PUPOL Network

Professor Karin Lasthuizen is one of the co-founders of the global Public and Political Leadership (PUPOL) Network.

The Public and Political Leadership (PUPOL) academic network was founded in 2012 in the Netherlands, and became an international network in 2015. Since its inception, PUPOL has grown into a vibrant network of over 75 scholars interested in and working on leadership in public administration, public management, organisation studies, and political science.

PUPOL was founded by Karin Lasthuizen and Sabina Stiller. It was supported by the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG) as a research colloquium. In time they were joined by Sandra Resodihardjo and Leonie Heres, and together this pioneering group developed PUPOL into an international network with a board of directors and a board of executives.

PUPOL activities include an annual conference.

In 2019, the fourth international conference was hosted by the Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership at the Wellington School of Business and Government.

An overview from Dr Alessandro Sancino

In the video below, Dr Alessandro Sancino talks about PUPOL conferences.

Early Career Network

PUPOL recently started the Early Career Network (ECN) after the virtual PUPOL Conference 2020 to connect young scholars interested in public and political leadership,

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