Strategic Manoeuvres: Security in the Asia-Pacific

Edited by James Veitch NZ$20.00

A collection of essays presented to Cmdr. (ret.) Peter Cozens, upon his retirement as the third director of the Centre for Strategic Studies: New Zealand.

Book - strategic manoeuvres - security in the asia-pacific


Foreword - James Veitch

Track 2 Diplomacy - Gary Hawke

New Zealand's Naval Choices - Geoffrey Till

Achieving Effective Governance of New Zealand's Oceans - Joanna Mossop

New Zealand's Role in Asia Pacific Security - Les Holborow

Looking at Defence Contingencies - Ron Smith

A Region of Rivalry - Stuart McMillan

East Asia, the Pacific and New Zealand: A New Political Complex in the Making? - Dirk Nabers & Robert Patman

The Threat of Global Terrorism and the US Response - Andrew T.H. Tan

Prioritising Beijing's Security Concerns - Jian Yang

Changes in China's Energy Situation and its

Strategy for Energy Security - Zhou Xingbao

Maritime Power Projection and the Indian Navy - P.K.Gosh

Rethinking the Protection of the Sea Lines of Communication - Andrew Forbes

Enhanced Information Sharing in the Asia Pacific: Establishing a Regional Cooperative Maritime Operations Center - Kathleen A. Walsh

Sea Piracy - What's the Current Situation - Sam Bateman

A Seabed Scramble: Opportunities and Overlaps on the Outer Continental Shelf in the Asia Pacific - Clive Schofield

Ecosystem Destruction and International Law in the "Oil-Rich Spratlys" - Ian Townsend-Gault

First Published 2009.
ISBN 0-475-20114-0
Paperback, 237p.