Professor of Economics Ilan Noy is the holder of the Chair in the Economics of Disasters and Climate Change. He and his team are based within the Wellington School of Business and Government at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

Ilan and his research group study disasters—including earthquakes, epidemics, droughts, and cyclones—and other phenomena related to climate change. The research focuses on domestic and international case studies and comparative analysis of economic aspects of these extreme events.


Professor Noy teaches two courses on the economics of disasters:

Satellite photo of typhoon over Yemen

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Professor Ilan Noy and his team of researchers study the economics of disasters, including earthquakes, epidemics, droughts, and cyclones.

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  • Close-up picture of a virus with colours red, blue, purple and green, and a black background

    Covid 19 coronavirus: Ilan Noy - Pandemic burns bridges over the poverty gap

    Prof. Ilan Noy’s latest conversation piece is now in the New Zealand Herald. Ilan writes “Poorer countries are in the worst position. The lockdowns hit their economies harder, but they do not have the resources for adequate public health measures, nor for assisting those most adversely affected. Very few wealthy countries have announced any increases in international aid. If and when they have, the amounts were trivial – regrettably, this includes New Zealand.”

  • Belinda Storey, PhD student in Economics

    SMC expert reaction to Budget 2020 from Belinda Storey

    Our PhD candidate Belinda Storey, also managing director of Climate Sigma,  comments on infrastructure spending in the 2020 Budget in this expert reaction from the Science Media Centre. Belinda recommends the government fund an intergenerational audit of the portfolio of infrastructure investments to ensure they meet the needs of all NZ and not just industry representatives.