and internationally, to generate transformative educational policy and practice.

Our Faculty journal, New Zealand Annual Review of Education (NZAROE), provides a national and international forum for researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to review significant policy issues related to the New Zealand education sector.

Research topics for research collaboration, examination, and supervision

Adult, community and informal education Stephanie Doyle
Curriculum, pedagogy, and assessmentRobin Averill, Linda BonneBen Egerton, Joanna Higgins, Judith Loveridge, Sandi McCutcheon, Hiria McRae, Lisa Terreni, Anne Yates
Culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogiesRobin Averill, Joanna Higgins, Hiria McRae, Fuapepe Rimoni, Jenny Ritchie, Mere Skerrett
Digital technologies in educationBen Egerton, Louise Starkey, Anne Yates
Early Childhood EducationSue Cherrington, Carmen Dalli, Ali Glasgow, Maggie Haggerty, Judith Loveridge, Anita Mortlock, Jenny Ritchie, Mary-Jane Shuker, Mere Skerrett, Lisa Terreni,
Educational leadershipCherie Chu-FuluifagaKabini Sanga, Kate Thornton
Educational linguistics: ESOL; EFL; Teaching emergent bilingualsMargaret Gleeson, Mere Skerrett
Educational philosophy
Educational psychologyChris BowdenAmarie Carnett, Kelly Carrasco, Vanessa Green, Flaviu Hodis, Jeff Sigafoos, Hannah Waddington
Education for social justiceLinda Hogg, Andrea Milligan, Adreanne Ormond, Jenny Ritchie, Mere Skerrett, Bronwyn Wood
Educational sociologyJoanna Kidman, Bronwyn Wood
Education for sustainabilityHiria McRae, Andrea Milligan, Jenny Ritchie
Higher educationStephanie Doyle, Joanna Kidman
Initial Teacher EducationRobin Averill, Hiria McRae, Fuapepe Rimoni
International education  Stephanie Doyle, Margaret Gleeson
Learning and behavioural support: Diverse learners and learners with disabilitiesAmarie Carnett, Kelly Carrasco, Jeff Sigafoos, Hannah Waddington
Māori and indigenous educationAli Glasgow, Joanna Kidman, Liana MacDonald, Hiria McRae, Adreanne Ormond, Mere Skerrett
Pacific educationCherie Chu-Fuluifaga, Ali Glasgow, Fuapepe Rimoni, Kabini Sanga
Policy studies and evaluationCarmen Dalli, Joanna Higgins,
Professional learning and developmentSue CherringtonJoanna Higgins,
WellbeingLinda Bonne, Chris Bowden, Cherie Chu-Fuluifaga, Carmen Dalli, Vanessa Green, Joanna Higgins,