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2021 Leadership Week: Challenge, Create, Change

Learn about Leadership Week 2021 and explore presentations from some of the seminars.

Leadership Week 2021 aimed to empower and inspire young people at the forefront of generating ideas, setting the agenda, and enacting change. Expectations for rapid change are increasing. As culture creators, young people want to know how our communities, companies, and governing bodies are addressing environmental and social issues. As demand for social responsibility and ethical leadership increases, so too does the need for fresh new ideas.

The week showcased a small slice of the transformative thinking occurring at the University and beyond, as well as the kinds of opportunities the University’s two leadership programmes (the Wellington International Leadership Programme (WILP) and the Wellington Plus Programme) offer to students. It focused on a range of topics including: the challenges of ethical leadership in the 21st century; gender, intersectionality, and leadership; an intimate account of activism occurring around the Pacific; and how we can combat modern forms of slavery and forced labour.

Leadership Week 2021 was a collaboration between the Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership, the Wellington International Leadership Programme and the Wellington Plus Programme. Together, we curated a week of events that aimed to stimulate challenging and creative ideas that will change our world for the better. Presentations from the seminars, and recording from the webinar, are still available to explore below.