Current projects

We are currently working on a number of studies into issues and therapies for young children with, or suspected of having, autism.

One-on-one ESDM therapy and parent coaching

This study is evaluating if Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) therapy delivered by a trained therapist and ESDM parent coaching is more beneficial for young children with autism than other services usually available in the community.

To be eligible to participate in this research, children must not have previously received any one-on-one ESDM therapy. You must also not have previously received one-on-one ESDM parent coaching, or participated in more than two ESDM community workshops or playgroups.

Families who chose to be involved in this study will be randomly placed in to one of two groups. In the ESDM group, children will receive ESDM therapy for 2 hours weekly and parents will receive 1 hour of parent coaching weekly/fortnightly.

In the community group, parents will receive monthly support phone calls and assistance in referrals to access community services. Families in the community group will receive priority access to ESDM services through our VUW Autism Clinic once their participation in this study is finished.

To find out more about participation in this study contact us.