Te mahere reo | Māori language plan

The University's Te Reo Māori Plan 2021–2025 is part of the Mai i te Iho ki te Pae Strategic Outcomes Framework.

Te reo Māori is a core element of our iho as Māori. The University’s Māori language plan 2021–2025 fits into the overarching framework of the Mai i te Iho ki te Pae Māori Strategic Outcomes Framework 2020-2040. It's designed to support our university community to promote and use te reo Māori widely.

Māori language revitalisation

Te Ture mō te Reo Māori 2016 (the Māori Language Act 2016) introduced a new legislative and policy framework to support Māori language revitalisation efforts.

Reflective of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, this framework established a partnership between the Crown and iwi and Māori (the latter represented by Te Mātāwai) to set visions and goals to ensure that te reo Māori is a living language—‘kia mauriora te reo Māori’ in Aotearoa New Zealand. When that vision is realised, it is expected that:

  • Kia rere: Māori language is shared and used in daily life.
  • Kia tika: Māori language is fit for purpose.
  • Kia Māori: Māori language is a first language and shared.

Te Mātāwai’s Maihi Māori (Māori strategy) focuses on homes and communities to create Māori children as first language speakers of te reo Māori.

The Crown’s Maihi Karauna (Crown strategy) focuses on creating a society that values, learns, and uses the language by developing policies and services that will support Māori language revitalisation.

As a leading public university, Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington is committed to contributing to the vision of the Maihi Karauna. ‘Kia māhorahora te reo’ aspires for New Zealanders to use, learn, and value te reo Māori, and te reo Māori becomes a normal part of daily life for wider Aotearoa New Zealand.