Victoria University partners in major New Zealand climate change project

Identifying potential climate change trends over the next 90 years

Staff from the New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute (CCRI) based at Victoria University will be part of a national team tasked with identifying potential climate change trends over the next 90 years in a new $7.2 million project to ‘climate proof’ New Zealand.

The project, ‘New Zealand climate changes, impacts and implications’, is being led by NIWA and Landcare Research and will take place over four years. Five inter-related projects will make up the programme, which will update and improve projections of climate trends, variability and extremes across New Zealand to the year 2100.

The CCRI will play a key role in the policy development area of the project, translating research findings into useful information for national and local government organisations, businesses, iwi and communities throughout New Zealand.  

Professor David Frame, Director of the Institute, says he is pleased that the New Zealand Government has recognised climate change as an important issue requiring more research.

“This is a significant research project which should help improve New Zealand’s ability to anticipate and deal with climate change,” says Professor Frame.

The New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute was established in 2008 by Victoria University to undertake interdisciplinary research into all aspects of climate change. The Institute produces high quality, relevant climate change research for private and public sector decision makers.