Networks and collaborations

We collaborate nationally and internationally with organisations and colleagues in restorative practice.

Collaboratives for Restorative Initiatives in Health

The National Collaborative, Aotearoa NZ

We facilitate the National Collaborative which aims to support the development of a restorative initiatives in Aotearoa, NZ within a Te Tiriti o Waitangi framework. Restorative practice and hohou te rongopai (peace-making) are held together as complementary but distinct approaches. Members include government agencies, Kaumātua, Kuia, consumers, and clinicians.

The Collaborative was formed in February 2020, by Te Ngāpara Centre for Restorative practice at Te Herenga Waka Victoria University. Membership includes stakeholders from across the health and disability system, such as senior representatives from national agencies (Health, Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission), Ministry of Health, Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), Health and Disability Commissioner), as well as kaumātua and kuia, and those providing perspectives from the sharp end of care provision (such as consumers and clinicians).

Restorative initiatives are increasingly being applied to respond to healthcare harm. The Ministry of Health is at the forefront of global innovation having delivered a major and internationally unprecedented project that employed a restorative approach to address the harm from surgical mesh use in 2019. Following this leadership, clinicians, consumers, and organisations are increasingly applying relational and tikanga Māori approaches to complaints, adverse events, and human resource issues as ‘restorative practice’ and ‘Hohou te Rongopai’ (peace-making). Being Tiriti led, the Collaborative holds both together as complementary but distinct approaches, referred to here as restorative initiatives.

The purpose of the Collaborative is to “build a restorative community in the health and disability system that is grounded in whanaungatanga and manaakitanga.”  We aim to achieve our purpose by (a) working collaboratively within and across agencies, iwi, hapu, and advocacy groups; (b) pursuing an authentic Tiriti partnership over the next  2–5-years, that is co-designed and co-governed by the multiple parties involved, with clear individual agency and iwi roles and responsibilities; (c) being opportunistic, adaptive and sharing resources; (d) building capability and educating the health and disability sector (undergraduate, post graduate and within professional groups); (e) understanding and evaluating what works, for whom and in what circumstances; (f) being inclusive so that all those that might be affected by restorative initiatives have a voice.

The International Collaborative

The international collaborative is a group of academics, clinicians and patient advocates who are working to co-design, build capability, and research restorative initiatives in international health systems. Members include representatives from Canada, the UK, US, and Australia.  If you are interested in our work, please contact

Oceania Network for Restorative Practices Addressing Sexual Harm

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