Past publications

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On this page is a list of Professor Gemmell’s past publications, sorted by decade and topic.

2011 Chair in Public Finance publications

Creedy, J. and Gemmell, N. (2011), ‘Corporate tax asymmetries: effective tax rates and profit shifting’, International Tax and Public Finance, 18, March, pp. 422–435.

Gemmell, N. (2011), ‘Can a fiscal stimulus boost economic growth rates?: Introduction’, Economic Journal, 121, February, F1–F3.

Gemmell, N., Kneller, R. and Sanz, I. (2011), ‘The timing and persistence of fiscal policy impacts on growth: Evidence from OECD countries’, Economic Journal, 121, February, F33–F58.

2001–2010 publications

Public finance/public economics

Modelling Corporation Tax Revenue. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, October 2010, pp. xiii + 267. (With J. Creedy).

‘Modelling responses to profit taxation. The case of UK corporation tax’, FinanzArchiv, 66, 3, 2010, 207–235. (With J. Creedy)

‘Tax reform in New Zealand: current developments’. Chapter 3 in C. Evans, R. Krever, and P. Mellor (eds) Australia’s Future Tax System: The Prospects After Henry. Essays in Honour of John W. Freebairn. Sydney, Australia: Thomson Reuters, October 2010, pp. 63–92.

‘Behavioural responses to corporate taxation’, Hacienda Pública Española, 193, 2, 2010, 109–130. (With J. Creedy)

‘Population ageing and taxation in New Zealand’, New Zealand Economic Papers, 44, 2, 2010, 137–158. (With J. Creedy, J. Enright and A. Mellish).

‘Income redistribution and taxes and transfers in New Zealand’, Australian Economic Review, 43, 1, 2010, 39–51. (With J. Creedy, J. Enright and N. McNabb).

Tax Reform in Open Economies: International and Country Perspectives.(Co–editor, with I. Claus, M. Harding and D. White). Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, Mass., USA: Edward Elgar Publishing, April 2010, pp. ix + 329.

Introduction. Chapter 1 in Tax Reform in Open Economies: International and Country Perspectives. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, Mass., USA: Edward Elgar Publishing, April 2010, pp.1–12. (With I. Claus, M. Harding and D. White).

‘Corporation tax revenue growth in the UK: A microsimulation analysis’, Economic Modelling, 26, 3, 2009, 614–625. (With J. Creedy).

‘The Composition of government expenditure and economic growth: some evidence from OECD countries’. In European Commission, Directorate–General Economic and Financial Affairs, European Economy: The Quality of Public Finances and Economic Growth, Occasional Papers 45, March 2009, 17–46. (With R. Kneller and I. Sanz).

‘Corporation tax buoyancy and revenue elasticity in the UK’, Economic Modelling, 25, 1, 2008, 24–37. (With J. Creedy).

‘Foreign investment, international trade and the size and structure of public expenditures’, European Journal of Political Economy, 24, 1, 2008, 151–171. (With R. Kneller and I. Sanz).

‘Tax revenues and fiscal drag: an introduction’, Australian Economic Review, 40, 3, 2007, 323–338. (With J. Creedy).

Modelling Tax Revenue Growth, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, February 2006, pp. xiii + 225. (With J. Creedy).

‘Publicly financed education in an endogenous growth model’, Journal of Economic Studies, 32, 2, 2005, 114–131. (With J. Creedy).

‘Income tax revenue elasticities with endogenous labour supply’, Economic Modelling, 22, 2005, 21–38. (With J. Creedy).

‘Tax perceptions and preferences over tax structure in the UK’, Economic Journal, 114, 493, 2004, F117–F138. (With O. Morrissey and A. Pinar).

‘The income tax revenue elasticities of income and consumption taxes in the UK’, Fiscal Studies, 25, 1, 2004, 55–77. (With J. Creedy).

‘The built–in flexibility of income and consumption taxes in New Zealand’, Australian Economic Papers, 43, 4, 2004, 459–474. (With J. Creedy).

‘The revenue responsiveness of income and consumption taxes in the UK’, The Manchester School, 71, 6, 2003, 641–658. (With J. Creedy).

‘Tax perceptions and the demand for public expenditure: evidence from UK micro data’, European Journal of Political Economy, 19, 4, 2003, 793–816. (With O. Morrissey and A. Pinar).

‘Fiscal illusion and political accountability: theory and evidence from two local tax regimes in Britain’, Public Choice, 110, 3/4, 2002, 199–224. (With O. Morrissey and A. Pinar).

‘The revenue responsiveness of consumption taxes’, Economic Record, 78, 241, 2002, 186–194. (With J. Creedy).

‘The built–in flexibility of income and consumption taxes: a survey’, Journal of Economic Surveys, 14, 4, 2002, 509–532. (With J. Creedy). Reprinted as chapter 13 in J. Creedy, Taxation and Economic Behaviour. Introductory Surveys in Economics, volume 1. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2002.

