Technology and design

Make the world a better place through innovative designs and technology solutions.

Exceptional research-led teaching and learning is provided by Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation and Wellington Faculty of Engineering.

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Architecture and Building Science

Take your aspirations for the way cities and buildings support the way you want to live, and learn to build a better future by studying Architecture.

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Shape the future of the world by studying Design. Try courses from seven disciplines, and use your skills to improve and push the boundaries of everyday life.

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Study New Zealand's only major in Cybersecurity to learn exciting topics like digital forensics, and develop skills to design secure software and systems.

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Software Engineering

Find out what it's like to study Software Engineering alongside world-class researchers in Artificial Intelligence and programming languages.

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Find out what it's like to study Electronics, and see a robotic car, a solar car, and a mobile MRI machine—all made by students.

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Computer Graphics and Computer Science

From detecting dolphin clicks underwater to designing visual effects in movies, studying Computer Graphics and Computer Science can lead to an exciting career.

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These are the degrees you can study in technology and design. Find out more about how our undergraduate degrees are structured and how to plan your degree and courses.

If you're interested in being part of designing and shaping the built environment—inside or out—then the Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree is right for you.

If you're interested in the process and business of creating great buildings—from construction methods, materials and systems to project management and contractor relations—then this is the right degree for you.

If you love good design—whether it be of objects, computer graphics, systems, or experiences—and want to learn from a leading-edge university, then this is the right degree for you.

If you enjoy solving problems, finding out how things work, and want to create technology that makes the world a better place then the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours is the right degree for you.