Outer green belt

The location of our planting site will establish an ecological corridor helping to connect species and communities alike.

Creating a green corridor

The Wellington Outer Green Belt (WOGB) is an ongoing project to create a series of reserves that run uninterrupted from Porirua City in the north to the southern coastline. The goal is to create a belt of vegetation along the city’s western edge that has both conservation and social benefits. It will provide a native habitat for indigenous species as well as recreational areas for Wellington residents.

Currently there are several breaks in the WOGB, with the Ohariu Ridge district being the largest gap. The Growing Our Future site sits in the centre of this gap and our reforestation efforts will help to reduce the size of the gap.

Reducing the gap in the green belt will increase the ecological connectivity of the WOGB. It will allow some species that cannot currently cross the Ohariu Ridge to use the site as a stepping stone between viable habitats.

Map of Wellington outer green belt
Map of the Wellington Outer Green Belt, 2019.