Sustained restorative dialogue

The 'Sustained Restorative Dialogue' method was piloted in 2018 as a restorative process to hold difficult conversations about important community issues.

Sustained restorative dialogue as a means of understanding and combatting sexually harmful behaviour

A pilot report by Lindsey Pointer

The inaugural dialogue explored the issue of sexual harm and harassment on campus. It was a 'sustained' dialogue in that it was run over four sessions with the same participants. It was a 'restorative' dialogue in that the conversation moved in sequential sessions through the main steps of a restorative analysis—What is happening? What are the impacts? What is needed to make things right? The aim of the dialogue was to explore the broader climate that gives rise to sexual harm in the campus setting and beyond and to explore possible solutions.

This report includes background information, the circle outlines for each session, feedback from participants, recruitment processes, and lessons learned.

Sustained Dialogue Report (PDF)