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Industry Alliance Programme

Kick-start a new career in Wellington’s thriving tech industry. Choose one of our conversion Master’s or specialised Master’s degrees to gain industry-relevant skills and experience.

The Industry Alliance Programme (formerly the Wellington ICT Graduate School) supports the delivery of industry-focused postgraduate degrees built on connections between the University and local industry. Our programmes have been created with input from industry professionals. They are designed to build on people’s existing talents and skills and provide hands-on experience with real-world projects.

We are dedicated to developing strong working relationships with industry groups. Our programmes provide opportunities for students to engage with industry and transition into a career in their chosen field. We partner with local technology businesses to provide guest lectures, workshops, mentorships, and projects for our students. Through these activities, students can gain the experience they need in real-life work environments.

As a student, you’ll be exposed to many different projects and experiences while you’re with us. You’ll be working on individual projects as well as actual industry-based projects.


Conversion Master’s degrees

Our conversion Master’s programmes are designed for people from a non-ICT background and open to anyone with a Bachelor’s degree. This allows people to change career directions, upskill, or reskill, without having to start from scratch.

Specialised Master’s degrees

Expand your knowledge further with one of our specialised postgraduate qualifications. These programmes require some previous knowledge or qualification in the relevant area.

Bringing education and industry together

We create direct pathways from education to employment whilst building connections between tertiary education providers and high-tech firms. We deliver relevant and diverse programmes with project- and team-based learning to meet the needs of the growing technology industry.

Wellington—the ideal place to study design and technology

Wellington has a creative and innovative environment with a significant digital, film, and gaming industry as well as a strong start-up culture. While the ICT industry has been growing rapidly throughout New Zealand, nowhere has this growth been more pronounced than in Wellington. With more than 16,000 ICT jobs in the Wellington region contributing significantly to the country’s ICT-related GDP, Wellington is the heart of ICT in New Zealand.
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Industry partners

We partner with local tech businesses to provide guest lectures, mentorships, projects, and more for our students, so they can gain exposure to current practices for a smoother launch into the industry.

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Our students

We create opportunities for you to incorporate your background, while equipping you with the knowledge and skills to make you work-ready. Hear from our students on their experiences.

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Alicia Esquivel writes on post it notes.
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(I was able to) leverage what we were taught on the programme to quickly pick up new concepts, languages, and tech and then apply it all to the development task at hand.

Alexis De Meo

Master of Software Development student

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