Wellington city viewed from Mt Victoria on a sunny day.

The Future of Tax in New Zealand—Tax Working Group 2018 Public Symposium

The Tax Policy Scholarship Charitable Trust and CAGTR held a symposium in 2018 on the major tax reform options under consideration at the time.

Wednesday 28 November 2018
Rutherford House, Lecture Theatre 1

The Tax Policy Scholarship Charitable Trust, in association with the University of Auckland and Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington held a symposium attended by Sir Michael Cullen, Chair, and other members of the Government’s Tax Working Group (TWG), where attendees contributed their thoughts and questions on the major tax reform options under consideration.

This was a great opportunity to provide feedback to the Government and the TWG on the options and issues set out in the TWG’s interim report.

  • Should New Zealand tax capital gains? Would it make the system fairer and what would the effect be on you, your business, and your savings?
  • How can the broader tax system be improved? Are taxes an effective way of tackling environmental challenges? What strategies and recommendations are missing from the TWG’s interim report?


  • Opening speech from Sir Michael Cullen, followed by members of the Tax Working Group.
  • Analysis from business, community, and economic commentators.
  • Chaired by tax commentator John Shewan.

Format and topics

The day involved interactive sessions with plenty of opportunity for discussion and Q&A.

Topics included:

  • capital gains tax
  • environmental and behavioural taxes
  • tax and inequality
  • tax and the New Zealand economy
  • business tax and productivity.

Organised in conjunction with the Tax Policy Scholarship Charitable Trust.