Current Resident Scholars

Read about our resident scholars’ previous achievements as well as their current projects with the Centre.

Nick Bollinger

Nick joined the Stout in February and is researching the counterculture in New Zealand, 1960-1975, towards a book to be delivered for publication in late 2020.  ‘Counterculture’ is a term coined in the 1960s to identify a diverse collection of groups and individuals whose broad goal was to transform society or establish an alternative one. The counterculture challenged accepted attitudes to sex and gender, art, music and literature, education, environment, politics and domestic life.  His book will look at the things that distinguished the counterculture in this country from equivalent movements elsewhere. It will bring to life the people that defined New Zealand’s counterculture, and take a critical look at how their notions evolved in practice, and the effect these had on society as a whole, at the time and up to the present day.

Nick Bollinger is a writer, critic and broadcaster. He has been a music columnist for The Listener and presenter of the music review programme The Sampler on RNZ National. He is the author of How To Listen To Pop Music, 100 Essential New Zealand Albums and Goneville, which won the Adam Prize for Creative Writing in 2015. He lives in Wellington with his partner Kathy. Their three daughters have all grown up and left home.