Past Event: 2017 Public Finance Research Day

An overview of the 2017 Public Finance Research Day.

When: 11 October 2017
Where: Rutherford House – RHMZ03

This was an opportunity for informal interaction with Public Finance researchers and interested parties. The objectives of the Public Finance research day were:

  • knowledge sharing: to bring participants up-to-date on our recent public finance research;
  • to facilitate feedback on specific pieces of work; and
  • to share plans for future research including opportunities for collaboration
  • to help establish a public finance community of researchers in NZ

You can view the outline programme here


Session 1: Tax compliance: income under-reporting

Session 2: Tax compliance: Timing of tax payments

Session 3: Taxable income elasticities

Session 4: Taxes & growth: meta-analysis

Session 5: Behavioural tax-transfer Modelling