John McClure appointed to Emeritus Professor

Congratulations to Professor John McClure, from the School of Psychology, who has been awarded the status of Emeritus Professor.

Professor McClure joined Victoria University of Wellington in 1987. His research has focused on three areas: assessing the psychological factors that affect preparation for natural hazards (such as earthquakes), clarifying why people misunderstand the actions of those with brain injuries, and looking at the reasons behind people’s preferences for different types of explanations.

Professor McClure has enjoyed the teaching and research throughout his time here. “It’s always great when a lecture goes well, when you get an interesting research finding or when an article is accepted for publication,” he says. He has also appreciated the opportunity to live in a compact city with beaches, nice places to walk, and a diverse range of inexpensive restaurants.

The University’s strong support for research activity is particularly important, he says. “Working at this University has allowed me to receive internal grants that compliment larger external grants. Our workload allows for considerable time to allocate to research, although there is never quite enough!

“I greatly appreciate being appointed to Emeritus Professor. It means I can continue to access databases, research new issues and spend more time communicating these findings to the community, especially regarding preparing for earthquakes and mitigating climate change.”