Hunter Atrium opens its doors to staff and students

brick clad interior of building with square concrete feature at centre

Hunter Atrium is the main reception for Kelburn Campus—the doors through which nearly all new students and many visitors to the University pass. Many student-facing services can be found adjacent to the Atrium, and it is also the main entry to the historic Hunter Council Chamber and Vice-Chancellor's Office.

The Atrium is a light, modern space, encased by glass, which stands in sharp and striking contrast to the adjoining historic Hunter and Robert Stout Buildings. Suspended walkways connect the second and third floors of the historic buildings.

The Atrium’s zinc cladding is a similar material to the top of the Hub and also references the Adam Art Gallery. Conceptually, the new Atrium forms part of a collection of zinc boxes on Kelburn Campus. The form could be thought as a container of knowledge, a ‘forehead’—similar to the Hub, which is suggestive of a ‘cranium’ container.

The Hunter Atrium replaces a similar building on the same site, which leaked. The roof of the Robert Stout building was also replaced as part of this project, to ensure that both buildings are weathertight.