Deans List

The Dean's List is a formal and published record of students who achieve academic excellence in their current year of study in an undergraduate degree programme

To find more information about the policy, including the criteria students need to meet to be considered for inclusion in the Dean's List, see the Dean's List Policy.

Dean's List 2019

  • Brianagh Boyle
  • Hannah Dodson
  • Sophie Hughes
  • Lauren Kenrick
  • Cara Keohane
  • Ali Leota
  • Abby McRoberts
  • Amber O'Fee
  • Carly Robinson
  • Uma Robinson
  • Angela Rutten
  • Katie Sharp
  • Jane Sparkes
  • Lucy Treseder
  • Brooklyn Yagmich

Dean's List 2018

  • Abby McRoberts
  • Alisa Mitlash
  • Elizabeth Dewes
  • Te Mapihi Tutua-Nathan
  • Elizabeth Fraser