Ebba Ossiannilsson

Professor Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson, Sweden, is an independent researcher, expert, consultant, quality auditor, and influencer in the fields of open, flexible online, and distance learning (OFDL) and the “new normal.” Her focus is on quality, innovation, leadership, and personalized learning. She works primarily at the strategic and policy levels, both nationally and internationally, and with key national and international organizations. She is committed to promoting and improving OFDL in the context of SDG4 and the future of education. Ossiannilsson has nearly 20 years of experience in her field. She is a member of the ICDE Executive Committee. Ossiannilsson is a quality expert and reviewer for ICDE, EDEN, and the EADTU. Ossiannilsson chairs the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee and is a member of the ICDE Quality Network. She is regularly invited as a keynote speaker at conferences. She is a guest editor for several special journal issues, and she is a member of the editorial board of several scientific journals. She has published more than 200 articles. She has been awarded the following fellowships: EDEN Fellows, EDEN Council of Fellows, and Open Education Europe. She is an ICDE OER Ambassador, Open Education Europe Ambassador, and Champion of SPARC Europe.