About the Hub

The Hub connects students, graduates, and lawyers with academics and policymakers to create a better legal system for all New Zealanders.

The Pasifika Legal Education Hub advances the vision and strategic goals of the Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation for an Aotearoa New Zealand that flourishes by enabling everyone to enjoy the law and the opportunity it provides.

The Hub is a multidisciplinary research network that connects students, graduates and lawyers with academics and policymakers.

By bringing Pasifika researchers from law and other disciplines and practices together, the Hub is intended for multidisciplinary collaboration to implement and test interventions. This is a collaborative space that brings together a range of experts to explore the diverse socio-economic factors that impact Pasifika students in legal education.

The Hub focuses on the themes of Equity, Belonging and Authority relating to Pasifika in Aotearoa New Zealand. The impact of these themes is of profound concern for Pasifika – a vibrant and growing part of the New Zealand population. Therefore, addressing these issues through the law is essential to ensuring a just, inclusive, tolerant and free society for all New Zealanders.

The Hub creates a platform through which the Talanoa will be conducted that ensures national engagement and encourages stakeholders investment and engagement in developing and testing interventions with interdisciplinary expertise.

The Hub has a starting project entitled ‘Equity, Belonging and Authority—How can Law, Policy and Practice support Pasifika in Aotearoa New Zealand—Improving Pasifika Legal Education’.

How we work

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