VicTeach events 2022

VicTeach events include workshops, seminars, guest lectures, and brainstorming sessions. Find out about VicTeach events in 2022.

11 February

VicTeach online social

To start off 2022 and reconnect with each other, VicTeach Advisory Committee members hosted an online social space.

18 February

VicTeach online meet-up

A VicTeach meet-up focussed on teaching at Red. This meet-up was for the VicTeach community to ask each other questions, share advice, and brainstorm together as we approached our first Trimester 1 at the Red Light of the Covid-19 Traffic Light System. All professional and academic staff with an interest in teaching and learning were invited to attend.

18 March and ongoing

Learning Analytics Hub

We have started a VicTeach Learning Analytics Hub. At the kick-off event on 18 March we discussed what potential learning analytics has for teaching and learning practice and research at Te Herenga Waka.

If you'd like to join the Learning Analytics hub and contribute to the development of an exciting new initiative, email Irina Elgort and Allan Sylvester.

All professional and academic staff with an interest in teaching and learning are very welcome. There are currently monthly meetings and a Teams site.

4 July

VicTeach and UNSW event: Sharing what makes us most excited about teaching

The University of New South Wales Education-Focused Communities of Practice and VicTeach are co-hosting a learning and teaching social event to share our teaching practice and continue building on the connection made in 2020 with like-minded educators across the Tasman.

More information and register your interest to attend.

6 July

The classroom as a metaphorical canoe—engaging with Pasifika learners

Drawing on our own experiences as Pasifika peoples in tertiary spaces and Teresia Teaiwa’s foundational work “The Classroom as a Metaphorical Canoe”, the Pasifika Student Success team alongside some Pasifika students will facilitate a talanoa focused on engagement with Pasifika learners.

The metaphorical canoe is an important image as it shows that tertiary study and gaining qualifications is a journey rather than a destination. Further, it establishes both staff and students as equal navigators and paddlers.

As the fastest-growing young population in New Zealand, it is increasingly important to not only engage with Pasifika learners, but to engage well. So this talanoa will highlight ways we can work collaboratively to ensure we are all paddling in the same direction.

This workshop comprises three sections:

  1. Providing a brief context around the ‘Pasifika canoe’.
  2. Splitting into smaller groups for an in-depth talanoa.
  3. Coming together to figure out where we can go from here and how we can all paddle together.

Register if you would like to attend in-person or online.