Dr Peter Greener

CSS Senior Fellow Dr Peter Greener

Dr Peter Greener is an Honorary Professor, and was previously Academic Dean at the Command and Staff College of the New Zealand Defence Force, where he has taught Defence and Strategic Studies since 2008.

Dr Greener is an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences at AUT University, where he was Head of the School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies 2003–2007, and Head of the Department of Psychotherapy and Applied Psychology from 1998–2003.

He has a Masters degree in Public Policy from Victoria University of Wellington and a PhD from the University of Auckland in Political Studies with a focus on New Zealand defence capability decision making.

Dr Greener's research interests include international peacekeeping and the aetiology, management and resolution of conflict; capability development; and the politics of defence decision making. He brings to these interests the perspective of his many years experience as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.


Phone: +64 21 534 024

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