Part 6

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The legal low-down on the lockdown

The legal low-down on the lockdown: part 6

Join our academics as they discuss legal issues and level 2: balancing expediency and procedural rights in criminal courts, state surveillance, and more.

Presented by Geoff McLay; Nessa Lynch; Eddie Clark; Dean Knight

21 May 2020 from 1.30 pm - 2.20 pm 21 May 2020 1:30 pm 21 May 2020 2:20 pm

In the sixth episode of the series, our Faculty of Law academics, Geoff McLay, Nessa Lynch, Eddie Clark, and Dean Knight continue the discussion on the legal implications of the government’s response to COVID-19:

  • criminal court protocols under alert level 2—balancing expediency with procedural rights
  • state surveillance, social licence and facial recognition technology
  • new alert level 2 words—will we ever really replace ‘bubbles’?
  • are church services allowed as “services” or banned as ‘gatherings’?
  • update on what didn’t happen in the Borrowdale case this week
  • happenings around Parliament—COVID-19 Public Health Response Act and the Epidemic Response Committee
  • document dumps and government openness.