Research and consultancy work focuses on ethical leadership and ethics management in public and private sector organisations.

Professor Karin Lasthuizen specialises in methodology for research into unethical organisational behaviours such as corruption and fraud. She has written over 60 publications on leadership, ethics management, corruption, and policing in national and international journals and books.

It is our ambition to develop theory, practical measurement instruments, and evidence-based advice in the field of responsible leadership, ethics management, and corruption measurement. Our approach needs to be sensitive to matters of cultural subjectivity and originate from comparative, cross-sectional, and longitudinal research.

Potential PhD research areas

The Chair welcomes PhD students who would like to study ethical leadership, particularly from a specific cultural perspective or in international business.

Opportunities and challenges for Aotearoa New Zealand

This research explores the meaning of ethical leadership and its role in addressing the main ethical issues in New Zealand.

Ethics at work: 2018 survey of employees

This survey was first introduced in the UK in 2005. In 2018 the Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership became the national partner for the New Zealand report.


Professor Karin Lasthuizen co-authored the textbook Ethics and Management in the Public Sector and has written numerous publications.