2019 Hill Tinsley Medal awarded to Associate Professor Nicholas Golledge

Associate Professor Nicholas Golledge from the University’s Antarctic Research Centre has been awarded the 2019 Hill Tinsley Medal from the New Zealand Association of Scientists.

Head-and-shoulder photograph of Nicholas looking directly at the camera

The medal is awarded to an early career scientist for outstanding fundamental or applied research in the physical, natural, or social sciences.

Associate Professor Golledge received the award for his work in modelling ice sheet and individual glacier behaviour over a range of time periods. His work has provided valuable insight into past ice sheet behaviour.

Associate Professor Golledge joined the University’s Antarctic Research Centre in 2009, soon after completing his PhD. While at the Centre, he has focused on modelling Antarctic ice sheets and their contribution to sea level rise. He has published many high-impact scientific articles in this time, including a recent Nature paper which explores the global consequences of 21st century ice-sheet melting, and his findings have made media headlines across the world. He has been an invited keynote speaker at several significant international climate change meetings and workshops.

Associate Professor Golledge has a background in geology and glaciology and readily collaborates with modellers and field scientists around the world.

Association president Dr Heide Friedrich noted that the awards seek to recognise and promote both the recent past of New Zealand science and scientists. They also look to recognise and support future science leaders, as well as the importance of communicating what science is and does, now and in the future, to a range of audiences.

The award was presented at a function held at the University of Auckland last night, following the annual New Zealand Association of Scientists conference.