Discourse Analysis Prize


Professor Janet Holmes established this prize in 2015, via the Victoria University Foundation, to encourage students of Discourse Analysis at Victoria University of Wellington. The Language in the Workplace Project has been involved in Discourse Analysis since 1996 and the course LING 321 draws on material from this project and is taught by one of the core team members.

The prize is designed to encourage students who are passionate about discourse analysis to proceed to postgraduate study in this area. In particular it is designed to recognise top students in LING 321, a course which is offered every two years.

The prize is awarded on the recommendation of the Head of the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies in consultation with the course coordinator(s) of LING 321.

Recipients are asked to write a letter of thanks, which will be forwarded appropriately.


$1,000 (subject to available funds)


No application required


This prize is offered to the top student in Discourse and Meaning (LING 321).