‘Testing the endogenous growth model: public expenditure, taxation and growth over the long–run’, Canadian Journal of Economics, 34, 1, 2001, 36–57. (With M.F. Bleaney and R. Kneller).

‘The impact of fiscal policy on long–run growth in the EU’.  Chapter 4 in European Commission (D.G.Ec.Fin.), The European Economy. Current Issues in Economic Growth, 2, 2001. (With R. Kneller).

Development economics

‘Binding constraints and second–best strategies in endogenous growth models with public finance’ Journal of Globalization and Development, 1, 2, 2010, (Article 3). DOI: 10.2202/1948–1837.1068. . (With F. Misch and R. Kneller).

‘Distributional and poverty impacts of tax structure reform in developing countries: how little we know’, Development Policy Review, 23, 2, 2005, 131–144. (With O. Morrissey).

‘Fiscal policy in a growth framework’. Chapter 7 in T. Addison and A. Roe (eds.) Fiscal Policy for Development: Poverty, Reconstruction and Growth. Palgrave Macmillan,2004, 149–176.

‘An extended ‘Feder’ model of dualistic growth’, Economics Bulletin, 15, 9, 2002, 1–6. (With T.A. Lloyd).

1991–2000 publications

Public finance/public economics

‘Fiscal policy and growth: evidence from OECD countries’, Journal of Public Economics, 74, 2, 1999, 171–190. (With M.F. Bleaney and R. Kneller).

‘Fiscal illusion and the demand for government expenditures in the UK: a time–series analysis’, European Journal of Political Economy, 15, 1999, 687–704. (With O. Morrissey and A. Pinar).

‘Financing future public expenditure. Will tax rates have to rise?’  In R. Skidelsky (ed), The State of the Future, London: Social Market Foundation, 1998, pp. 79–100.

‘Voters’ tax–price perceptions and the provision of government non–marketed goods’, The Manchester School, LXV, 5, 1997, 513–533.

Taxing and Spending Dilemmas.London: Social Market Foundation, 1997. pp. 71.

‘Local governments’ monopoly power and local tax reform. Theory and evidence from the UK’, Public Choice, 89, 3–4, 1996, 393–417. (With J.S. Ashworth).

Public Sector Growth: Theories and International Evidence. (Editor and Contributor). Aldershot: Edward Elgar, April 1993. pp. xii + 261.

‘Public Sector Growth: Definition and Measurement Issues’ (chapter 1); and ‘Wagner’s Law and Musgrave’s Hypotheses’ (chapter 7); in N. Gemmell (ed), Public Sector Growth: Theories and International Evidence. Aldershot: Edward Elgar, 1993, pp. 17–33 & 103–120.

‘Public employees’ preferences and the size of the public sector’, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation, 14, 2, 1990, 393–402.

‘Wagner’s law, relative prices and the size of the public sector’, The Manchester School, 58, 4, 1990, 361–377.

Development economics

‘Agricultural growth and inter–sectoral linkages in a developing economy’, Journal of Agricultural Economics, 51, 3, 2000, 353–370. (With T.A. Lloyd and M. Mathew).

Trade and Fiscal Adjustment in Africa. (Co–editor and contributor). London: Macmillan, March 2000. pp. xii + 285. (With D. Bevan, P. Collier and D. Greenaway).

‘Tax revenue instability in sub–Saharan Africa: causes and consequences’.  In D. Bevan et al. (eds), Trade and Fiscal Adjustment in Africa,London: Macmillan, 2000, pp. 131–48. (With M.F. Bleaney and D. Greenaway).

‘Introduction’. In D. Bevan et al. (eds), Trade and Fiscal Adjustment in Africa,London: Macmillan, 2000, pp. 1–12. (With D. Bevan, P. Collier and D. Greenaway).

‘Factor endowments, non–tradables prices and measures of openness’, Journal of Development Economics, 58, 1999, 101–122. (With R.E. Falvey).

‘Reviewing the new growth literature’, New Political Economy, 3, 1, 1998, 129–134.

‘Why are prices low in Asia?’, The World Economy, 21, 7, 1998, 897–911. (With R.E. Falvey).

‘Fiscal adjustment in The Gambia: a case study’.  In C.K. Patel (ed), Fiscal Reforms in the Least Developed Countries. Cheltenham, UK and Brookfield, USA: Edward Elgar, 1997, pp. 110–49. (With P. Basu).

‘Are services income–elastic?  Some new evidence’, Review of Income and Wealth, 42, 3, 1996, 257–269. (With R.E. Falvey).

‘A formalisation and test of the factor productivity explanation of international differences in service prices’, International Economic Review, 37, 1, 85–102, 1996. (With R.E. Falvey).

‘Estimating the impact of human capital stocks and accumulation on economic growth: some new evidence’, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 58, 1, 9–28, 1996.

‘Endogenous growth, the Solow model and human capital’, The Economics of Planning, 28, 2–3, 169–83, 1995.

‘Explaining international differences in the share of services in real expenditure’, Economics Letters, 47, 1, 1995, 53–8. (With R.E. Falvey).

