Tax Working Group 2009

The 2009 Tax Working Group operated through a series of regular meetings discussing issues challenging the tax system.

Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, through the Centre for Accounting, Governance, and Taxation Research, in partnership with the Treasury and Inland Revenue, coordinated the Tax Working Group (TWG) process in 2009 ending with the publication of the TWG Report in January 2010.

Against the backdrop of a challenging economic and fiscal environment and tax reviews overseas, the TWG considered the medium-term direction of the current tax system of the time and worked through the pros and cons of a variety of policy options. Through a series of regular meetings between June and November 2009, and papers prepared by officials or commissioned from tax experts, the TWG provided a forum for informed discussion of the issues.

Members of the Tax Working Group

Information about the members of the Tax Working Group.

Tax Working Group sessions

Access documents, papers, and presentations from the 2009 Tax Working Group sessions.

2009 Tax Working Group conference: A tax system for New Zealand's future

Access the programme and slides from the 2009 Tax Working Group conference.

Tax Working Group scope and objectives

The Tax Working Group's scope and objectives that were agreed in early 2009.

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