Wellington Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Scholarship level: Doctoral
Closing date(s): First day of each month (please see additional information)
Tenure: Up to three months (Note: The original scholarship's tenure once awarded, cannot be extended)
Number offered: Varies
Value: Stipend of $2,000 per month for up to three months. [NOTE: From now until the end of this year, the awarding committee will be required to award only one month of Submission Scholarship (i.e., $2,000 total per eligible student). This limitation will be reviewed for 2024.]


The purpose of this scholarship is to enable doctoral candidates to fully concentrate on completing their thesis. Applicants and their supervisors must carefully consider the amount of time required to completion as the scholarship is only available for the final three months before submission of the thesis for examination. Full-time or half-time candidates may apply, but candidates who are currently registered half-time will be required to change their registration to full-time.


The scholarship will provide a stipend of $2,000 per month for up to three months.


The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of an assessment of the applicant's ability to complete the thesis within the specified timeframe. Applicants must be resident in New Zealand for the full tenure of this scholarship.


  • Applicants must be in their final three months prior to submitting their Doctoral thesis at Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Applicants must be resident in New Zealand for the full tenure of the scholarship.

Application process

A completed online application must be submitted by 4.30 pm on the closing date. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Any required supporting documentation (including references) must also be received by 4.30 pm on the closing date in order for the application to be considered.

Applications will normally open one month prior to the closing date. If no application link is provided below, check back again closer to the closing date. Contact us if you have any queries.

Apply online

Scholarship specific documentation

  • A detailed timeline for up to three month scholarship period
  • A report of progress to date (approximately one page)
  • A copy of the most recent six monthly progress report
  • Endorsement from Head of School (or their nominee) and Supervisor - to be requested via the online application

Selection process

Successful recipients will be selected by the Wellington Doctoral Submission Scholarship Committee.

Additional information

This scholarship has a closing date of the first day of each month (except January). This deadline remains the same, regardless of whether the first of month falls on a weekend or public holiday.

If successful the scholarship period will commence the month following. For example: applications closing on 1 September are for scholarships commencing from 1 October. There is no closing round in January. Please plan accordingly and apply by 1 December for any January and/or February funding for the following year.

NOTE: Please be sure to check with your School as well to see if there are any internal deadlines related to the application process.

At the discretion of the Wellington Doctoral Submission Scholarship Committee, the application of the terms and conditions of this Scholarship may be modified in special circumstances or to avoid hardship to any applicant for the scholarship.

Regulations and conditions

  • The Wellington Doctoral Submission Scholarship may not be held concurrently with any other scholarship.
  • Half-time candidates must change their registration to full-time and commit themselves exclusively to completing their thesis.
  • Students who wish to undertake paid work during the tenure of this scholarship must have an approval from their supervisor or Head of School.
  • The award of the scholarships will be made by the Wellington Doctoral Submission Scholarship Committee.
  • The scholarship will not be awarded during periods where the student will be seeking professional proofreading services.
  • Scholarship recipients will be required to sign the Postgraduate Research Scholarship Contract. The Head of School (or nominee) and primary supervisor will also sign the contract, indicating that they are aware of the terms and conditions of the scholarship.
  • If it is considered that less than the maximum support is required, the value of this award may be reduced.
  • In cases where the student submits before the final month of the scholarship period, no further scholarship payments will be made (any tuition fees paid for this period will be refunded to the Scholarships Office).
  • In cases where a candidate does not submit within their approved scholarship time frame, the University may require the School to refund the scholarship payments.


Scholarships Office
Phone 0800 04 04 04