A journey from science to science communication—from Antarctica to COVID comms

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Presented by Rhian Salmon

Campus connections lecture series

22 Jun 2020 11:00 am to 22 Jun 2020 12:00 pm

KK303, Kirk Building, Kelburn campus

These lectures are only open to current students of the University.


Rhian Salmon used to be an Antarctic Atmospheric Scientist: she spent 18-months on a remote Antarctic base, through an Antarctic winter, catching air. Mostly so that she could be there for the one week of the year when the sun first rises after 105 days of moonlit walks to the lab. She now teaches, practices and carries out research into Science Communication, including about important topics such as climate change, predator-free New Zealand, citizen science, water quality, and, more recently, COVID-19. In this talk, she’ll take you on her journey from science to science communication, sharing how her world view changed along the way and the direct impact this has had on her work. She will end with some examples and reflections on communication about COVID-19, and the role that science communication, and a scientifically-literate public, has had in Aotearoa’s relative ‘success story’.