BayerBoost scholarships

Science students awarded BayerBoost environmental scholarships

Congratulations to two of our science students who have been awarded a BayerBoost Environmental Scholarship.

In late 2004, Bayer approached the Royal Society of New Zealand to explore setting up a suitable environmental education programme in New Zealand. The scheme encourages students intending to study environmental sciences or related areas to participate in summer work programmes, often voluntarily, to gain experience that will support their future careers.

BayerBoost aims to sponsor such students in their vacation work/research projects, thereby enabling young people to gain skills experience appropriate to their chosen field of study.

Oliver Bone, School of Biological Sciences

Host: NIWA

Project: Collecting water and sediment samples at a number of locations in Wellington Harbour and the Wellington South Coast to gather data on the microbial processes. The aim is to combine this data with water quality data collected by the Greater Wellington Regional Council to provide a more comprehensive view of the microbial community and the pressures it may be subject to.

Evan Brenton-Rule, School of Biological Sciences

Host: Victoria University of Wellington

Project: Participation in an ongoing research programme involving DNA extraction and analysis from wasp specimens. This project is an essential step towards the control of invasive common wasps, which are a major conservation problem in New Zealand's native forest ecosystems.