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  • CLEW celebrates 50 years with a timely seminar

    CLEW’s 50th Anniversary seminar to be held on Wednesday April 14, 9am-4.30pm at Victoria University of Wellington’s Rutherford House focuses on the question 'Is it time to reset our Employment Relations Systems?'

  • Legal Update February 2021

    The following case concerns the calculation of annual leave payments to tour bus drivers who receive commission payments when they sell tourist activities to passengers. This Court of Appeal judgment interprets section 8 of the Holidays Act 2003 (the Act) to assess whether the bus drivers’ commission is or is not “a regular part of the employee’s pay” under the Act.

  • Articles and reports of interest February 2021

    In each of our CLEW'd In Newsletters we gather a selection of interesting articles and reports received at CLEW from a range of sources and on a range of topics related to employment and work. In particular we acknowledge the APO Policy Weekly for alerting us to interesting papers from across the Tasman. The following are articles collected in January and February for our February edition of CLEW'd IN, CLEW's bi-monthly newsletter.

  • The Plight of Labour NGOs in Representing Rural Migrant Workers in Contemporary China

    Since their emergence in the 1990s, labour NGOs operating in mainland China have played the role of de facto representatives of two-hundred-and-eighty million rural migrant workers. For more than two decades many NGOs, with varying objectives, skills, and resources at their disposal, operated with few constraints before the Chinese Government enacted the Law on Management of Activities of Overseas NGOs in Mainland China (Overseas NGOs Management Law)in 2017. This research, undertaken as a Master of Commerce thesis project In Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at Victoria University of Wellington, explores the challenges faced by Chinese labour NGOs since implementation of this law.

  • Legislation Update - Increase in sick leave

    The new Labour Government introduced its first piece of employment relations legislation to the House on 1 December, and Select Committee submissions are now open for the Holidays Act (Increasing Sick Leave) Amendment Bill and close on January 28.