Bernard Randall Prize in Public Policy


This Prize was established in 2006 from a gift by Victoria University alumnus Bernard Randall, in honour of the Rt Hon. Mike Moore. The Rt Hon. Mike Moore served as New Zealand's Minister of Overseas Trade and Marketing (1984-90), Minister of External Relations and Trade (1989-90) and Prime Minister (1990), and as Director-General of the World Trade Organization (1999-2002).

The prize is awarded on the recommendation of the Head of the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations, in consultation with the academic staff and Head of Programme in the Political Science and International Relations Programme.

The names of the students awarded this prize will be inscribed on the Honours Board at the premises of the Political Science and International Relations programme.

Recipients will be asked to write a letter of thanks which will be forwarded appropriately.


$600 (subject to available funds)


No application required


This Prize is awarded annually to the student who completes a Master of International Relations and, in the year of the award, is judged to be the most worthy recipient.