Helpful resources to assist you with giving advice to your students on planning school subjects, choosing a degree, course planning, and gaining admission.

Planning degrees and courses

Visit our planning your courses and careers section for information on:

  • Course and degree planning—explains the range of study options from degrees to majors and minors.
  • Career options—helps your students start thinking about what career paths they might want to explore after completing their degree.
  • Planning school subjects—helps students to prepare and consider what subjects they might study at school to help when they come to study at university.

Degree information sheets

Use our degree information sheets when talking to students about the study options at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

These contain an overview of the degree, a list of recommended school subjects, information on the postgraduate opportunities available, a list of potential careers, degree examples and admission, degree, major, minor, and specialisation requirements for each degree.

Choosing school subjects

Download the planning ahead—recommended subjects sheet to help with choosing the right school subjects.

We have also prepared a pre-requisites guide for your reference which states the NCEA standards required for certain courses. Note that these standards are not required for admission to a particular programme—we still offer our introductory courses for these subjects too.

Admission to the University

We recognise that students faced significant challenges in their studies in 2020 and we have made sure they are not unfairly disadvantaged in being able to access their future educational opportunities. As such, the admission requirements have been changed for students who completed Year 13 in 2020.

Guaranteed Entry Score

We have removed guaranteed entry score requirements for students wanting to study at the University in 2021. This means any student who successfully completed New Zealand University Entrance (UE) in 2020 will be guaranteed entry to undergraduate study if they apply on time.

NCEA University Entrance

Students who completed NCEA University Entrance in 2020 needed to achieve 12 credits in each of three approved subjects, instead of 14 credits. The other requirements for NCEA University Entrance, such as the NCEA Level 3 certificate, numeracy and literacy credits remain the same.

Discretionary Entrance

The regulations for Discretionary Entrance have been temporarily changed for students applying to study in 2021. Students who have missed out on achieving University Entrance from Year 13 in 2020 may now apply to study under Discretionary Entrance to start in the first trimester 2021.

We are committed to working closely with you to ensure students are not disadvantaged—contact us if you’d like to discuss any specific scenarios with us.

Accommodation reference form

Give a reference using the accommodation common confidential reference form now used by all universities.

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