Prize details

The David Carleton Prize


$500 (subject to available funds)

Closing date:

No application required


The award is for a student enrolled in either the 300 or 400 level courses that year, who has been a regular workshop user, working in the medium of timber and demonstrating a love and respect for the material, its properties and the making process.


The David Carleton Prize was established through a generous gift from the Carleton and Preston families, initially for three years. This funding was matched by the Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation and the Schools of Architecture and Design Innovation.

Dave was a highly valued Senior Technician within the 3D Modelling Workshops Technical Team, who is remembered as a dedicated staff member and an invaluable resource to students and academics. This prize continues to support students in his memory.

The recipient will be asked to write a letter of appreciation which will be forwarded appropriately.