Working papers

The working paper series, now defunct, contained analysis and research conducted by and through the Centre for Strategic Studies.

The CSS working paper series ended in 2005

Analysis and research conducted by and through CSS:NZ on strategic issues relevant to New Zealand are contained in a Working Paper series. Strategic security is addressed in its broadest compass to include more than the traditional military concept. On average between four and six Papers are produced annually. Contributions are derived not just from CSS:NZ alone, but from the New Zealand academic, official and other communities. The Papers reflect a broad range of opinion that is subject to peer group review, and do not constitute an official CSS:NZ view as such.

Working papers available in print only

  • WP No. 04/95 - Anachronistic past or positive future: New Zealand and the five power defence arrangements (available in print only) - by Jim Rolfe
  • WP No. 03/95 - Clearing the fields: New Zealand and anti-personnel landmines (available in print only) - by Mary Wareham
  • WP No. 02/95 - New Zealand and ASEAN: Current and future outlook (available in print only) - by Terence O'Brien
  • WP No. 01/95 - Will Japan go nuclear? Myth and reality (available in print only) - by Matake Kamiya