Associate Professor Anna Green

B.A. (Hons) M.A. University of British Columbia, Ph.D. Auckland

Associate Professor, Stout Research Centre 2012-2021, Acting Director 2020-2021

Editor, Journal of New Zealand Studies, 2012 - 2021


My research focuses upon memory and oral history as sources of knowledge about the past, and draws upon interdisciplinary interpretive concepts from psychology, anthropology, sociology and literature (narrative). Since 2012 I have primarily worked on three research projects: the 1967 Torrey Canyon oil spill disaster (with Dr Tim Cooper, University of Exeter); an expanded second edition of Anna Green and Kathleen Troup, The Houses of History: A critical reader in history and theory (Manchester University Press, 2016); and finally my current Royal Society Marsden-funded oral history project, ‘The Missing Link: intergenerational family memory’. Following my retirement as Acting-Director of the Stout Research Centre I am writing a book, based on this research, about the stories passed down among family descendants of the nineteenth-century European settlers in New Zealand.

I am president of The National Oral History Association of New Zealand (NOHANZ), and member of the international ‘Family Memory and Intergenerational Exchange’ working group of the Memory Studies Association, and the editorial board of Oral History Australia journal, and the international editorial advisory board of Oral History (UK).

Postgraduate supervision

Doctoral thesis: Dean Broughton, ‘A Maritime Diaspora: Deserting Seafarers in New Zealand 1945-1990’, co-supervised with Associate Professor Steve Behrendt.

M.A. in New Zealand Studies: Jane Tolerton, ‘Mary Taylor: a businesswoman in mid-nineteenth century Wellington’, co-supervised with Dr Brad Patterson.

Selected Publications (since 2012)

2022 - Timothy Cooper and Anna Green, 'Fragmentary Time: Memory and Politics in the Wake of the Torrey Canyon', in Stephen M. Sloan and Mark Cave, Oral History and the Environment: Global Perspectives on Climate, Connection, and Catastrophe (Oxford University Press, 2022), 53-71.

2021 - Anna Green, ‘Family memories, family histories and the identities of settler family descendants in New Zealand’, in Radmila Svarickova Slabakova, ed., Family Memory: Practices, Transmission, and Uses in a Global Perspective (Routledge, 2021), 179-196.

2019 -  Anna Green, ‘Who do you think you are? The Family in Public History’, in Paul Ashton and Alex Trapeznik, eds, What is Public History Globally: working with the past in the present (Bloomsbury, 2019): 225-237.

2019 - Anna Green, ‘Why family memories and stories matter’, Journal of New Zealand Studies, 29 (2019): 3-19.

2019 -  Anna Green, ‘Grandparents, communicative memory, and narrative identity’, Oral History, 47, 1 (Spring 2019): 81-91.

2019 - Anna Green and Kayleigh Luscombe, ‘Family memory, “things” and counterfactual thinking’, Memory Studies, 12, 6 (2019): 646-659. Online First 2017.

2019 - Anna Green, ‘Individual and “Collective Memory”: theoretical perspectives and contemporary debates’, republished in Oral History@50 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the journal.

2018 -  Anna Green, ‘Intergenerational Family Memory and Historical Consciousness’, in Anna Clark and Carla Peck, eds, Contemplating Historical Consciousness: Notes from the Field (Berghahn Books, 2018): 200-211.

2017 - Timothy Cooper and Anna Green, ‘The Torrey Canyon disaster, everyday life and the “greening” of Britain’, Environmental History, 22, 1 (2017): 101-126.

2016 - Anna Green and Kathleen Troup, The Houses of History: A critical reader in history and theory, 2nd ed. (Manchester University Press).

2015 - Anna Green and Timothy Cooper, ‘Community and Exclusion: The Torrey Canyon Disaster of 1967’, Journal of Social History, 48, 4 (2015): 892-909.

2013 - Anna Green, ‘Intergenerational Family Stories: Private, Parochial, Pathological?’ Journal of Family History, 38, 4 (October 2013): 387-402.