The 36th ATRIP Congress "The Object and Purpose of Intellectual Property" on 24-26 October 2017. View the conference programme.

Monday 23 October

ATRIP Executive Committee Meeting

  • Time: 2pm–5pm.

Opening reception

  • Time: 5–7.30pm
  • Location: Ground floor, Old Government Buildings, Victoria University, Faculty of Law, 55 Lambton Quay, Wellington

Tuesday 24 October (Day 1)—view full programme


  • 8.30am:
    • Mihi (Māori Welcome)—Rawinia Higgins, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Maori, Victoria University of Wellington
    • Welcome—Mark Hickford, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Law, Victoria University of Wellington
    • Opening Speakers—Susy Frankel, ATRIP President, Sherif Saadallah, Executive Director, WIPO Academy and Annette Kur, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, ATRIP president 2007-2009
  • 9–10.30am: Session 1—The Evolving International and Regional Rules
  • 10.30–11am: Morning Tea
  • 11am–12.45pm: Session 2—What is Copyright For?
  • 12.45–1.45pm: Lunch
  • 1.45–3.30pm
    • Session 3A (parallel)—The Expanding Nature of Trade Marks and Geographical Indications
    • Session 3B (parallel)—Object and Purpose in the Digital Realm
  • 3.30–3.50pm: Afternoon coffee
  • 3.50–5.20pm: Session 4—The Many Purposes of Trade Marks
  • 5.20pm: Day closes
  • Evening event: Weta Workshop Tour and dinner at Roxy Cinema (included as part of your conference registration)

Wednesday 25 October (Day 2)—view full programme


  • 8.45–10.30am: Session 5—Reconsidering Incentives in Times of Social and Cultural Change
  • 10.30–11am: Morning tea
  • 11am–12.45pm: Session 6—From Trade Secrets to Patent Purpose
  • 12.45–1.45pm: Lunch
  • 1.45–3.30pm:
    • Session 7A (parallel)—Contouring Copyright Purposively
    • Session 7B (parallel)—Patents Objective(s)
    • Session 7C (parallel)—Development and the Interpretation of Rules
  • 3.30–3.50pm: Afternoon tea
  • 3.50–5.35pm: Session 8—The Sui Generis and Intellectual Property’s Frontier
  • 5.35pm: Essay competition presentation
  • 6pm: Day closes
  • Evening event: Gala dinner at Te Papa (included as part of your conference registration)

Thursday 26 October (Day 3)—view full programme


  • 9–10.45am: Session 9—National Policy Drivers
  • 10.45–11am: Grab a coffee (15 mins)
  • 11am–12 noon: Session 10—Panel Discussion, Academic Publishing
  • 12–12.30pm: ATRIP General Assembly
  • 12.30pm: Closing lunch
  • Optional afternoon activity: Wellington city sights and coastline tour