Wellington Tangiwai Scholarship – (School Leaver Scholarships for Excellence)

Scholarship Level: School leaver
Closing Date(s): 1 September
Tenure: One year
Number offered: Up to 600
Value: $5000


Scholarships will be awarded competitively on the basis of academic merit with leadership and community involvement a secondary consideration. Scholarships are valued at $5,000 for the first year of study which can be put towards accommodation costs at a university Hall of Residence, or as a stipend to contribute towards your first year living costs.


The Wellington Tangiwai Scholarship* recognises Victoria University of Wellington’s commitment to supporting academically-strong school leavers to study at the University and recognises them as New Zealand's scholars of the future. These scholarships will be offered to the top school-leaver applicants enrolling in any of the University's Bachelor degree programmes.

*Formerly known as the Victoria Tangiwai Scholarship.


Scholarships will be awarded competitively on the basis of academic excellence. Applicants must be in Year 13 or have completed Year 13 in the year prior and be taking a gap year to be eligible to apply for this scholarship.


  • Applicants must be New Zealand Citizens, Permanent Residents, Resident visa status holders or International fee-paying students who have completed or will have completed at least two full years (ie. their Year 12 and Year 13) at a New Zealand Secondary School at the time of VUW enrolment.
  • Applicants are expected to have their NCEA Level 2 Certificate endorsed with Excellence from Year 12 (all Excellence credits at Level 2 or 3 that have been attained in Year 12 will be taken into consideration for this scholarship). Students studying alternative qualifications should have an equivalent level of achievement in that qualification.
  • Applicants must be intending to enrol full-time in the year following application in their first Undergraduate Degree at Victoria University of Wellington.

Selection process

Selection will be made by the Victoria University of Wellington Undergraduate Scholarship Committee.

Regulations and conditions

  1. A completed online application must be submitted by 4:30pm on the closing date. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Any required supporting documentation (including references) must also be received by 4:30pm on the closing date in order for the application to be considered.
  2. All offers of the Scholarship will be conditional upon the recipient being fully enrolled in a full-year programme (full-time will be at the level of points considered by Studylink as full-time) within the stipulated criteria and tenure of the scholarship. No payment of the Scholarship will be made until this condition is met.
  3. NCEA applicants will be assessed on their achievement during their Year 12 year of study. Normally this will be based on Excellence credits gained at NCEA level 2 and/or 3 during this period. An NCEA Level 2 Certificate endorsed with Excellence from Year 12 is required to be eligible to apply. (If you believe your situation is exceptional, we may consider it on a case by case basis).
  4. Applicants with an equivalent level of achievement in an alternative qualification are also encouraged to apply. Examples of alternative qualifications considered are: International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), or Rudolph Steiner qualifications.
  5. CIE candidates with at least 230 points on the UCAS tariff across no more than four subjects from Year 12 are encouraged to apply.
  6. All offers of the Scholarship are conditional on the recipient being fully engaged in their Year 13 study and gaining a Merit or Excellence endorsement on their NCEA Level 3 Certificate. CIE candidates will need to gain at least 300 points on the UCAS tariff in their Year 13 subjects. Recipients must also gain University Entrance and admission
    to their programme of study.
  7. IB candidates who expect to achieve a score of 37 or greater for the IB diploma are encouraged to apply and will be notified of the outcome of their application once their results are released to us. All successful applicants must also gain University Entrance and admission to their programme of study.
  8. Applicants who wish to enrol at Victoria University of Wellington in the year following application directly from Year 12 may not apply for the Scholarship unless they will meet all the normal conditions of the scholarship by the end of their Year 12 year (see regulation 6 in particular).
  9. Applicants who go on an official student school exchange for a minimum of six months instead of completing Year 13 may apply for the Scholarship. These applicants will also need to gain admission through Discretionary Entrance.
  10. Applicants who have taken a (single) gap year after completing Year 13 may apply for the Scholarship as long as they have not studied at another university during that time (i.e. this scholarship is for first-year students, not transferring students). They will need to apply in the year prior to starting study at Victoria University of Wellington.
  11. Exceptional applicants will also be considered for the Wellington Kahotea Scholarships which includes full accommodation costs at a university Hall of Residence plus a stipend for three years conditional on students continuing to be enrolled full-time and maintaining a Grade Point Average of 7 (an A- average). See full regulations here.
  12. All recipients of the Wellington Tangiwai and Wellington Kahotea Scholarships are guaranteed an offer of a place in one of our Halls of Residence, provided an accommodation application is received by the Accommodation Service by their deadline.
  13. The Scholarship cannot be deferred to a later year.
  14. The Scholarship may be held in conjunction with other awards with the exceptions of the Wellington Totoweka Scholarship, the Wellington Kahotea Scholarship, the Robert Bostock Scholarship, or any other Victoria University of Wellington funded School Leaver Scholarship.
  15. Should the recipient withdraw from the University during the tenure of this scholarship or fail to achieve a satisfactory progress, partial repayment of the Scholarship will normally be expected. Recipients must advise the Scholarships Office if they intend to withdraw.
  16. Recipients are expected to act as Ambassadors for the University and participate in appropriate events or marketing if requested.
  17. At the discretion of the Deciding Authority, the application of the terms and conditions of the Scholarship may be modified in special circumstances or to avoid hardship to any candidate for the Scholarship.


Scholarships and PhD Admissions Office
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