Clare Galambos-Winter Prize in Holocaust Studies


This prize was established in 2007 via the Victoria University Foundation, in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, through a donation from a Holocaust survivor, Clare Galambos-Winter. Clare Galambos-Winter survived Auschwitz and came to Wellington in 1949 where she continued her interrupted career playing the violin and joining the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

The prize shall be awarded on the recommendation of the Head of the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations in consultation with the Head of the History Programme.

The recipient will be asked to write a letter of appreciation which will be forwarded appropriately.


$500 (subject to available funds)


No application required


This prize is awarded annually to the student in History who, in the year of the award, has completed an essay on an aspect of the Holocaust and genocide and who is judged to be the best student of the year and most worthy of the award.