‘Tax revenue instability with particular reference to sub–Saharan Africa’, Journal of Development Studies, 31, 6, 883–902, 1995. (With M.F. Bleaney and D. Greenaway).

‘Reconciling alternative macro–models of optimal borrowing for developing countries: an expository note’, Journal of International Development, 6, 3, 1994, 353–9.

‘Fiscal dependence on trade taxes and economic development: some new evidence’, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 40, 1, 1993, 56–68.

‘Issues for the service sector in Pacific island development’.  In N. Cole and S Tambunlertchai (eds), The Future of the Asia–Pacific Economies. Pacific Islands at the Crossroads?, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Canberra, Australia: Asia and Pacific Development Centre and National Centre for Development Studies, AustralianNationalUniversity, 1993, pp. 236–74. (With R.E. Falvey).

‘Industrialisation, catching–up and economic growth: a comparative study across the world’s capitalist economies’, Economic Journal, 101, 405 (March), 1991, 263–75.  (With S. J. Dowrick).

‘Explaining service price differences in international comparisons’, American Economic Review, 81, 5, 1991, 1295–309. (With R. E. Falvey).

‘The shadow wage in economies with migrant labour.  The case of labour as a traded good’, The Manchester School, 59, 1, 1991, 45–63. (With I. Papps).


‘A model of output, productivity and wages in the British coal industry before 1914’, Bulletin of Economic Research, 48, 3, 1996, 209–240. (With P. Wardley).

‘Are economists different?’, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 6, 2, Spring 1992, 202–3.

1981–1990 publications

Public finance/public economics

‘Debt servicing costs and the growth of public expenditure’, Public Finance, 43, 2, 1988, 223–235.

‘The incidence of government expenditure and redistribution in the UK’, Economica, 52, 1985, 335–344.

‘The indexation of taxes and transfers in Britain’, The Manchester School, 53, 1985, 364–384 (With J. Creedy).

‘Tax revenue shares and income growth: a note’, Public Finance, 40, 1, 1985, 137–145.

‘Income redistribution through taxes and transfers in Britain’, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 31, 1, 1984, 44–59. (With J. Creedy).

‘The built–in flexibility of progressive income taxes: a simple model’, Public Finance, 27, 3, 1982, 361–371 (With J. Creedy).

Development economics

‘Trade taxes and welfare: The case of export incentives in S.E. Asian countries’, Australian Economic Review, 1990 (Q4), 61–73. (With R. E. Falvey).

‘Compensatory Financial and Fiscal Incentives to Exports’.  In C. R. Milner (ed), Export Promotion Strategies: Theory and Evidence from Developing Countries. Brighton: Wheatsheaf, 1990, pp. 109–29. (With R. E. Falvey).

‘Tax analysis and tax policy–making in less developed countries’, International Journal of Development Banking, 8, 1, 1990, 15–28.

‘Optimal international borrowing: how should it be defined?’, Journal of Development Studies, 25, 4, 1989, 580–582.

‘Debt and the developing countries: A simple model of optimal borrowing’, Journal of Development Studies, 24, 2, 1988, 197–213.

‘Tax revenue growth in developing countries’, Review of International Trade and Development, 23, 1 (March/April), 1988, 84–90.

‘A model of unbalanced growth: The market versus the non–market sector of an economy’, Oxford Economic Papers, 39, 2, 1987, 253–267.

Surveys in Development Economics. (Editor and contributor). Oxford: Basil Blackwell. 1987. pp. xvii + 376. (Paperback edition, 1989; translated into Indonesian, 1992).

‘Taxation and Development: A Survey’.  In N. Gemmell (ed), Surveys in Development Economics.Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1987, pp. 269–306. (Also contributed are ‘Editor’s Introduction’, pp.1–7; ‘Bibliography of Surveys/Reviews in Development Economics, 1970–86′, pp. 371–6.).

Structural Change and Economic Development. The Role of the Service Sector. London: Macmillan.  1986.  pp. xii + 216.

‘Third World Poverty’.  In P.S. Johnson and R. B. Thomas (eds), Economic Perspectives on Key Issues.Oxford; Philip Allan. 1985, pp. 90–108.

‘The growth of employment in services, Egypt 1960–76’, The Developing Economies, 23, 1, 1985, 53–68.

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‘The role of the non–market sector in Egypt’s economic growth, 1960–75’, Oxford Economic Papers, 34, 1, 1982, 207–223.

‘Structural change and economic development: the role of the service sector’, Journal of Development Studies, 19, 1, 1982, 33–62.


‘The contribution of services to British economic growth, 1856–1913’, Explorations in Economic History, 27, 2, 1990, 299–321. (With P. Wardley).

‘Is there a conflict between authors and publishers over royalty terms?’, Economics Letters, 29, 1989, 7–11.

‘The economics of authors’ royalty contracts: some analytics’, Journal of Economic Studies, 16, 5, 1989, 23–35.