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Students at the Miramar Creative Centre (both MDT and MFA(CP)) complete their studies with a final creative project.

We are delighted to present these projects in two showreels that demonstrate their ingenuity, diligence, and proficiency in the use of the studios, editing and recording suites, computer labs, VFX technology, and industry-standard software on offer at the Miramar Creative Centre.

The final creative project of the MFA(CP) involves collaboration between Film and Music/Sound students. Many of the resulting films are being submitted to national and international film festivals. Those shown in the showreels are:


Song Bird

Months after a family tragedy, 10-year-old Bonnie seeks to express her feelings of grief and reconcile the relationship with her father through her love of New Zealand birdlife.

Director: Morgan Hopkins; DOP: Valeriya Golovina; Producer: Alex McShane; 1st AD: Sarah Baker Art Dept: Celeste Fontein and Erin Murphy; Sound(on Set): Cameron Cook Editor: Niamh Swannack; Sound mix: Jack Woodbury; Composer: George Smith


No hat, no play. Three boys from different backgrounds find themselves trapped under a tree for the duration of the lunch break. An hour is a long time when your only companions are bolo heads.

Director: Nav Nair; DOP: Valeriya Golovina; 1st AD: Niamh Swannack; Camera Assist: Kelly Deng; Producer: Matilda Boese-Wong; Editor/Gaffer: James Kelly; Boom op: Delphine Dromart; Sound mix: Michael Adams

Interior World

Interior World follows a journey of grief, acceptance, and healing of a young man who has recently experienced a catastrophic, life-altering event. While in denial and living in an altered state, he makes a dangerous decision at work, putting his life at risk. However, doing so causes him to uncover the biggest fear of his life, the truth.

Director: Kristina Huang; Producer: Kenzie Drew; Animation: Arun Biswas; Simulator: Carl Drifter; Lighting: Ryan Liu


A Chinese migrant to New Zealand reflects on her journey, the struggles of her past, her challenges in a new land, and her hopes for the future.

Director: Shiyue Deng; 1st AD: Matilda Boese-Wong; Co-producers: Sarah Baker, Shiyue Deng; DOP/Colour: Celeste Fontein; Sound: Delphine Dromart; Boom Op: Isaac Bryce

The Late Shift

Two women from completely different paths are bought together when Nisha hires Thea as a babysitter. The pair struggle to understand each other as a delicate friendship begins to form between them.

Director: Niamh Swannack; 1st AD: Morgan Hopkins; DOP: Valeriya Golovina;

Editor: Delphine Dromart; Producer: Sarah Baker; 1st AC: Gilbert Patten-Elliott; Sound:  Nav Nair and Cameron Cook; Sound mix: Cameron Cook

Norman Loafsby

Imagine if your fears, anxieties, and compulsions manifested themselves as living creatures in the real world, creatures which stalked your every movement. Welcome to the life of Norman Loafsby—a thirty-year-old, flamingo-obsessed artist, whose life is a constant battle with these creatures. We follow him over a few days as he struggles to overcome these manifestations in attempts to hold down his job at the shoe factory. Through a turn of events Norman discovers something dark within his past, which is the root cause to everything he’s been experiencing.

FX, Shaders, rendering: Conner Allen; Producer, lighting, rotoscoping, compositing: Caitlin Pope; Director, modelling, texturing, animating, shaders: Dan Petersen; Camera tracking, rigging, animation: Sri Shanthanakrishnan; Compositing, IBL, grading, rotoscoping: Tom Zhang

Missy Fishy

When Miss Fish sees an unusual sight one day at the beach, her whole world turns upside down. Will she be able to resist the call of the sea or be doomed to a fishy fate?

Director: Erin Murphy; Producer: Alex McShane; Camera Assist: Shiyue Deng; Art Director: Matilda Boese-Wong; Editor: Gilbert Patten-Elliott; 1st AD: Isaac Bryce; DOP: Celeste Fontein; Sound mix: Jack Woodbury and Michael Adams; Composer: George Smith


Maranui is a love letter to the temperamental beauty of Wellington's South Coast. The poetic documentary invites you to experience stories of adventure and mystery told by those in the community whose livelihoods depend on the sea.

Director, Producer, Cinematography: Celeste Fontein; Co-Producer: Alex McShane; Cinematography: Delphine Dromart; 1st AD: Sarah Baker; Gaffer: James Kelly; Editor: Erin Murphy; Sound: Shiyue Deng (Kelly); Composer: Chris Winter; Additional Compositions: George Smith; Re-recording mixer: Jack Woodbury


The Driver

Stephen is a rideshare driver who loves his work. He sees his job as essentially connecting people with places but sometimes Stephen struggles to connect with other humans. Take a ride through Wellington with the rideshare driver that puts the ‘PH’ in fun.

Director: Cameron Cook; Editor: Morgan Hopkins; Colourist: James Kelly; DOP: Gilbert Patten-Elliott; Producer: Isaac Bryce; Sound (all), Music: Cameron Cook

Bring the Boy Back Home

Two recent graduates stumble upon Henry, a drunk first-year student. Reluctantly, they decide to help the hapless young man back to his hall of residence, and as the night unfolds the unlikely trio form a surprising bond.

Director - Gilbert Patten-ElliottDOP/Camera assist - Delphine DromartProducer - Matilda Boese-WongEditor - Erin MurphySound - Nav NairGaffer - James KellyUnit Manager – Isaac BryceSound mix - Michael Adams


Mawhialeo Ote Alowha – Our Love

Meli and her husband Avito reflect on the pivotal decision of their lives. With much trepidation, they left the tiny atoll of Tokelau for New Zealand seeking a better life for their son. 43 years on, they find themselves pulled between family and a longing for home.

Director/DOP: Valeriya Golovina; Sound: Cameron Cook; Producer: Niamh Swannack; Editor: Morgan Hopkins