Study wānanga

Study wānanga brings Māori students together to prepare for their assessments and exams.

Coordinated by Āwhina, study wānanga are held throughout the course of the trimerster and during Study Week at the end of Trimester 1 and 2. Māori students from all schools are welcome.

What’s involved?

You attend group revision sessions that focus on your upcoming assessments and exams.

Lecturers, tutors, and/or mentors will be there to answer questions, give you guidance, and lead group discussions in a culturally supportive setting.

Most 100-level and popular 200-level courses are covered.

Meet people and improve your study skills

We know the value of study wānanga. Students report they help them to understand concepts they had been struggling with, learn more about their subjects, and meet new people. This networking aspect can even lead to students setting up their own study groups.

Get involved

To find out more or register to a study wānanga, contact the Āwhina team.