He mahi mā te raumati | Summer research scholarships and internships

Spend the summer networking and gaining valuable workplace skills.

These co-sponsored summer research scholarships and internships offer an opportunity for Taihonoa partners and tauira students to work together on a discrete research project and other summer projects.

For tauira, summer work is a great way to gain new skills, work exposure, improve your CV, and seriously kickstart your career in the right direction. For Taihonoa partners, the summer research scholarships and internships are practical relationship-based mechanisms to connect with and support a registered member(s) and/or the Māori organisation.

“Our Taihonoa intern has been absolutely amazing and has quickly become a fantastic team asset. She's been so successful we've offered her another contract that extends past her internship.”

Rosalie Ryder

Manager Te Kāhui Whakamana, Te Arawhiti/Office for Māori Crown Relations and Taihonoa partner

Summer research scholarship

Summer research scholarships run November to mid-February and are aligned with the University’s Summer Research Scholarships Programme. The student must undertake a research project and have an academic supervisor.

Every summer research scholarship includes a minimum tax-free stipend of $8,000.

Summer internship

Summer internships are not confined to a research project and may include, for example, policy analysis, event and project coordination, administration, and/or field work.

The duration of the internships is usually ten weeks between mid-November and mid-February.

Interns are generally paid the living wage by the host provider of the internship.

What does the co-funding look like?

Co-funding has a number of benefits. The spread effect lowers the cost for each partner organisation while also increasing potential impact of the internship. Taihonoa co-funded internships can be managed by a bi- or tri- partied arrangement, such as:

50% of the costs are provided by the Office of the DVC (Māori), and 50% by the Taihonoa host partner.

33% by the Office of the DVC (Māori), 33% by the Taihonoa host partner, and 33% by a Taihonoa iwi/Māori organisation partner.

How to apply

Each year between August to October the Taihonoa Programme Coordinator in the Office of the DVC (Māori) will announce the internships available. Announcements will be distributed through Āwhina (Māori student support services) and Ngāi Tauira channels.

“Our intern has been great—smart, great fun, and good work ethic. We are keen to carry on with the summer programme next year.”

Toko Kapea

Director, Tuia Group and Taihonoa partner