Jack Pearce Research Scholarship in New Zealand or English History

Study Area(s): Humanities
Scholarship Level: Master’s Research
Closing Date(s): 31 October
Tenure: One year
Number offered: One
Value: Please see additional information


The Jack Pearce Postgraduate Scholarship in English or New Zealand History established through the Victoria University of Wellington Foundation, offers New Zealand students the opportunity to gain postgraduate experience in the area of New Zealand and English history.


The scholarship is in memory of Jack Pearce (1911-1994) who wanted to go to university but was unable to do so as a young man. University education was rare in those days, there were no grants and his father probably reasoned that as he and his five brothers had all achieved success in life with only a secondary education further education was unnecessary for his son. The scholarship named in Jack Pearce's memory is being established by Jack's daughter, Brenda Joyce. As a result of this scholarship, many young people will have opportunities for further education that Brenda and her father Jack would have cherished.


The scholarship is open to a full-time Master's by thesis student undertaking research in New Zealand or English History at Victoria University of Wellington. Students who are intending to transfer to Victoria University of Wellington from other universities are eligible to apply. The scholarship will be made primarily on the basis of academic merit and the ability of the University to supervise the proposed research. Where there is a difficulty in distinguishing between applicants financial need may be taken into account. If no suitable applicant is available in any one year, the scholarship will not be awarded and the funds will be re-invested.


  • Applicants must be intending to enrol in a full-time Masters by thesis at Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Applicants must be intending to undertake research in New Zealand or English History.

Application process

A completed online application must be submitted by 4.30 pm on the closing date. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Any required supporting documentation (including references) must also be received by 4.30 pm on the closing date in order for the application to be considered.

Applications will normally open one month prior to the closing date. If no application link is provided below, check back again closer to the closing date. Contact us if you have any queries.

Scholarship specific documentation

  • A brief description of the research topic to be undertaken
  • A personal statement
  • A reference (to be requested via the online application)

Selection process

The successful recipient will be selected by the Victoria Research Scholarship Committee in consultation with the donor.

Additional information

The value of the scholarship is up to $25,000 in total (comprising a stipend of approximately $15,000 plus fees) subject to funds available.

Regulations and conditions

  • The successful recipient will be expected to abide by the equivalent Victoria University of Wellington postgraduate scholarship regulations and conditions (Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship) available from the scholarships website.
  • Recipients must write a letter of thanks to the donor of this scholarship and submit an end of year progress.
  • The scholarship may not be held in conjunction with other major postgraduate scholarships.


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